Dirt - Friday, Jan 13

 Don't step on a crack, walk under a ladder, cross the path of a black cat or  commit any of those other superstitions or ELSE!  It's FRIDAY THE 13th!!!!   ;> …..I misspoke yesterday.  The new Halestorm single is "Love Bites (So Do I)"  and it will be on iTunes Jan 24th!  Sorry for the mistake!  We'll get Ms Hale on the hotLine soon!  Actually next week looks to be extremely busy around here.  Phoners with Jonathan Davis of Korn, hopefully Brent from Shinedown, Chevelle guys & Shaun from Seether, in studio with Dave Navarro. BIZZEE!…You've probably heard of the legendary recording studio in Van Nuys, CA called Sound City.  Pulse of Radio reports back in October, it reported Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl was behind the filming of a documentary on Sound City Studios, where he and the rest of Nirvana recorded the album Nevermind and where many other classic records were made. Now Grohl has given some details about the project to Rolling Stone, saying, "That place was like a church. The list of people that recorded there is like a virtual Rock and Roll Hall of Fame . . . I decided to make a film about that feeling when you put five guys in a room, hit 'record' and the hair on the back of your neck stands up. Expect some epic jam sessions." Grohl  went on to say it was a "very sad day" when Sound City closed last year, adding, "That funky old place had the best drum room in the world. The drum sound at the beginning of 'Smells Like Teen Spirit?' That's Sound City."  There's no word yet on which musicians will appear in the film, although Grohl's recent jam session with members of Ratt could be connected to the project.  In other news, Foo Fighters have been confirmed to perform at the 54th annual Grammy Awards, which will air live on CBS from Los Angeles on Sun, Feb 12th..nine inch nails have confirmed there will be new music this year.  And the people rejoiced….Happy 31st today to Bullet For My Valentine's bassist Jason James.  On Saturday, Happy 43rd to Dave Grohl.  Happy 45th to Zakk Wylde and on Sunday, Happy 47th to Adam Jones of tool…. Meanwhile, next month we are kicking off a huge promotion with Five Finger Death Punch and in April, a flyaway to see My Darkest Days on tour with Nickelback, Bush and Seether!  Much more too!   Be sure to be registered as a hardDriveRadio Radical so you can be in on the fun!…..We'll be off on Monday, so the next report is Tuesday.  Have  a great weekend!   

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