Friday, May 22

WOO HOO!!  Long weekend so we can recharge the batteries!  I am stoked!…My friends P.O.D. have announced a new album and tour (See Road Rage!)!!!! The Awakening drops in August and the tour starts next month.  The new album was produced by long-time knob twirler Howard Benson.  Looking forward to catching up with Sonny Sandoval on the hotLine soon!

Slayer!  They are coming back with a new album,, Repentless.  Guitarist Kerry King said the title track is in honor of their late  member Jeff Hannenman. It was produced by Terry Date and will drop on 9/11. Hannenman, who co-founded Slayer with King, passed away May 02, 2013.  Very sad day, indeed.

Slipknot’s Mick Thompson and Jim Root were interviewed for Premier Guitar talking about their gear.  Love the new looks on both!  LOL   Watch it here.  Love Mick’s voice!  Never really heard him talk much before!   Mostly know Clown, Sid, Corey and Jim.  Excited for Clown’s first movie.  Fingers crossed for him he will have a hit on his hands with Officer Downe. (Thanks Blabbermouth!)

Pop Evil‘s new album is coming in August.  The first single is coming Jun 1.  It was produced by Adam Kasper and it’s KILLER!  Will be talking to Lee Kakaty next week.  Also new Finger Eleven music coming.  The band will be in the hardDriveRadio studios on Jun 2.  Lou will be on the hotLine next week with Killswitch Engage’s Jesse Leach and Zoltan Bathory of Five Finger Death Punch.  Lots of stuff happening!   (As usual!)

Gotta dash and get a start on the weekend!  Have a great one and I’ll be back Tuesday!   Catch this weekend’s hardDrive with Lou Brutus  special edition Cover It Up!   Be safe.  Here’s to all the military men and women who served and continue to serve this great country.

Thursday, May 21

Foo Fighters dressed in tuxedos for the final Late Show with David Letterman!  They performed “Everlong”  (Dave Letterman’s favorite Foos song) as the soundtrack to a montage of images from over the 33 years of the Letterman shows.  Only thing I thought was missing was Jay Thomas‘ annual football toss at the meatballs on the Christmas tree.

Meanwhile, a local boy, Sawyer Fredericks,  a local farm boy, won The Voice. I only mention this because it’s a couple of towns over in Montgomery County, NY near where I am from !   I love it!

Pulse of Radio reports In This Moment singer Maria Brink joined Papa Roach on stage Tuesday night (May 19th) in Moline, IL to perform the Papa Roach song “Gravity.” Brink also dueted with Papa Roach singer Jacoby Shaddix on the studio version of the tune and told us she enjoyed the experience: “I mean, we love the song. I think it’s such a great track, I really do. I think it’s strong and it’s really cool and the meaning was cool, you know, his whole take he has on the song. And I kind of did this rebuttal type thing and it was wonderful. I loved doing it. We had fun and we’ve made some really good friends and we’ve toured with them a lot too, and are great friends.”  “Gravity” is taken from Papa Roach’s latest album, F.E.A.R., which came out at the end of January.  Shaddix recently said about the track, “I really put it all out there: my failures as a husband, as a lover, and as the head of my household . . . it’s a bit of a testimony for me and my wife, like, ‘Hey man, if you’re another couple that’s going through this struggle, you can make it through if you really want to, if you really love each other.‘” Bassist Tobin Esperance said having Brink appear on the track took it to “a whole other level.”  Papa Roach and In This Moment shared the same studio and producer, Kevin Churko, on their respective new albums. Both bands next play the Rocklahoma festival on Friday (May 22nd) in Pryor, OK.  Let’s pray for NO rain there this weekend!

I love this story!  A new study undertaken by a firm called SeatSmart has determined that the lyrics of Canadian act Nickelback are “more intelligent” than those of other popular rock acts such as Foo Fighters and Linkin Park. SeatSmart’s Andrew Powell-Morse analyzed the lyrics of 225 songs that had spent at least three weeks at Number One on Billboard‘s pop, rock, country and hip-hop charts.  Powell-Morse used writing-analysis tools such as the Flesch-Kincaid index, a readability test to measure reading difficulty, to determine the average reading level of a section of text. He added, “I plugged in song lyrics — punctuation added by me, since most songs lack it altogether — and out of the machine popped out average grade level, word count and other very interesting metrics.” It turned out that country music had the “smartest” lyrics, with a reading level slightly above third grade, while pop, rock and hip-hop all hovered around the third grade level or just slightly below.

Among the seven top rock acts, Nickelback beat out Linkin Park, Seether, Foo Fighters and last-place entry Avenged Sevenfold. Nickelback’s Chad Kroeger has been notorious for his raunchy lyrics in the past, but told us a while back he was never worried about what anyone thought of them: “A lot of people ask me, like, ‘What does your mom think when you write songs like that?’ And I think it went out the window when I started writing songs that started off with ‘I like your pants around your feet.’ You know, when that one hit the radio waves, a lot of people were going, ‘Whoa, what does your mom think of that?’ I’m like, ‘She’s cool with it.‘” Meanwhile, Three Days Grace earned the dubious honor of penning the dumbest song of the decade with 2010′s “The Good Life”, which has a reading grade level of 0.8. Ozzy Osbourne‘s “Let Me Hear You Scream” was second-to-last with a grade level of 1.2. But Three Days Grace also had the second highest scoring song with “Animal I Have Become,” which reached a fifth grade reading level. Only the Red Hot Chili Peppers ranked higher with “Dani California.”  Pretty funny, right?

