Thursday, Mar 26

What chilling news the co-pilot of the GermanWings airplane that went down in the French Alps was intentional.  It’s so hard to believe what is going on in this world.  Let’s pause the remember the victims and hope this is the last of these horrific occurrences….. Had a great day yesterday with Mark Tremonti dropping by for an audio and video interview and Lee Runestead and Eric Vanlerberghe of I Prevail (drummer and heavy vocals.)  Can’t wait for you to hear the story of I Prevail.  These guys haven’t even been together a year.   Met through friends and rehearsed in a storage room and recorded demos in one of their parents’ basements.   They’ve got nearly 7.5 million views on YouTube on their Taylor Swift “Blank Spaces” cover.   They’ve only done 6 live shows so far, and from the looks of their set, they look like seasoned professionals.  Can’t wait to see how they grow! Meanwhile, Tremonti told me the upcoming Cauterize album is going to be a two-cd release, which part 2, Dust, coming out sometime later this year.  I learned the Cauterize album was originally going to be titled Providence (a beautiful song on the album), but they decided to change it up.  The artwork sounds pretty cool, too.  Mark told me he is very proud of these 20 songs, and that he believes it is some of his best work.  (I agree!)  There are even some 3 part harmonies on this thing! I asked what the status is of Creed, and it appears there will never be another Creed album or tour.  You’ll see in the video interview, Mark says he and Scott Stapp had a falling down half-way through the last Creed tour and he has no intention of renewing that relationship.  Although he wishes Scott no harm, it seems he will never work with him again.  Anyhow, be listening for Mark on hardDrive over Easter weekend and upcoming hardDrive XL shows as well! You can pre-order Cauterize, which drops Jun 09…..Pulse Of Radio reports Metallica will headline this year’s edition of  Lollapalooza  along with Paul McCartney. The festival is once again scheduled to take place at Grant Park in Chicago, on July 31st, August 1st and 2nd. Joining the headliners will be more than 100 other acts, including Sam SmithFlorence And The MachineAlt-JDeath From Above 1979Of Monsters And Men and many more. Metallica said in a statement, “It’s been nearly 20 years since we’ve been lucky enough to take the stage at Lollapalooza, so we are over the top that we’ve been asked to play this year at the now annual extravaganza held at Grant Park in Chicago. We’ll be hitting the stage on Saturday, August 1st.”  McCartney will headline on Friday (July 31st), while Florence And The Machine will do the honors on Sunday (August 2nd).   Metallica last appeared on the Lollapalooza bill back in 1996, when it was still a traveling festival. That year’s lineup also featured Soundgarden and the Ramones. Speaking of Metallica, guitarist Kirk Hammett has added another new event to his second annual Fear FestEvil horror-themed weekend. The new addition is a free outdoor Carnival of Chaos, which will include a freakshow, carnival games, a hearse car show, Hammett’s ’36 Ford, a crypt and various vendors. The carnival will be set up outside the RockBar Theatre in San Jose, California on April 11th and 12th, where the Fear FestEvil is taking place. The weekend will also include musical performances, celebrity appearances and a VIP party featuring a murder mystery dinner…. Another reason why Dave Grohl is just about the coolest dude around. Pulse Of Radio also reporting the Foo Fighters frontman has done his part to help fulfill the last wish of a terminally ill fan of the band, according to GigwiseKen Powell has been battling cancer for 14 years but with surgery and treatment both having failed to contain it, the 56-year-old hardcore Foos fan has set out to meet the band while he still has time.  Powell, who lives in Australia, was set to meet the Foos when they toured there recently. But a bout with food poisoning forced Grohl to cancel all fan meet-and-greets. However, a friend of Powell’s who happened to be a flight attendant made contact with Grohl and told him Powell’s story. Grohl’s response was to send Powell a photo of himself holding a sign saying “Hi Ken,” with two VIP tickets for the band’s upcoming show in Los Angeles on Sep 21st.  Powell is now raising $20,000 for his trip to Los Angeles, with all contributions above that amount going to cancer research. Powell said, “Any money surplus to the fundraiser’s objective will be donated to Melanoma Institute of Australia who have been a big support to me.” Foo Fighters will tour Europe in May and June before kicking off a massive North American tour on July 4th in Washington D.C., the 20th anniversary of the release of the first Foo Fighters album….System Of A Down bassist Shavo Odadjian said in a new interview with Madcap Music Review the band has already worked on its first new music in a decade, with plans to enter the studio in the coming months to record a full-length album. Asked about the chances of the group recording for the first time since 2005, Odadjian said, “Yeah, there’s a very good chance. I don’t have a date. We’ve already gone. We’ve written some songs. We’re keeping it to ourselves. We’re getting back to the bulls**t of being together.” Odadjian told us a while back he could never envision System Of A Down going away permanently: “We’re brothers, man, we’ll take bullets for each other. So it’s like, you kind of miss each other after a while and you, one guy makes the first move, then another starts making phone calls….this is a juggernaut, man. System Of A Down is my lifeline. It’ll never go away. We could not make a record for 10 years — that’s not gonna happen, but I’m just saying we could — and we’ll come back strong.” System singer Serj Tankian – widely believed to be the member least interested in recording again until now — said in a recent interview with that “there has been talk” of the band recording a new album, saying, “The openness is there to work together, but we haven’t made any particular plans that we can announce.”  System last released new music in 2005 with the Mezmerize and Hypnotize albums, but started to tour again in 2011.  The band members have reiterated throughout the hiatus they have remained friends, although drummer John Dolmayan hinted last year at some personal issues in the group, saying, “We probably would have been in the studio making an album already, but for personal reasons, one of our members cant be in the studio right now. It’s a positive thing, but that’s all I can say on that right now.”  System Of A Down recently added two more North American dates to its upcoming world tour. In addition to shows in Los Angeles on April 6th and Quebec on June 18th, the band will now stop in Detroit on June 17th and Toronto on the 19th. The tour commemorates the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide and will feature System Of A Down’s first-ever performance in their homeland of Armenia, on April 23rd…Jane’s Addiction has announced  they are continuing their tour from last year, performing its classic 1988 album Nothing’s Shocking from front to back at selected shows . The band also recently got together to begin working on new material. Confirmed Jane’s Addiction tour dates are posted in Road Rage….Happy 47th today to former Smashing Pumpkins and A Perfect Circle guitarist James Iha.  And very Happy 67th to the one and only Steven Tyler of Aerosmith!

