Dirt - Friday, Jan 06

 Man, I was watching some of the fan filmed footage from the Van Halen show last night.  Where's the vocals?  And what was David Lee Roth dressed as?   I guess I am happy I got to see them in their heyday when they were first coming around and I was the music director for a Top 40 station in NYC.  We played "Running with the Devil,"  probably the first pop station on the east coast to embrace the band.  David's hair was long and everyone was high all the time.  Good times!  LOL  Maybe next week when I am back in the office I will scan a photo I have with DLR & Eddie Van Halen…..Here's a story I still can't believe even AFTER I read it on Pulse of RadioFoo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl has participated in many collaborations in the past, but his latest may also be his most bizarre. The singer, guitarist and drummer is working with Ratt vocalist Stephen Pearcy and guitarist Warren De Martini on a new project.. Pearcy tweeted, "Warren and I are recording an original song (Grohl song idea open to Ratt madness). Not for a Ratt record. We'll let (Dave) tell you about it when he's ready." Pearcy also posted a photo of himself and De Martini with Grohl, in case anyone had a hard time believing him….Nice to see nothing is bigger than Metallica!   Billboard reports their self-titled fifth studio effort, released in 1991 and known as "the black album," is still the biggest selling album  released during the SoundScan era of tabulating sales, which began more than 20 years ago. The disc has sold 15,735,000 copies through the end of 2011, putting it ahead of artists like former biggest seller Shania Twain, Alanis Morisette and the Backstreet Boys. Metallica's total of 100 million albums sold worldwide also puts them fourth on the list of the past 20 years' top-selling artists, behind only Garth Brooks, the Beatles and Mariah Carey. I remember when the album had just received the RIAA Diamond Award, for sales of 10,000,000 or more.   That was the first time I ever interviewed James Hetfield….Happy 59th  today to another ole pal of mine.  Malcolm Young of AC/DC.  Worked with them in 1978 on  their "Powerage" Tour.  Had to fight off Bon Scott after the show, who by then, had already drank nearly a bottle of Jack and popped a Qualude and wanted to take my car keys to drive the band over to a radio station out on Long Island. (I was bigger than him, I won!) Ah, the good ole days indeed!  Have a great weekend!  

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