Get your game on!   Bring Me The Horizon and Royal Blood are among the artists who had songs added to the lineup of the Guitar Hero Live video game, which arrives this fall after a five-year break. 10 new songs have been revealed in addition to the 24 already announced, with Deftones, Of Mice And Men, Mastodon, Marilyn Manson and Killswitch Engage also among the latest entries.  The initial batch of two dozen tracks revealed last week included songs from The Pretty Reckless,The Black Keys, System Of A Down, Pantera, Green Day, Alter Bridge, Black Veil Brides, Rage Against The Machine and many more.

  • Additional artists that are represented include the Rolling Stones, the Lumineers, Ed Sheeran, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, My Chemical Romance and others.
  • More new songs will be unveiled each week leading up to the game’s release. Guitar Hero Live has plenty of new features as well, including a more realistic controller and a first-person perspective.
  • Guitar Hero Live will be available from Activision for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Wii U and, for the first time, mobile devices.

The 10 newest additions to Guitar Hero Live are:
Royal Blood – “Little Monster”
Marilyn Manson – “Disposable Teens”
Killswitch Engage – “In Due Time”
Marmozets – “Move Shake Hide”
Of Mice And Men – “Bones Exposed”
Deftones – “Diamond Eyes”
Vista Chino – “Sweet Remain”
Bring Me the Horizon – “Shadow Moses”
Mastodon – “High Road”
Trivium – “Strife”

And finally today, check this out.  Coldplay’s Chris Martin is the musical director for a Game Of Thrones musical “extravaganza” that be part of Red Nose Day on today (May 21st). Stars from the HBO series participating in the musical include Peter Dinklage, Kit Harington, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Emilia Clarke, Mark Addy and more. Scores of other musicians, actors and celebrities will appear on the three-hour “Red Nose Day” special airing live on NBC from 8:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. ET. The benefit event will help 12 charity organizations lift children and young people out of poverty, in the U.S. and throughout the world.   This is fantastic!  Watch!

Celebrating a birthday today:  Mr T is 63  and my beloved Dwight is one year older,  too!

Wednesday, May 20

Closing in on the Memorial Day weekend!  Did the month of May whiz by or is it me?  Geez! And don’t forget, Memorial Day weekend means a new Cover It Up special edition of hardDrive!  All cover songs, and many are brand new or EXCLUSIVE like Breaking Benjamin covering Tool and Starset covering David Bowie! Don’t miss a minute!  And if you do, you can always download the new FREE hardDriveRadio APP and stream the show there on Monday!

Five Finger Death Punch has announced its sixth studio album, Got Your Six, will arrive on August 28th. The first single, “Jekyll And Hyde,” will surface at radio in the next few weeks. Guitarist Zoltan Bathory gave us a few hints of what the new disc sounds like: “It’s kind of like a little bit more uptempo. You know, when we started to do this, we all came into it excited, like everybody’s writing, everybody has something to say, so we came into it with that energy. So that shows, you know, it’s kind of a more high-energy record. Everybody wanted a little bit of an uptempo record, so it’s more of our energetic, uptempo side.”  Yesterday, the band also annnounced their tour with Papa Roach, In This Moment and From Ashes To New.  See Road Rage for all the details. Tickets on sale Friday.

Pulse Of Radio says with David Letterman‘s epic 22-year run as the host of CBS-TV’s Late Show coming to a close tonight (May 20th), one of the final musical guests to appear on the program was Pearl Jam‘s Eddie Vedder. The singer delivered a powerful version of the band’s “Better Man” on Monday night (May 18th) in tribute to the legendary late night host, who is retiring and letting Stephen Colbert take over the program.  A photo later surfaced on Twitter of Vedder backstage at the show with actor Tom Hanks, Hank’s wife Rita Wilson and director Cameron Crowe, who gave Vedder and other members of Pearl Jam small roles as a fictional band in 1992′s Singles and who directed the Pearl Jam Twenty documentary. Vedder recently showed up in Chicago to sing “Take Me Out To The Ball Game” during the seventh inning stretch at Wrigley Field for a Cubs game. He was also in Chicago to perform at a benefit show paying tribute to The Who, with the aim of raising money for Teen Cancer America, a charity that was started by The Who’s Roger Daltrey and Pete Townshend. Pearl Jam doesn’t have any activities on its calendar until November, when it heads to South America.  As host of both NBC’s Late Night and CBS’ Late Showfor more than 30 years, Letterman surpassed Johnny Carson as the longest running late-night talk show host in 2013.

Pulse also printed a story that Duff McKagan told Fox 5 New York he thinks the recently released Kurt Cobain: Montage Of Heck, a documentary about the late Nirvana frontman told through his art, music and home movies, is “brilliantly done,” adding, “It’s extremely sad at the end, but it depicts what it was like — not just with them, but with the whole — like, everybody I knew. And that’s what it was like (in Seattle around that time). And seeing that scene — those scenes at the end — kind of upset my stomach.” McKagan, who grew up in Seattle and knew many of the musicians there, added, “I watched it with my 17-year-old daughter. And to think Frances (Bean Cobain, Kurt’s daughter) produced (the film), and that was the footage she chose to be shown was really heavy.”  Some of the final scenes in the film depict a clearly high Cobain trying to interact with his daughter, including a scene where he is nodding off as she sits on his lap. McKagan gave up drinking and drugs in 1994 after an attack of acute alcohol-induced pancreatitis.  He mentioned discussing drugs with his own daughters, 17-year-old Grace and 14-year-old Mae, saying, “I’m honest. ‘You might try some drugs. And you might actually like something. Here’s the deal, though: I was your age, and that’s when I was doing that. And I chased that first good high for thirteen years until my pancreas blew up. So you might have that same thing, and it’s not cool. So just watch it.’”  Another musician, Metallica‘s Lars Ulrich, said in a recent radio interview that he thought Montage Of Heck was “a great piece of filmmaking,” but added, “It was almost too much, it was almost too close.” Watch the interview here.