Wednesday, Mar 25

Mark Tremonti is stopping by our studios this morning, but yesterday on a visit to Loudwire, he told them Creed singer Scott Stapp, who made headlines last November by claiming he was broke and living in his car after all his money had been taken by either his wife or some sort of shadowy conspiracy, recently completed a 90-day stint in rehab. Tremonti revealed, “Thank God he got through it all and his family got him into treatment. I think he went through a 90-day program. I know he went to get help and now he’s out of the treatment, so hopefully he stays sober.”  Mark added, “Family is the most important thing. You’ve just got to stay sober and clean and provide for your family and be there for your kids. For me, that’s what would always keep me out of trouble.”  The whole drama began last November when Stapp posted several videos online in which he claimed to be broke, nearly homeless and under “attack” from unnamed enemies who had wiped out his bank accounts and possibly set the IRS on him.  It later turned out Scott’s wife, Jaclyn, had filed for divorce, claiming her husband had left their home in early October and had been on a drug bender since then.  Stapp was placed in a three-day psychiatric hold at one point, with Jaclyn trying to get him into a 60-day one. She claimed his drug use has made him paranoid, delusional and dangerous to himself and his family. Stapp lost custody of his three children during this period, while also missing a court hearing and allegedly threatening to kill President Obama. News about Stapp trailed off in mid-December, but Tremonti’s remarks indicated the singer was at the very least attempting to get his life back on track. Wonder if Creed plans to make music?  I will have to ask Mark that today! Mark  has just released the first single, “Another Heart,” from his second solo album, Cauterize. The album is due Jun 09 and it’s freakin’ amazing!  I’ve been listening to an advance of it and it has blown me away how they’ve stepped up the game, if that was even possible!  It’s nice and crunchy and with the addition of Wolfgang Van Halen, has taken the sound to a whole new level. Mark’s vocals are strong and confident. Garrett Whitlock’s drumming is outstanding and Eric Friedman guitars are blazing! I can’t say enough about this record!  The band will be touring soon and have dates beginning with a ton of radio festivals April 25th.  Starting May 03, they are doing shows with Seether…..I saw this new band out of Michigan last night called I Prevail.  Heard of them? They caught the attention of a prominent Detroit-based manager who got a prompt on his cell phone to check out a band who covered Taylor Swift‘s “Blank Spaces.” (Which has now hit something like 7.5 MILLION views on YouTube.) Well, they played a small club show last night with a full on mosh pit here in NYC and blew me away!  Are they the next big thing?  Guess we’ll have to wait ‘n see!  They’re stopping by the studios today. They’ve already presented Ms Swift with a check for $100,000 for the use of the song on the sale of the single! Crazy! Check out their ep Heart Vs Mind.…Oh,  I see Scott Weiland has apologized to fans. Hmm, is it a little too late, I wonder? He’s owning up to his rude behavior at a recent meet-and-greet in Boston. According to Alternative Nation, Weiland posted a statement on Facebook in which he wrote, “I would like to make a sincere apology to the fans that were at the meet and greet in Boston. I’m embarrassed by my behavior and some of the things that I said. Fans don’t deserve that. Without our fans and supporters, we would not be able to do what we’re doing. I put my all into the show that night and honestly was just beyond exhausted . . . either way, I acted like a total a****le and for that I’m truly sorry.”  ​Fans of Weiland wrote online that they were left “disgusted” and “disappointed” after the former Stone Temple Pilots and Velvet Revolver singer held a VIP meet-and-greet session at the Brighton Music Hall in Boston, Massachusetts. Three different fans posted their descriptions of the event at a Stone Temple Pilots fan forum, including one fan who claimed that Weiland said to him, “Let’s suck a d**k!”  One fan wrote  when it was his turn to meet Weiland and take a picture with him, “Scott didn’t even look at me when I was talking to him, he put his arm around me and literally said ‘Lets get this s**t done with.’” Another fan, to whom Weiland allegedly uttered ‘Let’s suck a d**k,’ said the singer was “definitely drunk and ready to get outta there.”  Scott, when will you learn?…..This is exciting!  Fox TV is getting ready to open up a new 6-episode season of The X-Files!  This reunites David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson  as Mulder and Scully with series creator Chris Carter!  The series debuted back in 1993 and ran for 13 seasons!…..Happy 33rd today to racer Danica Patrick.  Happy 68th to Elton John and Happy 73rd to The Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin!

Tuesday, Mar 24

New Music Monday was amazing, right?  New tunes from:  Breaking Benjamin, their first new music since 2009 with the song “Failure.”  It is the first single from their forthcoming album, Dark Before Dawn, due Jun 23.  The band also posted all their tour dates this spring and summer and we’ve got them in Road Rage.  On Saturday, I will be sitting down with  Ben Burnley to discuss life on hiatus, the break-up of the old band, the new band, and more!  Then Three Days Grace released the 3rd single, “Human Race,” from their new album, Human, which drops on Tuesday, Mar 31.  The band will be in town next week for a show on release day and they’ll be in the hardDriveRadio Studios on April Fool’s Day!    Then new stuff from Muse called “Dead Inside.”  Their new album, Drones, is set for a Jun 09 release.  And of course, in this week’s Smash or Crash (see the home page) , you can vote for your favorite between Three Days Grace and Breaking Benjamin, so get on board!  Also: news of the very first hardDriveRadio APP CHAT! Yep, our very own Lou Brutus will be on the app LIVE for you to talk to on Tuesday night, Apr 07 at 11 PM ET/10 PM CT/8 PM PT. You can chat on the Interact Live page.  So start thinking up some great questions to pose to Mr Brutus!  Maybe you can win a prize that we’ve had in the prize closet!  Ya never know!  More live APP CHATS  coming later this month with some artists you are gonna love.  So here’s one more reason to download that free hardDriveRadio APP!  And don’t forget, you can stream last night’s hardDrive XL and last weekend’s hardDrive on the app.  Lots of listening there for ya in case ya missed the shows or just want to listen again!…..In the hardDriveRadio studios tomorrow, Mark Tremonti!  I’ve been listening to his new album, Cauterize,  Mark’s second solo record, and I gotta tell ya, it is SMOKIN’ HOT!   The band is so tight, now that Wolfgang Van Halen is their bassist, along with Eric Friedman on guitar and Garrett Whitlock on drums.  This record is off the charts awesome.  It’s like they’re on steroids or something! It’s heavy, heavy, HEAVY!  Love it!  Also dropping by tomorrow, a brand new band out of Michigan called I Prevail.  So be listening for all of the these killer interviews on hardDrive and hardDrive XL with Lou Brutus  in the coming weeks!  And the week of Apr 06-10 don’t forget, Adam Jones of Tool is our Featured Artist of the Week!   We scored the interview with him that he did for Yahoo Music and are psyched to present it on hardDriveRadio!   I think you are gonna be stoked to hear it….Personally, I don’t think it could happen, but hey, ya never know, right? Dave Grohl has been hinting at a possible second installment of Foo Fighters:Sonic Highways.  He recently commented there are so many places in the world where he could trace music origins out of studios in England, Germany and even other U.S. cities like Detroit, Memphis and San Francisco.  But the first endeavor was really time consuming and cost beaucoup bucks.  But hey, he’s Dave Grohl, so anything is possible.  Personally, I see him just doing documentaries on these cities and maybe not recording an entire Foo Fighters album during the making of.  Only Dave knows that Dave will do! I missed the band’s  live show last Tuesday night.   I bet it’s online somewhere.  I think that’s where he commented on some of this…..Pulse Of Radio says Faith No More keyboardist Roddy Bottum was asked in a recent interview with Noisey if original guitarist Jim Martin, who left the band in 1993, was asked to participate in the current reunion which started in 2009. Bottum answered, “Oh, we totally reached out to him. I was of the mind that, of course we would not do this without Jim. There’s no way. I think we all felt pretty strongly about that initially — well, some of us maybe more strongly than others. Jim was a real contentious person in the band, but I loved him . . . I wanted him to do it, and I actually talked to him about it. I thought it was going that way, but it just didn’t work out.”   Bottum was also asked if Martin had interest in returning. He replied, “I think he had interest. But I think he also had really pent-up resentments about the way we broke up. I think it was difficult for him to come back into the fold, and he set it up in such a way that . . . I think, unconsciously, he was gonna cut off his nose to spite his face. Like he was so damaged from resentment that he dug a hole and didn’t come out of it. Which is a shame. That’s my take.”  Martin departed after completing the touring cycle for the band’s fourth album, Angel Dust. He was followed by a short succession of guitarists including Trey SpruanceDean Menta and Jon Hudson, who was the band’s last axeman when it broke up in 1998. Hudson was also in the lineup for the current reunion and plays on the band’s upcoming album, Sol Invictus.  The disc, the group’s first collection of new music in 18 years, is set to arrive on May 19th through the band’s Reclamation Recordings.  Faith No More has also confirmed its first North American shows since 2010 with a spring outing kicking off Apr 15th in Vancouver….The PRP says Volbeat has released an “interactive 360-degree live video” for the song “Dead But Rising.” How does one watch such a clip? The band suggests you “watch this video with the Google Chrome Web browser to fully experience the 360-degree technology. You can freely move by dragging it with your mouse or if you are using an Android phone with (the) latest software you can control the view by moving the device.” Volbeat will return to North America this spring for one more five-week run in support of last year’s Outlaw Ladies And Shady Ladies album, beginning on April 24th in Denver…..Wow!  Halo 5: Guardians trailer  is coming this weekend?   Is that true?   I was looking at some stills of it.  It looks so REAL!  WOW!

