Dirt - Friday, Feb 17

 How insane is that footage of the dad who took a 45 to his daughter’s laptop?  Come on, people!  We all know guns are best used on innocent people, not laptops!  (Ok, I keed, I keed!  Don’t be so shocked!)  But seriously,  what do you make of that?  I think it’s almost immoral.  Appalling and immoral.  Depraved, sick and disturbing. And then to film it and make your daughter watch it??!!!   Why didn’t you just take away the laptop for a bit of time for discipline?  But what he did was just nuts!   Let us know your thoughts via the link on the home page or our FacebookHellYeah and Clutch have announced a tour and I’ve got the dates in Road RageAlter Bridge will release their live DVD "Live At Wembley"  on Mar 27th.  Meanwhile, Slash has posted a bunch of webisodes at www.slashonline.com.  You should check ‘em out.  We will have Slash in the studios in May, right before the release of the "Apocalyptic Love" album drops….Got lots of exciting interviews coming for ya!   Lars Ulrich joins me on the hardDrive hotLine today!  Stoked to talk to him about the upcoming Orion Music and More festival and other things ‘Tallica!  And on Tuesday, Halestorm will be in the hardDrive studios here in NYC! Send me some questions you’d like me to ask them right away via the email link on the home page!  Do it now! ….Happy 40th today to my good buddy Taylor Hawkins of Foo Fighters!  (He loves it when I tell him my old skool days of rock stories!)  and Happy 4-0 to Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day.  Saturday, Yoko Ono turns 79!  That’s insane!  And Raine Maida of Our Lady Peace will be 42.  And on Sunday, Black Sabbath’s Tony Iommi turns 64 and the late Bon Scott of AC/DC would have turned 65!   Insane!  What’s that about 60 being the new 40?  LOL …Have a great weekend!   Listen to Lou Brutus tonight on hardDrive XL and this weekend on another rousing edition of the world famous hardDrive!

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