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Linkin Park
‘s “One More Light” is getting a lot of airplay from rock radio, in the wake of the passing of Chester Bennington.  Here is a live performance the band did on Jimmy Kimmel Live.   Sigh.
Meanwhile, Blabbermouth reports Fremont Street Experience, the five-block entertainment district located in historic Downtown Las Vegas that is home to the “Original Strip,” will celebrate the life of late Linkin Park frontman during a rocking six-minute light and sound show representing the official worldwide premiere of Linkin Park‘s new Viva Vision music video montage on Aug 19 beginning at 8 p.m.

Linkin Park fans and music enthusiasts are invited to come together under the multi-media canopy to pay tribute to the two-time Grammy winner as a compilation of the band’s iconic shows illuminate the pedestrian mall from ninety feet above, while a state-of-the-art sound system delivers famous hits, including ”In The End”, ”Burn It Down” and ”Numb.” The official worldwide premiere of Linkin Park’s new Viva Vision show will run at the top of every hour from 8 p.m. until 1 a.m. on Aug 20.
CHESTER BENNINGTON To Be Honored By Las Vegas's Fremont Street Experience During 'Viva Vision' Tribute Show

Yeah!  Seether released the music video for their new single, “Betray And Degrade” from their latest album, Poison The Parish, their 7th studio album. And right on, they included Clint Lowery, their new touring guitarist, in the clip as well!

Since I’ve got you into watching some videos this morning, how about this new tune from Queens Of The Stone off their forthcoming Villains CD. due Aug 25th.  This is called “The Evil Has Landed.”

As frontman Josh Homme said, “The title Villains, isn’t a political statement. It has nothing to do with Trump or any of that s@#$t. It’s simply a word that looks fantastic and is a comment on the three versions of every scenario: Yours, mine and what actually happened.”

Oh look!  Another video!  This one is the new song from Skillet, “The Resistance,” from their Unleashed  CD, the band’s 10th studio album.

The writing of “The Resistance” was inspired by the presidential election. And singer/bassist John Cooper said: “There was all of this anger coming out from all different directions. I felt that it was a time where people’s voices needed to be heard. People wanted to fight for what they believed in.”

He says to him, the song is saying – you can make the world a better place. He commented: “My goal with this song was – not only to inspire people to rise up and speak for what they believe, but I also wanted to speak – what I believe. “And that message is – Love is the answer.”

He added, “The Resistance” is about telling us that “we can make the world the way we want it to be. There’s so much hatred and evil, but there is also love and hope. There are huge problems in the world that I don’t even need to mention, because everyone sees them already: violence, human trafficking, poverty, etc.,” he says. “One of the issues that I am passionate about is less serious than those major evils, but still, it’s a present danger. I’m talking about the everyday animosity between people who think differently than each other.”

Friendship and loving disagreements have become lost arts. Most Americans don’t have any friends outside of their own religious or political paradigms,” he observes. “I’m not saying I think that is ‘evil,’ but I do think it unhealthy. Furthermore, that animosity and lack of empathy can lead to prejudices or racism, and that leads to hatred. Unfortunately, that hatred can lead to violence.”  (Thanks The Pulse Of Radio and Billboard)

Oh maybe the Rock in Kid Rock ain’t all he’s got!  The Pulse Of Radio says Kid Rock has lived up to his last name, but has also made a name for himself in country music. He just signed a new record deal in Nashville with BBR Music Group and their parent company BMG. He’s not leaving the rock scene, but will be reaching out to both markets. The new label is set to release his next album, which follows 2015′s First Kiss. So far, he has released two songs, “Po-Dunk,” which Rolling Stone describes as a “Redneck anthem” and “Greatest Show on Earth.” The latter is already a Top 20 song on the Media Base Active Rock chart.

Kid Rock owns a homes in Nashville and outside of Montgomery, AL,  and was most recently in the news when he started publicly toying with the idea of running for senate in his home state of Michigan.  He’s no stranger to the country scene, having recorded a duet with Sheryl Crow, “Picture,” which garnered a Country Music Association (CMA) nomination for best duet recording back in 2011.

METALLICA's LARS ULRICH To Guest On NPR's 'Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me!

Finally today, Lars Ulrich of Metallica will be the guest on an upcoming NPR show, “Wait, Wait….Don’t Tell Me!”  The show is being taped tonight in San Francisco with Lars, yet we will have to wait to see when it will be heard.  In the meantime, you can check out past shows here.  (Thanks Blabbermouth)

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