Monday, Mar 23

It’s official.  The Thomson Brothers had to have been reinacting a scene from The Walking Dead! Pulse Of Radio says Slipknot guitarist Mickael “Mick” Thomson has been charged with disorderly conduct after an incident earlier this month in which he and his brother were involved in a knife fight with each other and arrested. According to the Des Moines Register, a police investigation concluded both the 41-year-old Thomson and his 35-year-old brother Andrew were responsible for the March 11th confrontation. The two brothers were both charged with disorderly conduct by fighting or violent behavior in a public place.  Disorderly conduct is a simple misdemeanor under Iowa law, punishable by up to 30 days in jail, a fine of $65 to $625, or both.  Police said that the altercation between the brothers started around 4:25 a.m. inside Mickael’s house in Clive, IA and spilled onto the front lawn.  When officers arrived, the two men appeared to be intoxicated and had sustained serious but non-life-threatening injuries. Mickael suffered a stab wound to the back of his head. Both men were transported to local hospitals in separate ambulances. Neighbors reported nothing unusual happening at the house earlier in the day.  The brothers’ next court appearance is scheduled for March 30th. The two siblings have declined to press charges against each other.  Slipknot will launch a spring U.S. trek on April 25th in Fort Myers, FL, ending on May 16th in Grand Rapids, MI…..Pulse also says Soundgarden singer Chris Cornell revealed in a post at his Facebook page he has completed the recording of his fourth solo studio album with producer Brendan O’Brien. The yet-to-be-titled disc is expected to come out later this year. Cornell’s previous solo outings  include 1999′s Euphoria Morning, 2007′s Carry On and 2009′s Scream, an ill-advised attempt at urban pop produced by Timbaland. After Euphoria Morning failed to achieve the same kind of success Cornell had reached with Soundgarden — who disbanded in 1997 but reunited in 2010 — he joined the instrumental members of Rage Against The Machine in Audioslave, which made three albums between 2002 and 2006.  Cornell has done solo performances throughout his whole career and told us a while back why he enjoys them: “You get, in a sense, addicted to that feeling of not so much the intimidation beforehand, but like the feeling of it afterwards when it actually worked and people liked it. And there’s also this, a thought that’s always followed me, which was, how much of a musician are you, really, if you can’t walk into a room, pick up an instrument and entertain people by yourself playing some songs?” Cornell also recorded “Heavy Is The Head” with The Zac Brown Band, performing it live on SNL a couple of Saturdays ago The single is doing quite well at rock radio, too…..Say it ain’t so!   Just read on Blabbermouth Sharon Osbourne announcing Black Sabbath‘s farewell show will take place Nov 21-22 at Ozzfest Japan in Tokyo.  Here’s the evidence. Korn will also be on the bill. Hmmmm.  Does this mean a final tour is in the works?..The main acts for this year’s Heavy Montreal bill Aug 7-9 is Slipknot, Faith No More, Korn, Lamb of God, Iggy Pop, NoFX, Bullet For My Valentine, Arch Enemy, Meshuggah and more!….This is kind of kookie.  Van Halen will promote the release of its new concert album, Live: Tokyo Dome In Concert, with an appearance on the April 2nd edition of The Ellen DeGeneres Show. A post at the show’s website stated, “They are ‘what dreams are made of’ . . . a legendary, ‘unchained’ world-renowned rock band that continues to tear up the stage four decades since their beginning. Van Halen is here! In a daytime exclusive, the California rockers will take over Ellen’s stage to perform one of their favorite songs as they embark on their greatest hits tour!“….Sad news on Friday when we heard about the passing of  Anthony Jude “A.J.” Pero, best known as the drummer in Twisted Sister, who died at the age of 55. Pero was on tour with the band Adrenaline Mob at the time. After members of that group failed to rouse him on their tour bus Friday morning (March 20th), he was taken to a Poughkeepsie, NY hospital and pronounced dead of an apparent heart attack.  Pero joined Twisted Sister in 1982, leaving the band in 1986 but returning in 1997. He remained a member of the group, which has toured on and off over the past 15 years, to this day. He played drums on six of the group’s seven studio albums, except for 1987′s Love Is For Suckers.  Twisted Sister rose to prominence from the New York club scene in the early 1980s. Their biggest album, 1984′s Stay Hungry, contained the hits “We’re Not Gonna Take It” and “I Wanna Rock.”  The surviving members of the band — who toured last year to commemorate the 30th anniversary of Stay Hungry – issued a statement saying, “The members of Twisted Sister are profoundly saddened to announce the untimely passing of our brother, A.J. Pero. The band, crew and most importantly the family of A.J. Pero thank you for your thoughts and prayers at this time.”  Twisted Sister frontman Dee Snider said in a separate statement, “A.J. was the final piece in a band that would become an international sensation and one of the greatest live rock acts to ever hit the stage . . . My heart breaks knowing I will never feel the power of his beat behind me, or turn to see his face smiling broadly from the sheer joy he got from doing what he loved. I will always remember that smile. RIP my friend.”  In addition to touring with Twisted Sister and Adrenaline Mob, Pero also recently played with former members of Iron Maiden and Disturbed in a band called The Foundry. He also hosted drum clinics and seminars. Very sad….Celebrating life today is Ric Ocasek of The Cars, who turns 66.