Foo Fighters have posted a pro-shot mini-documentary online about the band’s Record Store Day (April 18th) performance in front of 100 people at the tiny Record Connection in Niles, OH. In the video, store owner Jeff Burke recalls how he got the money to originally open the store and then discusses with customers how important the Foos performance was, saying, “What a statement that really makes, by the Foo Fighters coming here and wanting to play for you guys. It’s mind-blowing.” (Diffuser).

AC/DC frontman Brian Johnson returns in a new second season episode as host of the series Cars That Rock. In a clip posted online, Johnson visits the iconic MG factory in Longbridge, England to gain an insight into the beloved British make. A six-part series, Cars That Rock features Johnson meeting designers, engineers and car fans from around the world and visiting car plants and race tracks. It airs on the Quest channel in the U.K. (Blabbermouth).

Did not know there was a press conference in Chicago on Monday with Billy Corgan and Marilyn Manson discussing their upcoming  End Times tour.   They were asked about a band they were once rumored to be forming in 1997 called Fruity. Manson said the name came about “because we thought that the pills made us feel fruity, that was it. I don’t really know what that meant, at the time.” Corgan added, “Everyone we would meet would be in the band. Like (Public Enemy‘s) Flavor Flav was in the band, (porn star) Jenna Jameson was in the band, but then it never happened.” (Alternative Nation).

Among many having a birthday today:  Cher is 69 and Calico Cooper is 34.

Tuesday, May 19

Went to a cool party last night for Clutch, as they performed a handful of songs from their forthcoming new album, due in September.  It was at the performance and showroom of D’Angelico guitars here in NYC.  First off, Clutch was great.  Second off, the D’Angelico line of guitars are beautiful. I wasn’t really familiar with them before.  Apparently they’ve been made in South Korea after leaving the U.S. many years ago, but now they will be produced here again in the states.  I’ll post some shots as soon as I can.   Anyhow, during the show, Brent Hinds of Mastodon arrived to check out Clutch (and looked at some fretless guitars), who  are touring with Mastodon, including a stop tonight in Central Park at Summerstage.  I introduced myself to him and we instantly hit it off.  I mean, he’s not the scary aloof person I thought he was. He’s kind, gentlemanly and funny!  And he doesn’t do interviews, but agreed to talk to me!  So, hmmm, I need to contact his publicist, STAT!   There is something so cool about Mastodon.   They are amazing live.  A must-see if you’ve never caught them before!…..I also met the editor-in-chief of Metal Hammer, Alexander Milas.  Hopefully we can find some way to work together!  I love me some Metal Hammer!…..Five Finger Death Punch and Papa Roach announced their late summer tour yesterday.   Saint Asonia‘s performance from Rock on the Range is posted.  Check it out here……Speaking of Metal Hammer, check out their video interview at Rock on the Range with In This Moment.  Love Chris and Maria.   Screw the haters!…….Got this from Pulse Of Radio.  Busy day for Bullet for My Valentine: The band announces  their new bassist, released a lyric video for their new song “No Way Out” and revealed that their new album, titled Venom, will drop August 14.  Jamie Malthias joins Bullet for My Valentine as bassist, replacing Jay James who left in February after spending 12 years with the group. To find out more about Malthias, scope out his new Twitter account, @BFMVJamie. Bullet For My Valentine posted a teaser online for its fifth studio album earlier this month.  Frontman Matt Tuck told Metal Hammer about the band’s approach this time, “What we really wanted to capture was the feeling of that excitement, that angst and that anger, that you finally get in that moment to let the world know who you are and what you want to say. Then, as the albums go on, and you get a bit older, that goes away. So we’re like, ‘Let’s recapture that angst of that younger, feisty Bullet that we used to be.’”  The band also wrote online that 2015 is “shaping up to be a massive year for us, with lots of exciting things going on behind the scenes which we’ll be announcing as soon as we can.” The band will be part of the lineup for Slipknot‘s “Summer’s Last Stand” tour, which kicks off on July 24th in West Palm Beach, Florida and also features Lamb Of God and Motionless In White.  Watch this. Lyric video for “No Way Out”  I also heard 3 other tracks, including the title tune, “Venon” and another called “Battle,”  both of which will be big tunes from the forthcoming album!….The dates for the Five Finger Death Punch and Papa Roach run should be announced ANY MINUTE!  Can’t wait.  Two powerhouses together!   Rock is NOT DEAD!…….Celebrating life today, some classic folks!  Pete Townshend of the Who is 70Dusty Hill, ZZ Top bassist is 66, and former AC/DC drummer Phil Rudd is 61.

Monday, May 18

Good morning!  So much going on!   First off Lou Brutus and Paulie Walnuts had the times of their lives at Rock on the Range over the weekend!  I’ll be listening to all the interviews in the next few days to reveal what I can!  I found some performances and photos online.  From AXS-TV, (find it on DirecTV) here’s Breaking Benjamin‘s entire performance!   AXS-TV also posted this with Slash and  Marilyn Manson.   (Thanks Pulse Of Radio.)

