Tuesday, Jul 03

Good times are the only rule on hardDrive XL with Lou Brutus! Tonight, Lou will talk to featured artist Alice In Chains about the new album “Rainier Fog!” Special guest Ben Bruce of Asking Alexandria will share a truly Spinal Tapian moment with Lou! Just how many guitar picks does Lou have? Call 877-MUSIC-11 and Ask Lou!

Monday, Jul 02

Kick off a new week Lou Brutus on hardDrive XL! This week, Lou is joined every night by featured artist Alice In Chains! Special guest Halestorm will talk about the new song “Uncomfortable!” We’ve got a brand new SMASH or CRASH, with new music from Badflower vs. Middle Class Rut! Be a part of the show and call Lou at 877-MUSIC-11!

Friday, Jun 29

Celebrate Friday night in style with Lou Brutus on hardDrive XL! Featured artist Ivan Moody of Five Finger Death Punch will talk covering the Offspring! Special guest Bullet For My Valentine celebrates the release of their new album “Gravity!” Call in your requests at 877-MUSIC-11

Thursday, Jun 28

hardDrive XL is  the only place to hear Lou Brutus playing the rock you love! Featured artist Five Finger Death Punch talks writing with Lou! Special guest 10 Years is here to talk “Burnout!” Want to share your new musical obsession with the rest of the world? Make a request at 877-MUSIC-11

Wednesday, Jun 27

Lou Brutus brings the rock and roll mayhem every night on hardDrive XL! Featured artist Ivan Moody of Five Finger Death Punch tells Lou about the artistic process! Special guest Shaman’s Harvest stops in to chat with Lou! Call 877-MUSIC-11 and Ask Lou any music trivia you want! 

Tuesday, Jun 26

Lou Brutus is playing the best rock on your radio on hardDrive XL! Tonight, Lou asks Ivan Moody of featured artist of the week Five Finger Death Punch about releasing the new album! Special guests Alice In Chains will tell Lou about producing the next record! If someone’s getting on your nerves, call the XL ShoutBox at 877-MUSIC-11