Friday, Mar 20

Happy First Day of Spring!  Although here in NYC, we are expecting freezing rain and snow.  Thanks, Mother Nature!……In the news, Pulse Of Radio reports  Slipknot  percussionist Shawn “Clown” Crahan said in a new documentary special aired on BBC Radio One he could envision a time when Slipknot’s lineup consists of all new members. Crahan explained, “I’m always trying to figure out how to let it be forever . . . Don’t be surprised one day, you know, nobody in the band will be in the band. It’ll all just be new people. I’ll be eighty and there’ll be a whole Slipknot thing moving. I mean, we’ve got two new guys now, man. You never know — my son might take over. You never know.”  Crahan told us a while back when he eventually retires from performing with Slipknot, his son would be the perfect replacement: “My oldest boy, when I do skip, he’s gonna take over my slot. He was sitting on the stair in diapers wearing my mask with sticks while we were downstairs trying to learn how to be a band. So when I leave, it won’t be like I died and my son came in and tried to fill my place. I’m gonna bail, but I’m gonna hand over the throne and say, ‘Hey, I can’t do it anymore. You do it. You’re my blood.’”  Slipknot’s two newest members are bassist Alessandro “Alex” Venturella and drummer Jay Weinberg. They replaced the late Paul Gray and the fired Joey Jordison respectively.  Slipknot has been touring in support of its latest album, .5: The Gray Chapter, which came out last October.The band will launch a spring U.S. trek on April 25th in Fort Myers, FL, ending on May 16th in Grand Rapids, MI, with more summer dates to follow in July and August…..Can this be true? A new book out in the U.K. claims Metallica has made a series of “disastrous” financial decisions over the past five years that has left the band in the red. According to GigwiseInto The Black  authors Paul Brannigan and Ian Winwood claim that since 2010, “It’s likely that Metallica have lost more money than they’ve made.”  The pair explained in an interview with The Weeklings, “By their own admission, the two stagings of the Orion festival were disastrous financially, and the shambles that was the Through The Never movie cost $32 million and will only recoup a fraction of that amount.”  The authors added, “Factor in HQ staff salaries, crew retainers and assorted running costs associated with maintaining an entertainment corporation and you can easily understand why the band — of necessity now rather than by choice — are driven to tour Europe every summer.”  Winwood and Brannigan said that Through The Never – a concert movie mixed with a fictional narrative — took an especially large bite out of the band’s finances. The movie made less than $4 million at the box office. (Let’s see, THEY LOST $28 MILLION on it!) Guitarist Kirk Hammett admitted a while back he was disappointed that it didn’t do better: ”You know, I really, really felt that we had put our all into this movie. I mean, we spent a lot of time making it, we spent a lot of time editing it in post-production and making sure that it was exactly what we wanted it to be. We spent a lot of time making sure it sounded up to par with, you know, all our other stuff. And, you know, it’s just amazing because other than our fans, no one else was interested in the movie (laughs).”  Metallica is currently working on its 10th studio album, but has a dozen dates scheduled between early May and mid-September, including the inaugural Rock In Rio USA festival in Las Vegas on May 9th and they have also been doing the occasional corporate gig which can rake in upwards of one million a pop! The band recently announced it plans to reissue all its early albums, starting with a limited edition cassette replica of their legendary 1982 demo, No Life ‘Til Leather, on Record Store Day (April 18th).  Don’t worry, they won’t be getting food stamps any time in the near future….Pulse of Radio also reporting fans of Scott Weiland were left “disgusted” and “disappointed” after the former Stone Temple Pilots and Velvet Revolver singer held a VIP meet-and-greet session at the Brighton Music Hall in Boston, Massachusetts. Three different fans posted their descriptions of the event at a Stone Temple Pilots fan forum, including one fan who claimed that Weiland said to him, “Let’s suck a d**k!”  The first fan, under the name “PigsInZen,” wrote that Weiland and his band “sounded kickass,” but that when he went backstage for his photo with Weiland, things did not go as well.  He wrote, “Scott didn’t even look at me when I was talking to him, he put his arm around me and literally said ‘Lets get this s**t done with.’ As I fakely smiled for my photo, I couldn’t believe what just came out of my hero’s mouth . . . Scott should not be saying that when people paid 150$ for a brief picture with him after the show.”  Meanwhile, “Matthew” wrote, “I did the meet and greet as well and he said ‘Let’s suck a d**k!’ to me and that was it. Over and done in 10 seconds. He was definitely drunk and ready to get outta there.”  Finally, “Toahiaph” wrote, “Add me to the list of fans who Scott was not so nice too. The other members of the band all cool and with it . . . Scott seemed hammered.”   When “Toahiaph” went up for his picture, “(Scott) says something like, ‘OK hurry up I don’t want to hear it.’ I stand next to him and smile for my picture… meanwhile he was complaining the whole five seconds that it was taking too long. I will NEVER pay to shake his hand again.”  Scott Weiland and his band the Walkabouts next play in Austin on Saturday (March 21st). Their new album Blaster arrives on March 31st.  And I think THIS story explains EVERYTHING, don’t you?  I also had friends who went to the show who got similar treatment backstage.  He didn’t even LOOK at them when they said hello.  What’s the deal, Scott.  Are you THIS miserable? I feel sorry for your band. Pretty soon they’ll walk away, too…. Celebrating birthdays this weekend:  Today (3/20):   Chester Bennington is 39.  Bruins’ star Bobby Orr is 67 (I once beat him at Pong)  and Pat Riley is 70.  Sunday, Limp Bizkit’s JOhn Otto is 28.  Bill Shatner, “Beam Me Up, Scotty!”  is 84