And then there’s this!  The surprise guest on Saturday was the new supergroup, Saint Asonia-Adam Gontier, Mike Mushok, Corey Lowery and Rich Beddoe.  The band formed by former Three Days Grace frontman & Staind guitarist , has released a first single called “Better Place.” As previously speculated, the band also includes Stereomud Eye EmpireDark New Day bassist Corey Lowery and  ex-Finger Eleven drummer Rich Beddoe.

Asked about calling the band a “supergroup,” Gontier said, “Truth is we’re more like refugees that just really hit it off creatively,” while Mushok added, “I was looking for a project to do while Staind is on hiatus and the opportunity to work with Adam on writing and recording new music was something I just couldn’t pass up.”

The band’s debut disc is currently in its final stages of completion and is expected to arrive this summer.  Saint Asonia will also hit the road in the near future, with dates to be revealed shortly.   I  asked Gontier a while back why he thinks his lyrics connect with fans on a personal level: I think it’s just the raw, in-the-real-ness in the lyrics. I’ve always written from life experiences, just things that happen, and I think people just tend to relate to that. I mean, they — depending on the song — like, I think they’ll listen to that and, you know, interpret it any way they want to, really, you know. And that’s the cool thing about writing songs and making music, is that people take the lyrics and apply them to their own situations.

Meanwhile, Jonathan Davis, who never ever stops writing music, posted a snippet of a tune he’s working on for his side project Killbot.  Thanks Blabbermouth

Gotta dashGot an early appointment this morning!  More later! 


Friday, May 15

So sad to hear about the death of BB King.   What a legend who inspired the careers of countless artists from The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Eric Clapton, George Harrison, Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughn to U2,  Royal Blood, Kill It Kid and The Temperance Movement.  Blues is the base of rock.  BB was a sweet and humble soul who never really acknowledged his own greatness.  Take a moment today to listen to “The Thrill Is Gone” or “How Blue Can You Get”  or  “When Love Comes To Town.”   The man performed up til last year when he was 88!   I hope his beloved Lucille Gibson guitar will be donated to the Smithsonian or the Blues Museum, where it belongs for millions to see. Someone said in a Facebook post today, “Lucille has been quieted.”  :(

Had a busy day yesterday when Faith No More and Of Mice & Men were in the studios.  As mentioned, OM&M performed a tune in our studio and we did a video interview.  We will make a podcast out of my interview with Faith No More’s Billy Gould & Mike Bordin!  Good times!

Well,  Paulie Walnuts has landed in Columbus, followed by Lou Brutus after he gets off the air!   Interviews in full swing.   Hope all goes well.  I couldn’t go this year because of my bad knee.   Hope it’s not too rainy, or they’ll be calling it Rock on the RAINge!

Blabbernouth reveals Five Finger Death Punch has chosen “Jekyll And Hyde” as the first single from its forthcoming sixth studio album, Got Your Six, tentatively due at the end of the summer. An official release date for the single has not yet been announced, but the track is expected to arrive at radio soon. Five Finger Death Punch will headline a tour also featuring Papa Roach, In This Moment and From Ashes To New this fall after the new disc arrives.

Interesting music video from Three Days Grace for “Human Race,” directed by former MTV associate Mark Pellington who went on the direct “Jeremy”  for Pearl Jam, Linkin Park‘s “Final Masquerade”  and clips for Nine Inch Nails and Cage The Elephant.  Check it out.

Pulse Of Radio reports  Creed frontman Scott Stapp revealed more details of his six-month, drug-induced meltdown in his first TV interview with ABC’s Nightline. In addition to posting videos online in which he claimed mysterious forces were draining all the money from his bank accounts and alleging that members of his family were also part of ISIS, Stapp believed at one point that he was a CIA agent on a mission to kill President Obama.

Stapp recalled, “I was so out of my mind, delusional, turned on everyone that I loved, made wild and crazy accusations about my wife. I thought I was being followed by the government . . . it was a manic paranoid, psychotic episode. I was driving around with a 12-gauge shotgun in my lap. And I thought that people were trying to kill me.”  Stapp added, “I would have like, maybe a 45-second interval of, ‘What’s going on,’ and then I’d be right back into the psychosis,” which he said was brought on by abuse of prescription drugs.

Stapp said he began taking prescription antidepressants in 1998, eventually going on to abuse other drugs and alcohol. He was diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) years ago. He said after getting a prescription for Adderall last year, he kept upping the dosage to double the legal limit until it led him to his “full-blown psychotic episode.”  He concealed the Adderall from his wife Jaclyn, but when she found out about it, his attempt at quitting cold turkey made his mental condition even worse.
Stapp said that during his mania, he stuffed his wallet with cash and filled his truck with his gun collection and sports memorabilia, which he said he started giving away with reckless abandon as he drove across the country.

Jaclyn filed for divorce in November 2014, saying in the papers that Stapp had “become a paranoid shell who has threatened to kill himself and harm his family.
Stapp eventually came out of the psychosis and Jaclyn helped get him into treatment, where he was diagnosed with bipolar disorder.  He is now sober and moved back recently to his home with Jaclyn in Florida.

Bring Me The Horizon has announced  it will release a concert CD/DVD package called Live At Wembley Arena on May 29th. According to the band, those who order the release within the next week will have their name printed in the booklet that comes with the set. The DVD was filmed last December in London when the Yorkshire-based band headlined that city’s most prestigious venue.

