Dirt - Friday, Mar 16

 Metallica News!  Fans in Mexico get TWO huge shows Aug  01 & 02! Got a press release saying the band will perform on  in Mexico City, where they'll unveil what's being described as a "mind-blowing new stage that needs to be seen to be believed." The 140 X 50 stage will feature "colossal components and striking visual elements spanning Metallica's entire 30-year career."  The band itself went further in a post at its official website, saying, "After years in the making, we are beyond excited to finally unveil the all new, out of control, massive stage and Metalli-show . . . Mexico will be the first to see what will be the cornerstone of our touring escapades for years to come."  This is probably the stage the band will use for the Orion Music + More Festival too!….I watched with intrigue today to a new video from Lostprophets called "Bring 'Em Down," from their forthcoming album, "Weapon," which so far, will be released in the UK on Sony.  I met these guys like 10 years or more ago and really liked them then and hope they will have a release here in the states.  Check out their video on Vevo.  I am trying to get more info on when we might see them over here…..Clint Lowery and Morgan Rose of Sevendust have a new band called Call Me No One with a song called "Biggest Fan" due soon.  It's off their debut album, "Last Parade" due Jun 05th….Slipknot, System of  a Down,  Marilyn Manson, Lamb of God and more will be announced today for the Heavy MTL fest in Montreal and Toronto for Aug 11-12.  Should be off the hook amazing!  May need to dust off my passport for this one! I mean, does System of a Down hate their American fans THAT MUCH that they aren't touring here? What's the deal??!!!!!…..Five Finger Death Punch have posted some footage from one of their shows last week they did in Kuwait!  Lou Brutus will have Ivan Moody on the hotLine Monday  to discuss it AND to announce the winner of our REMEMBER EVERYTHING contest!   I promise to post as soon as possible! And be listening for Ivan's announcement!!!!….Slash is helping out his former bandmate Stephen Adler, who is putting together a new band, AdlerJacob Lynam is gonna be in it as well.  Slash is playing on a song or two.  Meanwhile, Slash tweeted he played his new album, Apocalyptic Love, for his snake Sam, who actually moved when he heard it.  Apparently Sam hasn't been very active lately!  Unlike his owner!  Slash is so infrequently home, maybe Sam was happy to see him?  LOL  …..Heard a demo on RockAccess from Framing Hanley called "Flight Risk."  I know Brett Hestla is producing….Birthdays this weekend:  Today:  Wolfgang Van Halen can legally drink in most states as he turns 21.  Saturday, Billy Corgan of Smashing Pumpkins is 45 and his former bassist (who also once played with HoleMelissa Auf Der Maur turns the Big 4-0!  On Sunday, my buddy Jerry Cantrell from Alice In Chains  will be 46.  Time marches on.  Have a great weekend!   See ya Monday! 

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