Thursday, Mar 19

Let’s start the day off with my favorite rock star:  Pulse Of Radio reports Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl is interviewed in a new documentary called All Things Must Pass, which chronicles the history of the legendary music store chain Tower Records. Director Colin Hanks (actor/son of Tom) told why Grohl’s appearance was a good fit for the movie, explaining, “Dave Grohl knocked off two things: he works in the store before he is famous and he also gave us a great bit about his haircut, so that works with our bit on the dress codes at the time.”    Grohl worked in the Washington D.C.-area Tower store when he was around 19, telling us in the past that he wanted to work there partially because you could get hired even if “you had a really funky haircut.”  Another famous rock musician who worked for Tower — in their video department — was SlashI worked at Tower Video, but that was before Guns N’ Roses started. I’d gotten busted stealing records at Tower Records and it’s so funny because I became a manager at Tower Video. They just never remembered that I was that guy with the armful of cassettes and records that they caught me stealing.”  Hanks began working on the film in 2008, but struggled to find money for it until a 2011 Kickstarter campaign raised $98,000. The film focuses on Tower founder Russ Solomon, who launched the first Tower store in Sacramento, California in 1960. The outlet later expanded to San Francisco, Los Angeles and locations all over the world, before eventually going bankrupt in 2006. Others featured in the documentary include Elton John and record industry executives David Geffen and Jim Urie, as well as Solomon and members of the Tower staff.  All Things Must Pass premiered this week at the South By Southwest music, film and tech conference in Austin, and is seeking distribution.  Russ Solomon got his start in the music retail business in 1939, when he sold used 78rpm records in his father’s Sacramento drug store.  Tower Records was named after the Tower Theater, which was next door to that drug store. Solomon expanded Tower to San Francisco in 1967, then over the years opened more stores around the U.S., as well as in the U.K., Canada, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, the Philippines, Israel, Mexico, Colombia and many more.  Arguably the most famous Tower Records outlet was the one located on the north side of Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood, CA.  In addition to CDs and cassettes, stores also sold DVDs, video games, accessories, toys, electronics and books.  Debt from its expansion, competition from big box stores and internet piracy eventually led to Tower filing for bankruptcy in 2004 and again in 2006, with the chain closing for good that year.    Meanwhile, you can find Foo Fighters:Sonic Highways  out on BluRay and DVD  soon, but sadly, not in Tower Records store, but you can find it online. Speaking of Dave Grohl, he will be one of the performers this year at the 30th annual Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony in Cleveland, OH on April 18th.  He is slated to appear, along with Rage Against The Machine’s Tom Morello, Stevie Ray Vaughn‘s brother Jimmie*, Beck, The Eagles’ and James Gang’s Joe Walsh* and John Legend. (* = were featured in Foo Fighters: Sonic Highways.)  As far as the presenters to the inductees, Fall Out Boy will induct Green Day,  Paul McCartney will induct Ringo StarrPatti Smith will do the honors for Lou ReedStevie Wonder will induct Bill WithersPeter Wolf will induct the Paul Butterfield Blues Band and John Mayer will pay tribute to Stevie Ray Vaughan. Not yet confirmed is who will induct Joan Jett* & The Blackhearts. (Hmmm, can we guess?  Dave Grohl?) …Congrats to Korn drummer Ray Luzier on the birth of his second child.  As a result, he did not perform  with the band Tuesday night (March 17th) in Tempe, AZ.  He’s on a leave of absence with family.   Filling in behind the kit was Luzier’s former drum tech, Abel Vallejo. Fan-filmed footage of the band performing with Vallejo has been posted online (Thanks PRP)….Congrats also in order for The Beastie Boys, but not on a birth.  Their classic 1986 debut album, Licensed To Ill, has been certified “diamond” by the Recording Industry Association of America for sales of 10 million copies, nearly 29 years after it was first released. The disc hit the magic number on March 4th and is one of just five hip-hop albums to do so — and the only one from the 1980s. Licensed To Ill was released on November 15th, 1986 and featured some of the trio’s biggest and most memorable hits, including “Fight For Your Right (To Party),” “No Sleep Till Brooklyn” and “Paul Revere.” It was certified platinum in February 1987.  The Beastie Boys have sold more than 40 million copies of their albums. Their final release was 2011′s Hot Sauce Committee Part 2.  The band came to an end with the death of founding member Adam “MCA” Yauch from cancer in May 2012.  Surviving members Adam Horovitz and Mike Diamond have no plans to commemorate the 30th anniversary of Licensed To Ill next year. The pair are working on a memoir for publication by 2017. Enjoy this little blast from your past! (thanks Pulse)…And it’s official, Christian Martucci will be the permanent replacement for Jim Root in Stone Sour….Danzig fans will be happy to know there is a new album in the works for later this year… Blabbermouth reports  MOTÖRHEAD‘s Motörboat will embark on its second voyage September 28 through October 2, 2015 on Norwegian Sky, departing Port Miami, with stops in Nassau and the private picturesque island of Great Stirrup Cay in The Bahamas. The Loudest Boat In The World will feature performances from some of the greatest heavy rock bands in the world, including Slayer, MötorheadAnthraxSuicidal Tendences, Hatebreed, Exodus, Crobot, Phil Campbell’s All Starr Band, Kyng, Fireball, Ministry, Huntress,  among others.  For more:….And lastly, my shamelss promotion of the documentary I am featured in.  Cruising In The Van Productions announced today that their award-winning documentary feature Life on the V: The Story of V66 will be sold on DVD exclusively at the popular New England retailer Newbury Comics starting on March 24, 2015, two weeks before MVD Entertainment Group’s domestic distribution on DVD. The DVD will be released everywhere else on Tuesday April 7, 2015. Digital distribution platforms will follow shortly thereafter.  “Newbury Comics ran advertisements on V66 in 1985 and one of the featured interviews in the documentary is with Mike Dreese” says Life on the V director Eric Green. “So it’s really exciting to see the DVD will be available at one of the best music and DVD retailers in New England prior to the April 7 release!”  Life on the V: The Story of V66 tells the story of V66, the hugely popular music video channel that was broadcast throughout the Boston area during the height of the music video craze in 1985-86, only to disappear from the airwaves after 18 months. 30 years later, the fans remain and memories of this channel have formed an important place in 80′s nostalgia. The documentary focuses on this music outlet that came out at a time when cable penetration was minimal in New England and when MTV was scarcely available. Told from the perspective of radio legends and channel co-founders, John Garabedian and Arnie “Woo Woo” Ginsberg, as well as a who’s who in the Boston 80s music scene, the film provides a comprehensive behind-the-scenes view of what it was like to be a part of the magic happening at this station that still brings back a flood of enthusiastic emotion for those fans who were glued to their TVs years ago.   The documentary team tracked down and interviewed over 30 former V66 employees (executives, VJs, technical crew, interns, marketers, stylists, and editors), over 30 musicians who were either on V66 or influenced by V66 (including members of The Cars, The J. Geils Band, New Edition, ‘Til Tuesday, Extreme, The Del Fuegos, Puddle of Mudd, The Lemonheads, Dropkick Murphys and Morphine), and over 15 fans (including Newbury Comics CEO Mike Dreese). Interviews were filmed in people’s homes, workplaces, rehearsal spaces and music venues.  In addition to Newbury Comics, you can also pre-order the DVD from AmazonBarnes and Noble, and Heartland Music, as well as directly from MVD:   And hardDriveRadio listeners in Hagerstown, MD to 101.5 BOB Rocks, listen up!  There’s a screening Saturday, March 28 at 11am:  Life on the V is an Official Selection of Maryland International Film Festival Hagerstown! The festival (running from March 26-28) is now in its 4th year of bringing the good people of Hagerstown, MD the finest films from around the world! Life on the V will be making its MD Premiere on Sat. March 28 at 11am at Washington County Free Library in Hagerstown, MD. Following the screening will be a Q&A with director Eric Green and former V66 VJ Maribeth Cox-Livingston (AKA Tracy Cox)! I have to be in NYC  that day to interview Breaking Benjamin, so I can’t make it down! BUMMER!   If you go, say hello to Tracy for me!