Bring Me The Horizon drummer Matt Nicholls told us what playing at Wembley meant to his band: “It’s Wembley at the end of the day, you know what I mean? It’s a pretty big deal. I think it’s a big deal for any band, wherever you’re from, but being a British band, I think it’s like, kind of like the pinnacle.”  Bring Me The Horizon recently completed the touring cycle behind its fourth studio album, 2013′s Sempiternal.  The band has been recording their next album, which will come out later this year (hopefully)  on Columbia. The current single from that disc, “Drown,” is Number Six on the Active Rock radio chart.  I was actually supposed to be at that show on December 05th in London, but had to cancel because of a medical condition.  Seems like something is always holding me back lately!  BOO on getting older! It ain’t for the young, let me tell ya!  LOL

Pulse also reports  the first image from Officer Downe, the feature directing debut of Slipknot percussionist Shawn “Clown” Crahan, has premiered online via Entertainment Weekly. The picture shows Sons Of Anarchy star Kim Coates as the title character, a scientifically enhanced Los Angeles cop who is resurrected every time he is killed in the line of duty and sent back onto the streets.

Clown cast Slipknot singer and budding actor Corey Taylor in the film and Taylor told me about the experience: “I knew he was gonna start working on his movie as soon as we got back from Europe, and he’s like, ‘I might have something for you.’ I was like, ‘Dude, I’m totally down.’ It was really cool, man. It was cool to see him in his element. He loved doing it. He was a pig in heaven, basically, you know. So I filmed for a day, got all my stuff done, I’m really stoked about it. Basically I look like a meth-head Riddler — like, it’s pretty cool.”

Officer Downe is based on an Image Comics graphic novel written by Joe Casey and is currently being offered to distributors at the Cannes Film Festival in France. Crahan has directed a number of music videos, concert DVDs and behind-the-scenes featurettes for Slipknot.  He and Taylor founded a film production company called Living Breathing Films in 2012, although it has yet to release anything.  Taylor recently made his acting debut in the horror movie Fear Clinic, which came out on home video in February.

I had some friends who were at  this show last night. Seems like it was off the chain awesome. Pete Townshend and Eddie Vedder‘s benefit concert at Chicago’s Rosemont Theatre, featured once-in-a lifetime guest spots from Joe Walsh, Joan Jett, and Cheap Trick’s Rick Nielsen. The 90-minute show, dubbed Celebrating The Who, raised money for the band’s patron charity Teen Cancer America, which provides programs and care for young people with cancer through the University of Chicago Medicine. Roger Daltrey, who did not sing so as to preserve his voice for tonight’s (May 15th) gig in Columbus, Ohio, introduced the show.   According to Internet reports and fan posts on, the show, which featured the Who’s touring band, opened with Townshend’s brother and Who guitarist Simon Townshend playing a solo mini-set, which included Vedder playing his solo song “Far Behind,” along with a ukelele version of the Who By Numbers classic, “Blue, Red, And Grey.” During course of the night, Vedder and Pete duetted on a cover of Bob Dylan’s “Corrina, Corrina,” the heartfelt “You Stand By Me” from the Who’s 2006 Endless Wire collection, and “Behind Blue Eyes.” Vedder also performed his Pearl Jam classic “Better Man.”  Pete tackled his signature Quadraphonic tunes “I’m One” and “Drowned,” with Joe Walsh helping out the pair for “The Kids Are Alright,” and a scorching solo on “Eminence Front.” Joan Jett joined them all for “I Can’t Explain” and took the lead on “Summertime Blues.”  Rick Nielsen joined the ensemble for the show-closing one-two punch of “Won’t Get Fooled Again” and “My Generation,” which incorporated the groove of Townshend’s blues-influenced 1965 demo, before morphing into the standard arrangement.

Breaking Benjamin, performing today at Rock on the Range, has added some new dates for July.  See Road Rage.

Finally today, celebrating life this weekend:  Saturday:  Krist Novoselic turns the Big 5-0!  Sonny Sandoval from P.O.D. (they have a new record coming that is killer!) is 41.  Sunday:  Trent Reznor is  also 50 and Josh Homme of Queens of the Stone Age turns 42. 

Thursday, May 14

Of Mice & Men in Times Square, New York City

Of Mice & Men last night!  OFF THE CHAIN crazy amazing!  Will post some picks on the hardDriveRadio app and Facebook pages later.  Truly, one of their best shows and first headlining date in NYC.  Place was packed.  Crowd sang EVERY WORD and there were more women than men crowd-surfing and  tons of women moshing in the pits!   So psyched for the band!  They’re heading to the hardDriveRadio studios today for a two-song acoustic set and I can’t wait! Was also hanging with their fabulous Raw Power managers and producer David Bendeth!  What a great night!  I also met Kato Khandwala (producer We Are Harlot, The Pretty Reckless.)

Also today, Billy Gould and Mike Bordin, founding members of Faith No More, will drop by to talk about getting back together and their new album, Sol Invictus, which drops Tuesday! Butcher Babies also dropping by today.  It’s nutty around here this week!  Love it!

Everyone I know is heading to Columbus, OH  for Rock On The Range.  WAH!  I have to stay home and nurse my torn meniscus.  Surgery May 27.  WAH!

