Dirt - Friday, Mar 23

 Yesterday I blew out all my music news for the week!  Damn!   Not much today actually. Yesterday Shawn posted the new Five Finger Death Punch tour.  (Note:  they have a huge summer headlining tour  in the works and will be announcing closer to the end of April, so stay tuned for that!!!)  ….Was on RockAccess and they've posted a new Korn video for the song "Chaos Lives in Everything."  Cool.  I was bummed I missed the chance to watch a live stream of Korn performing at the Paradiso in Amsterdam on Tuesday night. Rats!  Would've liked to have seen that! …I see the release date for the Call Me No One album is Jun 5th.  Mark that dow for "Last Parade."…Interviewed Dan Auerbach of The Black Keys yesterday. He's a reserved dude. Actually witnessed something I never have before while hanging out backstage.  Bomb sniffing dog was being used in the hospitality suite area.  They had all they could do to keep the golden labrador away from the chips and dips!…..I understand Nonpoint has finished work on their new album with producer Johnny K.  Looking forward to hearing what Elias and company have come up with…..Got a busy week next week with interviews with Slash, Candlebox, Call Me No One, P.O.D.  all happening.  Busy bees we are over here!   Today,  15 Emerson College students from Boston are dropping in to find out how network radio works.  Hope they learn something!  LOL…..Have a great weekend!   See ya Monday! 

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