Wednesday, Mar 18

Hey Mike, Mike, Mike! What day is it? …..Let’s start out with the first news out of the Tool camp in, what, 8 years?  Tool guitarist Adam Jones revealed earlier this week in an interview with Yahoo! Music that the band had finally settled a complicated lawsuit that has dragged on for eight years and set back the band’s recording and touring plans. Jones revealed how badly the legal issues affected the group and its members: “You know, when you try to be ethical, and you try to sleep good at night, and you try to do the right thing, and people are not doing the right thing, and using that against you, it really affects your creativity, it affects your sleep and it affects your relationships with people and it affects everything you do. We would have had an album out a long time ago, we would have been taking a lot more tours, and that lawsuit, it was really distracting.”  As previously reported, a friend of the band sued them eight years ago, claiming that he had created artwork for the group and wanted credit and compensation for it.  Then an insurance company Tool had hired to protect itself against such lawsuits sued the band itself over technicalities in the case. Tool countersued the insurer, with the case finally being resolved in their favor. Jones told Yahoo! that the whole affair “got really ugly and shameful.”  In the midst of all this, Jones also revealed that an undisclosed member of the band faced a “really scary do-or-die, serious illness.”  The band is now working at a faster pace on music for its first new studio set since 2006, with one song finished musically and 10 others in various stages of completion.  Jones said about the new music, “Some of it’s really heavy, some of it’s complex and some is more atmospheric, but it’s definitely Tool.”  Tool guitarist Adam Jones revealed earlier this week in an interview with Yahoo! Music the band had finally settled a complicated lawsuit that has dragged on for eight years and set back the band’s recording and touring plans. Jones told us just how badly the legal issues affected the group and its members: “You know, when you try to be ethical, and you try to sleep good at night, and you try to do the right thing, and people are not doing the right thing, and using that against you, it really affects your creativity, it affects your sleep and it affects your relationships with people and it affects everything you do. We would have had an album out a long time ago, we would have been taking a lot more tours, and that lawsuit, it was really distracting.”  As previously reported, a friend of the band sued them eight years ago, claiming he had created artwork for the group and wanted credit and compensation for it.   Then an insurance company Tool had hired to protect itself against such lawsuits sued the band itself over technicalities in the case. Tool countersued the insurer, with the case finally being resolved in their favor. Jones told Yahoo! that the whole affair “got really ugly and shameful.”  In the midst of all this, Jones also revealed that an undisclosed member of the band faced a “really scary do-or-die, serious illness.” (I am guessing on the member is bassist Justin Chancellor, since we did not see or hear ANYTHING about him the entire time, while we knew Maynard was happily making wine, a baby and Puscifer music, and drummer Danny Carey has been working on a few side projects like Volto! And Adam was with his family  raising  their son and working on his artwork. This is just speculation on my part and we hope whoever it is that has suffered a medical scare is A O K.)  The band is now working at a faster pace on music for its first new studio set since 2006, with one song finished musically and 10 others in various stages of completion. Jones said about the new music, “Some of it’s really heavy, some of it’s complex and some is more atmospheric, but it’s definitely Tool.”  He also said he is hopeful the new music could be out later this year.  Be listening for Adam Jones as Tool will be our Featured Artist of the Week Apr 06-10 on hardDrive XL with Lou Brutus and on hardDrive about a week before. In the meantime, watch this nearly two hour Tool concert in Mexico City filmed last year by a fan. (Thanks Pulse Of Radio!)…Breaking Benjamin returns this summer with a new album called Dark Before Dawn on June 23rd. The follow-up to 2009′s Dear Agony will be preceded by a single called “Failure,” which is scheduled to arrive at rock radio the week of March 23rd. The new single and album follow a long period of inactivity for the band during which songwriter, frontman and sole original member Ben Burnley battled health issues and was engaged in legal action against two former members. Burnley unveiled Breaking Benjamin 2.0 last year, with the lineup consisting of drummer Shaun Foist, bassist Aaron Bruch, formerRed guitarist Jasen Rauch and ex-Adelitas Way guitarist Keith Wallen.  The group reportedly began recording its fifth album late last year. Not surprisingly, Burnley told us a while back he’s a perfectionist when it comes to making music: “I’d say every song that I write, I lose a little bit more hair (laughs). You know, it is a stressful thing, but you have a standard that you put yourself through being the singer, the songwriter and the performer all in one, and you have to be a little bit of a perfectionist. I think every musician is like that. I don’t know anybody that’s really not.”  Check the Road Rage page for Breaking Benjamin tour dates and be listening soon for Ben in his first radio interview in many years on the air with Lou! And watch the band perform “So Cold” back on Valentine’s Day in Rochester, NY….Oh MAN!   Linkin Park posted a video of the day Chester Bennington broke his ankle (serious break with major damage) while playing basketball (on the Pacers’ court!) and his valiant try to do their show in Indianapolis that night.  Check it out right  here. And you can see drummer Phil  Manansala from Of Mice & Men post a killer mid-court three point shot, too!….Ozzy Osbourne is getting his own comic book.  The Metal Madman is releasing today in both print and digital versions. The book was written by Michael L. Frizell and Jayfri Hashim with art by Hashim, and features a cover by famed horror artist Stefano Cardoselli….Tremonti‘s second album coming out on his own Fret 12 label is being pushed from May to a June 9th release.  A new teaser is online with a new song called “Flying Monkeys.” Check it out.….The Offspring posted the music video for their tune, “Coming For You.”  Enjoy!….And finally today, Hollywood Undead have posted their music video for the title track of their new album, “Day Of The Dead.”  Had fun with the fellows who dropped by last week….And finally today, O  M  G !!!!!!  Poor Fred Durst!  Pulse Of Radio reporting  the Limp Bizkit frontman has been accused of a lot of things, but murder was not one of them until yesterday (Tue., March 17th), when the venerable news organization the Associated Press confused the rap-rocker with Robert Durst, the wealthy real estate heir who is accused of murdering his friend Susan Berman in 2000 and who is the subject of the just-completed HBO documentary series, The Jinx: The Life And Deaths Of Robert Durst. Following the final episode of the series, in which Robert is overheard making a seeming confession to the murder of Berman and perhaps others, he was arrested in New Orleans for Berman’s killing as well as weapons charges. The initial AP report read, “A Louisiana State Police trooper says millionaire Robert Durst has been booked on weapons charges in that state — on top of a first-degree murder charge lodged by Los Angeles authorities. Trooper Melissa Matey told the Associated Press that an arrest warrant was issued for the former Limp Bizkit frontman and he was rebooked in the Orleans Parish Jail on Monday under two new charges.”  The AP corrected itself later in the day, issuing a statement which read, “The Associated Press reported erroneously that Robert Durst is a member of a band. He is a real estate heir; Fred Durst is the former frontman of Limp Bizkit.”  They still got it wrong because Fred Durst is still the lead singer of Limp Bizkit, who just performed at California’s Epicenter Festival this past weekend.  Neither Fred Durst or Limp Bizkit have commented on the AP error.  I’m not lyin’!  THAT’s CRAZY!…Happy 49th today to Alice In Chains guitarist and vocalist Jerry Cantrell and Happy 36th to The Voice & Maroon 5‘s Adam Levine.  