Pulse Of Radio reports Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor has written a lengthy tribute to the band’s late bass player, Paul Gray, as the fifth anniversary of Gray’s death approaches. May 24th will mark five years since the 38-year-old bassist was found dead in a hotel room in Urbandale, IA from a accidental overdose of prescription drugs. In his piece, published by U.K. magazine Kerrang!, Taylor writes, “There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t think about him. When I’m on the road, the live shows bring back our times together. When I’m home, this house and the pictures in it remind me of good times and bad. When I’m listening to music, I think about the two of us, cranking new and old tunes in his car or mine, rocking out like little kids and giggling because the stuff is so awesome.” Taylor continues, “I think that’s the overall memory I cherish the most about him: his energy and his excitement. Even if you weren’t ‘feeling’ something musically or anything else to do with the band, he was the world’s best cheerleader. After one conversation with him, you’d be so ready to play or tour or record or whatever that you’d be jumping out of your skin.” Taylor told us a while back how he felt about the loss of his friend and bandmate: I just miss him, you know. I miss him so much sometimes that it doesn’t feel like he’s gone, and there are times when I’m thinking and he’s in my train of thought and I have to stop myself and go, ‘Oh, God, he’s not here.’ But you know, I mean, there’s not a day that goes by that I don’t miss him.” Taylor also writes in Kerrang!, “I had the privilege of making music with Paul Gray for 13 years. I learned so much from that man that I still use his ideology and methods to this day . . . He and I built a career out of passion, music, anger and art. We may have had our ups and downs, but he loved every minute of it. I know I did.” Gray left behind his wife Brenna and daughter October, who was born the August following her father’s death. Slipknot’s latest album, .5: The Gray Chapter, came out more than four years after the bassist’s death was dedicated to his memory.  Gray was eventually replaced for recording and touring purposes by Alessandro “Vman” Venturella, although Venturella is not an official member of Slipknot and his identity has never been officially confirmed by the band.

Pulse also reports Creed singer Scott Stapp has said he’s “lucky to be alive” in a new interview with People magazine, the first time that the rock vocalist has spoken to the media since his highly-publicized, drug-inflamed meltdown late last year. Explaining what happened last November that caused him to post videos in which he claimed to be under attack both financially and personally, Stapp revealed, “I had a psychotic break that was brought on by alcohol and drug abuse. I was hallucinating. I drove around the United States for a month, following an angel that I saw on the hood of my car.”  Stapp continued, “In my delusional thinking, I thought my family was involved in ISIS, and that millions of dollars had been taken from me to support terrorism. All of it was nonsense. I was out of my mind.“  After he finally entered into an intensive rehab program, Stapp was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, a condition that causes unexpected shifts in mood, energy and activity levels. The singer said, “It was hard to process. There’s a stigma associated with it. But (his wife) Jaclyn kept telling me, ‘Embrace it. We love you.’ It became a big sign of relief, because finally, we had an answer.” The whole drama began last November when Stapp posted several videos online in which he claimed to be broke, nearly homeless and under “attack” from unnamed enemies who had wiped out his bank accounts and possibly set the IRS on him. It later turned out that Jaclyn had filed for divorce, claiming that her husband had left their home in early October and had went on a drug bender. Stapp lost custody of his three children during this period, while also missing a court hearing and allegedly threatening to kill President Obama.Stapp is now sober and in intensive therapy. He takes medication for bipolar disorder, works through a 12-step program, and meets with a sponsor, saying, “Nothing is more important than my sobriety.” More about his treatment and recovery will be revealed in the new issue of People, on newsstands this Friday (May 15th.)

Congrats to Mumford & Sons.  Their new album, Wilder Minds, sold a whopping 249,000 first week and attains the # 1 spot on the Billboard Top 200 chart!

Wicked scary! Godsmack abruptly ended its show on Tuesday night (May 12th) in Montclair, NJ when frontman Sully Erna experienced shortness of breath and dizziness just before the band’s encore. A statement issued by the group said, “Out of an abundance of caution, it was decided to have him be further evaluated by medical personnel off site and end the performance prior to the completion of the encore.” The statement added that Erna, who had been battling a virus, “was evaluated and cleared to perform and is able to continue with the tour.” (Blabbermouth)

While on a break from their Sonic Highways world tour, Foo Fighters performed a surprise concert last Saturday (May 9th) at a county fair called Conejo Valley Days in Thousand Oaks, California. Appearing as Chevy Metal (which is Taylor Hawkins side project), the band covered Bryan Adams’ “Summer of ’69,” the Knack’s “My Sharona,” John Mellencamp’s “Hurts So Good,” AC/DC’s “Let There Be Rock” and more.  Wish I was there! (Spin)

I am listening to new Bullet For My Valentine music!  \m/–\m/   The song will debut on Sunday night on the BBC Radio 1 show  with Daniel Carter at 7 PM BST  and can be listened to world-wide here!

Celebrating life today:  Mike Inez of Alice In Chains is 49, Ian AStbury of The Cult is 53.  Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook co-founder, is 31.

Wednesday, May 13

Duff McKagan and Roxy!

Duff McKagan was in yesterday.  Always the gentleman and always so kind with his time! He was in promoting the new book, How To Be A Man (and other illusions.)   And I know I’ve said it before, but the book is great and you should grab a copy.  He offers interesting advice along with personal stories of his life.  Be looking for a video interview with Duff soon! Oh and Duff also said the new Walking Papers music is done, they just need to figure out how to release it.  And could Duff be writing the book about a famous rock band (not one he’s played in before)?  Time will tell.

