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Top ‘O The Mornin’ To Ya, Lads and Lassies
!  Aye, it’s St Patrick’s Day!  The day everyone decides to go out, get drunk at like 10 AM, watch the parade and vomit on other people’s shoes.  Not pretty.  On days like this, I am glad NOT to be commuting by subway to the office.  Kids skip school and start really really early.  Watch where you walk!

First Jason Hook got a role in a film, now Five Finger Death Punch drummer Jeremy Spencer is getting into the act. The Pulse Of Radio via Blabbermouth is reporting Spencer will make his feature film acting debut in Murder Hill, a horror movie based on true events. According to Blabbermouth​, the film is loosely based on a combination of different murders that have taken place in Rome, NY (hey that’s not far from my house!) since the 1970s and was shot on location in the town.

Spencer said he was introduced to the producers through a mutual friend, and jumped at the chance to appear in a horror movie. He explained, “I was hooked on horror since I was six when I walked in on my parents watching ‘The Exorcist,’ just as Regan’s head was swiveling. I’ve been hooked from that point on.”  Spencer added, “This is going to be a lot of fun, and I know our Five Finger Death Punch fans will dig it!

Co-writer and co-producer Anna Casadei wrote a part in the movie specifically for Spencer, saying, “If you know his music, his style of playing, and his stage presence, you get a feel how that will relate on-screen.”   The producers are also interested in using Five Finger Death Punch’s music in the film.

Meanwhile, Five Finger Death Punch completed work on its seventh studio album earlier this year. The new set will follow up 2015′s Got Your Six and will be the band’s last effort for Prospect Park, the label whom it waged a legal battle to record the new disc quickly and fulfill its contract.  The band will be touring starting in mid-May.  Five Finger Death Punch signed a new North American deal last year with Rise Records, which will begin with its eighth studio album.

 Incubus drummer Jose Pasillas, III,   hardDriveRadio’s Paulie Walnuts,  Incubus guitarist Mike Einziger, some old lady, frontman Brandon Boyd

 Incubus have posted a new song, “Glitterbomb,” from their forthcoming album 8 over on their Twitter page.  Having heard a few tracks off the record, I can tell longtime Incubus fans you are in for a treat.  The guitars are rockin’ again.  It’s really really great! Album drops May 19th.

The new disc is Incubus’ eighth studio effort and arrives as the band is celebrating 20 years of making records. Guitarist 
Mike Einziger told us he’s grateful that Incubus has managed to stick around for so long:  “It’s not obvious that it’s gonna connect with people. You know, we are just a bunch of guys writing music in a room together. You know, that’s always how it starts and the fact that we’ve somehow managed to connect to millions, many millions of people all over the world, that to me totally blows my mind — continually blows my mind.”

The first song issued from the set was “Nimble Bastard,” currently Number 14 on rock radio.  The album was co-produced by Dave Sardy and Skrillex, with Skrillex taking on the mixing duties as well and guesting on the track “Familiar Faces.”

Incubus will head out on a six-week summer headlining tour with Jimmy Eat World and Judah And The Lion to support the new CD, beginning on July 6th in West Palm Beach, FL.

Linkin Park, who happen to be good friends and grew up with some of the Incubus members, have posted yet another song via an email blast to their fan club. “Battle Symphony” is yet another softer side of the band.  I am still hoping we get to hear something with a loud guitar and angsty vocals from the new album, One More Light.
Sigh.  The new Linkin Park album is also out May 19th.

Mike Shinoda told us one reason why Linkin Park’s sound has changed so dramatically on the new songs:  We kind of flipped our writing process backwards. Historically for us, the track usually comes first — like, we’ll make a body of music and then the music will inspire the lyrics. And in this case, we actually flipped that around and the very first thing we would do each day would be, we’d get into the studio and say, ‘What’s on my mind? Like what do I want to sing about?’ That defined a whole different type of writing.

Linkin Park debuted “Heavy” last month. The song features guest vocals from Kiara Saulters, and found the band teaming up with pop songwriter Emily Wright, who has worked with artists like Miley Cyrus and Katy Perry.

Linkin Park has already started booking dates in Latin America, Europe and Asia, but has yet to announce North American tour plans.

Mastodon has unveiled the music video for “Show Yourself,” the first single from the Atlanta-based act’s seventh studio album, Emperor Of Sand. Bassist Troy Sanders told us what the song is about and why it’s different from the rest of the record: It’s regarding trusting your own intuition and letting that be the strongest voice within you. It’s showing what you truly have inside of you, revealing inner strength and powering on through a bad situation. Dealing with acceptance. You know, it’s just a nice breath of fresh air in the midst of a very dense and thick record that we created. So ‘Show Yourself’ is a very light — a much lighter, enjoyable moment.”

Emperor Of Sand follows up 2014′s Once More ‘Round The Sun and arrives on Mar 31st.  Mastodon kicks off a spring U.S. headline tour in support of Emperor Of Sand on Apr 14th in Missoula, MT, with support from Eagles Of Death Metal. The tour also includes stops at several festivals, including Carolina Rebellion on May 5th.

Each pair of tickets purchased online for Mastodon — excluding festival dates and a May 6th gig in Philadelphia — includes a choice of a physical or digital copy of Emperor Of Sand that can be redeemed on the set’s release date.

P.S.  Look for the band on ABC-TV’s Jimmy Kimmel Live on Monday, Apr 03! Set your dvrs!

Let’s end the report on a metal note from Metallica.  That was filmed during their performance at the Hollywood Palladium on Vine Street in the heart of Hollywood, CA.

And this:
Happy Birthday today to former Smashing Pumpkins bassist Melissa Auf der Maur who turns 45 and Smashing Pumpkins head pumpkin Billy Corgan who becomes 50! And on Saturday, very happy 51st to my pal Jerry Cantrell of Alice In Chains.


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