St Patrick’s Day, Wed. Mar 17th

Happy St Patrick’s Day one and all!   This is a day of the wearing of the green & celebrating all things Irish.  Possibly including green beer and ruining your good shoes.  Take care out there today. Don’t hurt yourselves!…..The big news is about our friends Tool!  The band has settled the complicated lawsuit that’s been a hindrance to the band since 2007, according to Yahoo! Music News. A friend of the band sued them eight years ago, claiming he had created artwork for the group and wanted credit and compensation for it. Then an insurance company Tool had hired for the sole purpose of protecting itself against such lawsuits turned around and sued the band itself over technicalities in the case. Tool countersued the insurer, with the case finally being resolved in their favor after seven years.  Tool guitarist Adam Jones told Yahoo, “It got really ugly and shameful. This is a real simplification of the matter — but imagine paying auto insurance, getting into a wreck, and expecting the insurance company to cover you. And they come back to you and say, ‘Well, you drive an SUV and we don’t consider that an auto so we’re not going to cover you.’ And then they turn around and sue you because you want them to cover you. It’s crazy.”  The legal issues prevented Tool from touring more and from working at a faster pace on the band’s long-awaited new album. But Jones said he had a good feeling when the case finally went before a judge.  He explained, “I had a real feeling that things were going to go in our favor because the day the trial was supposed to start, the venue was changed on us,. We moved over to a North L.A. courthouse and we had a brand new judge who was fantastic.” The guitarist added that the new judge’s name was Randy Rhodes. (What are the chances??!!!)  The guitarist also revealed the previously unpublicized news one of the members of Tool also had to deal with a medical issue, saying, “I’d rather let the person who dealt with the illness talk about it out of respect. But one thing was a really scary do-or-die, serious illness and that was really scary.”  Jones said one song is completed musically for the band’s first album since 2006, with 10 more in various stages. He remarked, “I’m excited about everything we’re working on. Some of it’s really heavy, some of it’s complex and some is more atmospheric, but it’s definitely Tool. I think having this lawsuit out of the way should really speed of the progress of getting the album done.”  Jones said he hopes the follow-up to 10,000 Days could be completed and released by the end of the year, but added the band is no rush. He admitted, “Everyone kind of has their own life, and the fire that burned in us when we were in our 20s isn’t there anymore. There’s still a fire, it’s just a different kind of fire . . . But I feel like every day we work on the songs is a productive day and we’re getting closer and closer to finishing them.”   Actually it’s been more like 3,297 days since the last album.  We are still patiently waiting!  Be listening for Adam Jones on hardDrive and hardDrive XL in the coming weeks!…Head from Korn told PureGrainAudio  the band will probably start work on their 12th album later this year, and if he has his way, it will be heavier and more uptempo than their last album, The Paradigm Shift. Seems like a great plan if you ask me!  He also said he would like to tour less frequently (I don’t blame them. They’ve been working their butts off for almost 2 years now, non-stop.) So if they take a couple of months off after this last leg of their 20th anniversary tour is over, then that would be a good thing.  I long for the days when they could pack arenas.  I want those days to come back!….Pulse Of Radio reports Stone Temple Pilots have finally been able to drop the added “With Chester Bennington” from their name after settling their legal issues with former singer Scott Weiland. The band began working with Bennington in May 2013 after firing Weiland three months earlier, but an exchange of lawsuits over, among other things, the use of the band name was part of the reason why the “Chester Bennington” clause was tacked on for a while. No one is more excited about the news that Bennington himself, who told AltWire, “It’ll be fun to go out as just Stone Temple Pilots (laughs). That’s exciting, because it really bothered me to see ‘Stone Temple Pilots with Chester Bennington.’ So I’m glad that’s gone and glad that that’s over.”  The band will be touring next month and new music is in the wings. Bennington was asked how it compares to his debut with the band, the 2013 EP High Rise. He explained, “I think it’s a lot different. I really don’t like talking about music that people aren’t hearing because it’s hard to describe what the music sounds like, but it’s super energetic. The riffs are really cool and the playing has been really insane.”  Bennington told us STP has a lot of flexibility these days about when and how it can release new music: “There are a few things working in our favor. One is that we’re independent and that we can kind of release music whenever the hell we feel like it, you know. If we went in the studio today and recorded a song, and it was finished, we can get it mixed and mastered and put that out as our next single. That being said, like, we have our eyes focused very, very keenly on taking as much advantage of the time that we have together as we can and being as productive in that time as we can, and then making the most out of what we produce.“  Looking forward…..Halestorm plans to release a photo book called To Hale And Back in May 2015. The book, for which the band teamed with photographer and longtime friend Rob Fenn, will document the group’s career so far. Fenn has been traveling with the band since 2012 and a description of the book says that his pictures “capture Halestorm at their most intimate, their most vulnerable and at their most triumphant moments via his trusty lens, and unwavering eye.”  The 272-page hardcover photo book is also described as “the storybook tale of one young band’s rise to superstardom, as well as the build-up to their highly anticipated new album, Into The Wild Life.”  To order To Hale And Back, go here In announcing the book on Halestorm’s Facebook page, singer Lzzy Hale thanked the group’s fans for getting them this far. She told us how much the fans mean to the band: “I get wonderful, wonderful, heartfelt letters about what our music and what we stand for means to everybody and that’s something that, when I was 13, I never even thought anybody would ever say that to me. So just know how much we really appreciate them enabling us to do what we love every single day.”  Into The Wild Life arrives on April 14th. The first single, “Apocalyptic,” recently became Halestorm’s third Number One single at rock radio.  After its current European tour ends, Halestorm will begin a North American jaunt on their Carnival Of Madness with The Pretty Reckless on April 22nd in Nashville….When Rise Against opened for Foo Fighters in Adelaide, Australia recently on one of the last shows of the Foos’ Australian tour, Rise Against  invited Dave Grohl onstage to play drums with them on the song “Came Without Warning,” originally performed by the band Scream. Grohl played drums for Scream for four years, joining the Washington, D.C.-based hardcore band at the age of 17, touring the world and recording two albums with them before eventually getting the gig as Nirvana‘s drummer. Video footage of Grohl and Rise Against playing the song has been posted online. (Consequence Of Sound)…Thom Wilson, producer of the Offspring‘s breakthrough 1994 album Smash, passed away on February 8th although a cause of death has yet to be announced. After getting his start working on soft-rock albums by the likes of Seals & Crofts, Wilson became the go-to producer for punk rock records, getting behind the board for records from seminal acts like Bad ReligionTSOL, the Adolescents,Dead Kennedys, the VandalsSocial Distortion and many others. (Rolling Stone)…. The PRP announced System Of A Down has added two more North American dates to its upcoming world tour. In addition to shows in Los Angeles on April 6th and Quebec on June 18th, the band will now stop in Detroit on June 17th and Toronto on the 19th. The tour commemorates the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide and will feature System Of A Down’s first-ever performance in their homeland of Armenia, on April 23rd. See the full tour in detail on the Road Rage page. Watch their video announcement here on their efforts for Armenian justice…And finally today, let’s get your dance party ON with my friends Godsmack and their crew.  Sully Erna, SHAKE THAT THING! LOL