Meanwhile, I was on the phone with Corey Taylor yesterday.  Always a pleasure to chat with him and his lovely wife Stephanie!   We were on about the cover tunes his Stone Sour brothers released for Record Store Day called  Meanwhile in Burbank.  Be listening for some of our chat over Memorial Day weekend when we unveil the 2015 Cover It Up special edition of hardDrive.  Got some exclusive music, too, from Breaking Benjamin covering Tool‘s “Prison Sex”  and Starset‘s version of David Bowie‘s “Space Oddity,” both recorded live in the hardDriveRadio studios! You will enjoy it very much!

Well, we’re just days away from the kick-off of Rock On The Range, and I can’t believe this is the first year I won’t be there when so many of the bands I love will be performing.  And a SPECIAL GUEST is performing on May 16th.  Hopefuly we will have an interview with that SPECIAL GUEST when Lou  Brutus returns next  week!   He’ll be interviewing 35 bands while there. So stay tuned!  This weekend is our Rock On The Range Review on hardDrive, looking at bands past and present on the bill.

It’s baaaacccckkk!  Pulse Of Radio reports The Guitar Hero video game franchise is coming back after a five-year hiatus this fall with Guitar Hero Live, featuring a list of songs that includes tracks from The Pretty Reckless, The Black Keys, System Of A Down, Pantera, Green Day, Alter Bridge, Black Veil Brides, Rage Against The Machine and many more.   According to Rolling Stone, the first 24 songs featured in the game include a mix of hard rock, metal, alternative, classic rock and pop. Additional artists represented include the Rolling Stones, the Lumineers, Ed Sheeran, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, My Chemical Romance and others. More new songs will be unveiled each week leading up to the game’s release.

  • Guitar Hero Live has plenty of new features as well, including a more realistic controller and a first-person perspective, allowing gamers to almost interact with the crowd and their bandmates on screen.
  • FreeStyle creative director Jamie Jackson told Rolling Stone, “If you start dropping notes and messing it up, not only are the crowd gonna turn on you, but so are your band members as well, because you’re effectively ruining their career as well as your own.”
  • The game also boasts its own 24-hour video network called GHTV, which will allow participants to play along to official videos across various genres and challenge other online players of the same skill level.
  • Guitar Hero Live will be available from Activision for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Wii U and, for the first time, mobile devices.
  • Guitar Hero was a monster hit in the mid-2000s, with numerous versions and even artist-specific games for Aerosmith, Metallica and Van Halenall flooding store shelves and becoming best sellers.Have a great day!   Gotta dash!  More interviews to schedule!



Monday, May 11

Godsmack's Sully Erna with Roxy!

Good morning!  Up early and out early!  This week we are preparing for interviews with  Duff McKagan  to promote his new book, How To Be A Man (and Other Illusions.)  Faith No More, Of Mice & Men, Butcher Babies and Amaranthe,too!  Plus prepping to send Lou Brutus and Paulie Walnuts to the 9th annual Rock On The Range in Columbus on Friday.  CRAZY times.  But this is what we do and we happen to LOVE IT!

Godsmack frontman Sully Erna said that the band plans to tie the release of single “What’s Next” from their 1000 Horsepower album with the military’s launch of a campaign. Erna  told a radio station in Syracuse: “The best part of releasing the single is we’re gonna do a whole campaign, because the lyrical content to the song is about the only thing that is certain is life and death, but what’s next? So we’re doing a whole campaign with the U.S. military — all the men and women of the U.S. armed forces — we’re teaming together with them. We’re gonna do a whole campaign to help out homeless vets, to help out guys with PTSD, all that stuff. We’re just gonna do a whole thing for an awareness level, for a bit of inspiration. It’s noble. Just a lot of great things.”   He goes on, describing the concept behind the record: “The whole concept of the record was, really, going back to the roots of Boston and part of our history of that was we were, as people know, a big part of the Navy [promotion]. We used to be … we were the recruit song for six years in a row. So we wanna kind of bring it back to that as well. And we’re such big supporters of the U.S. troops. We don’t support war — we wanna be clear about that — but we support our troops and what they have to do, and how they put their lives on the line for us every day so we can live in a country like this.”  Erna also said that the band is coordinating with the Boston Red Sox Home Base charity on their work with patients suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (Thanks Pulse of Radio.)

Halestorm has posted the lyric video for “Dear Daughter.”  Just in time for Mother’s Day!

My friend Carlota Gonzalez from 92.3 KOMP in Las Vegas was the co-host of last weekend’s Rock in Rio there in Sin City.   She got to interview my pal Chino Moreno of The Deftones, who revealed Jerry Cantrell make an appearance on the upcoming Deftones album, due in September.     “Jerry is on the album. I didn’t know if he wanted anybody to know or not. But I guess I’ve just spilled the beans. But he came in… There’s this one track that… in the demo stages of it, I was, like, ‘There’s this hole in there…’”

Moreno continued: “In Deftones songs, there’s not really any guitar solos per se, but there was a section in there where [there was room for] not necessarily a typical solo, but it had an area where it could use something like what he does, especially… just his style and the way he plays guitar. So I sent him the track, and then he sent me a demo of it back, like, two days later. So, yeah, when we recorded the song [properly for the album], he came in and laid it down. And it’s awesome. It’s like you’re hearing a Deftones song, but all of a sudden, a little bit of Alice In Chains seeps its way in there, and it’s kind of neat. I mean, me, as a fan, I was just sitting back and a little tear came out of my eye.”  (Thanks Blabbermouth.)I finally got to see Musefor the first time on Friday night at Webster Hall in NYC.  It is rare to see them in a theater setting, and this was a momentous evening. A very powerful set for 3 fellows.  I look forward to a day when I can see them with full production.  Thanks to my pals at QPrime & Warner Bros  for the hook up (and the delicious pre-show dinner!)Was pretty funny, on the way to the show in a taxi, we’re riding down 56th Street and who do I see out my window on the side walk but Mark Tremonti and his band.  Since it was rush hour, he was alble to walk over to the car and chat for a second.  He’s in town to do some more promotion for his new Cauterize album, which drops Jun 9th.  Looking forward to seeing him on tour.

