Dirt - Friday, Jan 24

One week ’til Super Bowl madness hits the streets of NYC and New Jersey. Hope the weather warms up for fans and the game. I am getting used to the howling wind outside my window. Now I know what it must be like in Green Bay or Minneapolis…..Well, I can never resist starting the day talking about Dave!  Dave Grohl may officially be the busiest man in rock. In addition to making his Sound City documentary and putting together a band to promote it, drumming on albums by Nine Inch Nails and Queens Of The Stone Age, inducting Rush into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and prepping the eighth Foo Fighters album, the singer, guitarist and drummer somehow found time to play drums on an entire disc by a new Virginia band called RDGLDGRN (Red Gold Green).   That album, the band’s self-titled debut, came out late last year and the group has now released a video for the song “Doing The Most” in which Grohl turns up as well.  Grohl explained at Gigwise how he was originally supposed to play on just one song but ended up doing the entire album, saying, “I came down one day, to play drums on the song ‘I Love Lamp’ and we did maybe two or three takes and then it was like ‘All right, great!’ We spent all of this time setting this stuff up and I was like ‘Do you guys have any more songs?‘”  Check out the video here…..Was on the hotLine yesterday with Of Mice & Men frontman Austin Carlile. What a nice guy! You should definitely get to know this band if you haven’t already.  They’re from Southern California and this is their 2nd album, due Tuesday, called Restoring Force.  He told me he’s so excited to see his album in stores, he’s planning to spend the day running around Targets and other retail outlets and will use social media to let fans know where he will be!  The album was produced by David Bendeth (Breaking Benjamin, Papa Roach) at the House of Loud in New Jersey and Austin says this one will take the metal core band to a new place.  As he put it, “Meshuggah meets Nickelback.”  I love that he is a fan of all kinds of music from Lorde to Garth Brooks.  I was sad to learn he suffers from a disease called Marfan Syndrome, which affects the connective tissue in his body.  He’s lost hearing in his left ear and has had to have open heart surgery.  But he’s a positive person who lives his life to the fullest!   He’s even marketing Rescue Water, which is something you drink before and after you know you are gonna be drinking alcohol.  It’s decreases the hangover!   He can’t wait to get out on the road with Bring Me The Horizon, which begins  on Feb 03 in Orlando.  I think we’re gonna have them stop by the hardDrive studios to do an in-studio performance. Be listening for their new single, “Would You Still Be There,” on both hardDrive and the XL soon!  Of Mice & Men will be our Plugged In band the weekend of Feb 15/16.   As an aside,  in our conversation I mentioned Korn, and he said he was going to see Head and Fieldy today over at a tattoo parlor they all frequent.  Fieldy got a crucifix on his face and Head is having a Hebrew symbol.  I can’t believe Fieldy has any more room to put any tattoos!  LOL  Anyhow, please hit iTunes now to listen to the Restoring Force stream.  I think you will become an Of Mice & Men fan, too…..Speaking of Korn, they will be on the Welcome To Rockville festival in Jacksonville, FL on April 26-27.   The massive two-day festival includes Avenged Sevenfold, The Cult, Rob Zombie, Five Finger Death Punch, Staind,  Volbeat, Seether, Chevelle, Motorhead and more!   See the Road Rage page for more!…..Meanwhile, I am really happy for Sevendust!  The did a Pledge Music campaign to raise money to record an acoustic album, Time Travelers & Bonfires, which is dropping in April via the band’s own 7Bros Records. The set features six brand new songs, along with re-recorded unplugged versions of Sevendust classics like “Black,” “Gone,” “Denial,” “Karma,” “Trust” and “Crucified.” Sevendust’s only other acoustic release was Southside Double-Wide, a live album recorded on the band’s 2004 acoustic tour. Now they are launching a tour next month in Athens, GA called An Evening With Sevendust.  Contacted their publicist yesterday to see if I could get one of the guys on the phone, and Morgan Rose called my cell, but I MISSED THE CALL!  Hoping he can make it by the studios today. He wanted to see if I would go see a band with him last night, but sadly, I was in the middle of laundry and in my sweats when I got the message.  Oh well….The mayor and city council in Kurt Cobain‘s hometown of Aberdeen, Washington has declared that the late Nirvana frontman’s birthday, February 20th, will be celebrated every year as “Kurt Cobain Day.” The city’s proclamation said, “Aberdeen residents may justifiably take pride in the role our community played in the life of Kurt Cobain and the international recognition our community has gained from its connections with Kurt Cobain and his artistic achievements.” (Rolling Stone)..Pop Evil is the latest act to show up on Kids Interview Bands, a video interview series hosted by seventh-graders Olivia and Connie. The pair conducted a chat with Pop Evil drummer Chachi Riot and bassist Matt DiRito from the Grand Rapids, MI act before their Dec19th, 2013 concert in Columbus, Ohio. Pop Evil is touring behind its latest album, Onyx, and current Top 10 rock hit, “Deal With The Devil.” Watch it here. And their remix of “Trenches” with Darryl McDaniels of Run-DMC will be heard on hardDrive and the XL soon as well as on the ACC Conference playoffs coming up.(Blabbermouth)….Rage Against The Machine guitarist Tom Morello is featured heavily in the just-released music video for “Just Like Fire Would,” Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band‘s cover of a song originally done by Australian punk act The Saints. The track is taken from Springsteen’s new collection of covers and previously unreleased studio recordings, High Hopes, on which Morello contributes to eight of the twelve tracks. High Hopes debuted at Number One on the Billboard album chart earlier this week.  We asked Morello how it felt to more or less become an auxiliary member of the E Street Band:  ”It’s spectacularly exciting. I’m a big Bruce Springsteen fan and the fact that that musical and personal relationship has, you know, developed over the years is something that I’m really honored. And this record, I just did my best to rock on it in a Morellian fashion and very pleased with the results.” …On Sunday, Edward Van Halen will turn 59.  Wow!  Have a great weekend!   Back on Monday!

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