Monday, Mar 16

I dunno if you’ve been into this HBO documentary series called “The Jinx,” but it’s on this dude who is from this super wealthy family here in NYC who allegedly has murdered 3 people.  One was a man who he was acquitted of killing and dismembering in Galveston, TX. He admitted to doing it, but somehow got off since a jury believed it was in self-defense!  Prior to this, his first wife “disappeared” in the late 80′s and then in 2000, a friend, who apparently knew the details of his wife’s disappearance, was murdered in her Beverly Hills home.  Well, the documentarians unfolded this crazy story with interviews with the man, Robert Durst.  (No, he’s NOT related to Fred!)  And while doing their research into the facts, they uncovered some damning evidence.  So meanwhile, I started watching the 6 part show On Demand this weekend and BOOM!  After the last episode last night,  it was discovered that he was arrested for the murder of the LA woman.  Life imitating art or something like that in play here!  If you have time, watch this series.  It will blow you away…..OK, onto the ROCK news!  So happy for our friends Halestorm!   Pulse of Radio reports  the band has been debuting new songs on the road since last year and they’ve just added another one to their set list. The band performed the tune “I Am The Fire” for the first time live last Monday (March 9th) in Wolverhampton, England during its U.K. headlining tour and a fan had a phone handy to capture the song and post it online.  Singer Lzzy Hale told us the band’s current European run has been a stellar experience: “Oh, it’s been so wonderful, and this time we’re headlining some of these venues that we used to only open up for. I don’t know, it’s been growing every single time we’re over there. It’s been definitely swelling and growing and the acceptance of rock ‘n’ roll over there is just absolutely stellar. I feel like we almost grew faster there.”  “I Am The Fire” is taken from Halestorm’s upcoming third album, Into The Wild Life, which arrives on April 14th.  The first single, “Apocalyptic,” is currently Number One at rock radio, making it Halestorm’s third chart-topper following ”Freak Like Me” and the Grammy-winning “Love Bites (So Do I)” from 2012′s The Strange Case Of . . . .  Halestorm has released a new video for “Amen,” also taken from Into The Wild Life.  After its European tour ends, Halestorm will begin a North American jaunt with The Pretty Reckless on the 2015 Carnival Of Madness April 22nd in Nashville…Korn performed its self-titled debut album from front to back for the first time in the U.S. on Saturday night (March 14th) at the Brooklyn Bowl in Las Vegas. The performance commemorated last year’s 20th anniversary of the 1994 record’s release, and featured just the second-ever live airing of the song “Daddy,” which was last played in concert in 1995. The song was written about singer Jonathan Davis‘s experiences with being molested as a child.  Davis’ lyrics are often fueled by anger, and he told us a while back he always has a steady supply on hand: “Like any human being, I don’t think that things go on in life that don’t piss you off, and I just zero in on those things and write about ‘em in my music, is how I get ‘em out. I don’t know any human being that can say that they’ve always been happy and never get pissed off.” Davis said last year in a Rolling Stone article on the 20th anniversary of the first album that he gave up a good job and took drugs and alcohol while recording the group’s iconic self-titled 1994 debut.  The singer explained, “I had to quit my job where I was making real money as a mortician, and had my own house, to having nothing — working at a pizza place and living under some stairs.“ Davis added that he spent most of the recording sessions either drunk or high on meth.  Korn next plays tomorrow night  (March 17th) at the Pot Of Gold Music Festival in Tempe, AZ…..Pulse also reporting  In This Moment guitarist Chris Howorth said in a new interview with Rock Made Of Metal  the band never puts its live show over its music. He explained, “People have always talked about how we’re just a hot chick with nice boobs. They always go there first. And we’ve always said, we’re a real band, and we’re about the music first. And so, when we go in the studio, we’re not thinking of the show; we’re thinking of writing the best songs we can . . . the music is always first; the song is always first.”  But Howorth and singer Maria Brink also told us the band has personally invested in their show to make it as lavish as possible: [(Brink) We’re doing really good in coming into this album, but we weren’t quite, you know — so for us, you know, you’re sacrificing a lot. And you know, everyone’s like ‘Money, money, money, but I’m like, you know, we have to bring this theatrical show because it’s gonna be what — like we gotta bet on ourselves right now, this is the time.” (Howorth) “We’re putting personal money into our stage show and our performance right now, just to make it so that it’s gonna blow people away.”  Howorth also spoke about having a “sexy” stage show, saying, “Maria’s the sexy one in the band. And I’ve never heard her say, ‘I wanna do this because it’s gonna be really sexy.’ She comes up with these outfits and what she wears and stuff out of her own mind. And I know she’s sexy. And she knows that she looks good… She wouldn’t wear it if she didn’t look good in it. But it’s never about trying to be sexy just to be sexy.”  Howorth added he’s not worried about turning people off with the band’s live production, remarking, “It’s funny, the more popular that we get, the more people that don’t like it are more vocal about how much they don’t like it. And all that does is help us become more known and talked about. So it’s a funny thing that we’ve noticed, now that we’re more popular, more people hate us.”  Well, WE here at hardDriveRadio love you and you guys are awesome! Check out the band performing their new single, “Sex Metal Barbie” in Berlin, Germany……Happy 24th today to Wolfgang Van Halen of Tremonti and Van Halen!  Happy 56th to Public Enemy’s Flavor Flav  and Happy 54th to Todd McFarlane.   


Friday the 13th of March!

Woooooo!  Friday the 13th!  Love it!…Had a splendid yesterday with  the guys from Hollywood Undead and 10 Years hitting the hardDriveRadio studios here in NYC!  Lots of laughs and good times had by all.  Hollywood Undead just kicked off their new tour (many sold out shows!)  and are stoked to be added at  Rock On The Range and Carolina Rebellion!  I couldn’t believe the new members of 10 Years are all from bands associated with our show!   Their drummer Kyle Mayer has ties to  former Korn percussionist Kalen Chase.  Bassist Ryan Collier played with Fair To Midland (love that band)  and guitarist Chad Huff plays with Maylene & The Sons Of Disaster, who were on the first hardDrive Live Tour!   Six degrees of separation, indeed!   The band performed “Miscellanea” and “Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door” in the studio acoustically and we did a video interview.  Look for all soon!…. Muse has posted a new song online, an album track off their forthcoming Drones cd called “Psycho.”  Check it out here. Reminds me a little bit of Queens Of The Stone Age.  Do you like?   Let us know on the Interact Live section of the new hardDriveRadio APP!  As the band has hinted in recent interviews, “Psycho” is a very guitar-and-riff-heavy tune, echoing some of the band’s earlier work as opposed to their more recent experiments with electronic music.  Fans began tweeting about the song as soon as it surfaced, with reactions ranging from “Muse are back on form with their new song . . . it’s f**king fantastic!” to “This is horrible guys.” The official first single from the album, called “Dead Inside,” will arrive the week of March 23rd. Drones is Muse’s seventh album and will follow up 2012′s The 2nd Law, which featured the chart-topping “Madness” and the Number Two single “Panic Station.”….This is sad news.   Static-X   frontman Wayne Static died after mixing Xanax and other powerful prescription drugs with alcohol, according to Blabbermouth. The hard rock news website obtained an official copy of the coroner’s report, which was released on Thursday (March 12th). The 48-year-old Static, whose real name was Wayne Richard Wells, was found dead in his Landers, California home on Nov 1st, 2014.  The report stated, “(Static’s) wife stated that just prior to going to bed, he crushed one-half of a 30 mg oxycodone pill and consumed it. The oxycodone had been prescribed to his wife. He also drank an unknown amount of alcohol. His wife awoke at around 1530 hours. She found the decedent dead in the bed and called 911 at 1547 hours. Paramedics arrived and confirmed death at 1600 hours, noting rigor mortis and lividity.”  The report added that Static’s wife, Tera Wray, told them that Static “took oxycodone, Xanax (alprazolam) and alcohol to relieve panic attacks.”  She claimed he took Xanax on a daily basis at the prescribed dosage, according to the report, and would “occasionally have his own prescription for oxycodone, but he would usually take hers.” Wray also told the coroner that she and Static “had a history of cocaine and ecstasy abuse, but they stopped using illicit drugs in 2009.”  Static’s mother also told the coroner her son was a “self-admitted alcoholic” for whom drinking had been a problem for two years. Both his mother and Wray said that Static was “not suicidal.”  Statements from both Wray and a publicist back in November dismissed rumors that his passing was the result of a drug overdose.  Static founded Static-X in 1994 and achieved commercial success with the band’s 1999 debut, Wisconsin Death Trip, which included the rock radio hit “Push It.”  The group issued five more studio albums before disbanding permanently in June 2013. Static has been pursuing a solo career at the time of his death….Celebrating life today:  David Draiman of Disturbed and Device is 42 and so is Ed Sloan of Crossfade. …Have a great weekend!