AC/DC  played in Nuremberg, Germany over the weekend at Zeppelinfeld.  A fan filmed the show.  Here’s ” Rock Or Bust”!  I bet listeners of 97.1 Gong Radio were there in full-force!

Happy 37th today to Perttu Kivilaasko of Apocalyptica!


Friday, May 08

Saint Asonia

This morning started out with the news I sort of posted yesterday, then took down, but now it’s totally out there! Introducing a new band: SAINT ASONIAAdam Gontier (Three Days Grace), Mike Mushok (Staind/Newsted), Rich Beddoe (Finger Eleven) and Corey Lowery (Stuck Mojo/Stereomud/Eye Empire.)  To say I am stoked about this is an understatement!  Been rooting for them to finally start a project that radio will welcome with open arms, and this is definitely the one.  Wonderers are wondering what the significance of May 16th is.  Hmmmm.   What could it be?   A single isn’t coming then.  Could it be a peformance?  I know it is signed to RCA  and a June single release is eminent. Stay tuned!

Also news is the next single from Marilyn Manson will be one that I encouraged them to pick, so I hope people agree: “The Mephistopheles of Los Angeles.”  Has a nice ring to it, right?  We have fingers crossed that the planets are aligned properly and Manson grants Lou Brutus some time at Rock on the Range next week.

Tonight, Muse plays the first of two small theater shows in New York City (May 8th) to promote next month’s release of its new album Drones, and fans are sure to hear a few new tracks from the disc. But drummer Dominic Howard told us there’s a good chance the band will perform the record in its entirety later in the year: “We’re figuring that out now, but I think we definitely will play it from start to finish for sure, but it’s — I’ll tell you what, what’s becoming the most difficult thing is, every album you do, the set list is getting harder and harder and harder to pick the tracks, because we’ve got too many. But I think, yeah, down the line we’re definitely gonna play it from start to finish.”  Next week, I will get to see Faith No More for the first time in nearly 20 years!  That’s so INSANE!   And can’t wait to see how my boys Of Mice & Men are doing now they are HEADLINERS!   WOO HOO!

Ya know, I can’t believe all the haters hating on In This Moment‘s “Sex Metal Barbie.”  If all these basement pimple-pickers would listen to the lyrics and maybe read some interviews, they would understand (1) the band wanted to try something different doing all this theatrical stuff.  I mean, you could see it coming in their previous tours.  And (2) this particular song is Maria Brink talking about all the things she’s been called, lies told about here and the like.    Maria also wanted to try directing videos and I think she’s done a great job.  So people, stop hating!  Here’s the new video for “Sex Metal Barbie.”  Go pop some more pimples.

Slash  is in NYC. He performed yesterday morning on the CBS This Morning. When asked about the possibility of a reunion of the classic Guns N’ Roses lineup, he gave a somewhat surprising answer:  “I’ve got to be careful what I say there. I mean, if everybody wanted to do it and do it for the right reasons, I think the fans would love it. I think it might be fun at some point to try and do that.” Asked what the “right reasons” might be, Slash said, “I mean, that’s a hard one. That just starts to get into a whole complex thing . . . It’s really between the guys in the band.” But pressed on whether he thought it was likely, Slash said, “Never say never.“  (I find it funny since he absolutely HATES getting asked this question….you can only imagine the number of times he’s been asked over the years.  But this is the most candid he’s been in a while!)

Meanwhile, Slash also has partnered with International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) to raise awareness of the slaughter of elephants which is leading to their early extinction. To watch the video for their new tune, “Beneath The Savage Sun,” and get the song for free, donate (HERE) and take action (HERE). The U.S.-based charity IFAW works around the world on every aspect of the elephant crisis-on the front lines to stop the killing of elephants, in transit countries to stop the trafficking of ivory and in consumer countries to stop the demand for ivory products. For more information, visit:

While on tour in South Africa, Slash and the lead singer of his band Myles Kennedy witnessed the devastation of the elephants first-hand and knew they had to act. Together, they wrote the song “Beneath The Savage Sun” from the perspective of an elephant whose family has been wiped out. The hypnotic rock song is a highlight on the group’s critically acclaimed current album, World On Fire.

An elephant is killed every 15 minutes for its ivory and the result is the elephant population has declined 95% in the past century,” explains Slash. “Seeing that these majestic animals are on the path to extinction, possibly within the next decade, we wrote ‘Beneath The Savage Sun’ and partnered with IFAW. Donate to IFAW’s work to take action and protect elephants.”  For more:

The Temperance Movement were in the hardDriveRadio studios and we recorded a couple of tunes with Phil Campbell and the boys.  Check out “Take It Back.”  And note, Phil had a bad sore throat that day. He did a great job!  And good job to editor Shane Snider!  You rocked this!

And finally today, Maynard James Keenan  of Tool and Puscifer was in town this week, dining and drinking one of my favorite wines!  Read all about it here!

Rocking birthdays this weekend:  Today:  Alex Van Halen is 62!  Sunday, Danny Carey of Tool is 54  and Bono of U2 is 55.