Week of Nov 13-17, 2017

FOO FIGHTERS “The Sky Is A Neighborhood”
FOZZY “Judas”
KORN “Black Is The Soul”
SEETHER “Betray And Degrade”

10 YEARS “Novacaine”
ROYAL BLOOD “I Only Lie When I Love You”
STARSET “Satellite”
STONE SOUR “Rose Red Violent Blue”

ALL THAT REMAINS “The Thunder Rolls”
DED “Remember The Enemy”
I PREVAIL “Lifelines”
METALLICA “Spit Out The Bone”-ADD
PAPA ROACH “Born For Greatness”-ADD
POP EVIL “Waking Lions”
SKILLET “The Resistance”
TRIVIUM “The Heart From Your Hate”

Monday, Nov 13, 2017

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IMHO:  Radio stations who start playing all holiday music after Halloween should be spanked!  Just sayin’!

It’s rare when Bloomberg.com is talking about a hard rock band, right, but that’s exactly what happened the other day!  The Pulse Of Radio and Blabbermouth are reporting  lyrics from the Five Finger Death Punch song “Wash It All Away” have been used to criticize the United States in an op-ed essay written by a top aide to Russian president Vladimir Putin. In the piece, penned by Putin adviser Vladislav Surkov for the state-run news channel RT, Surkov writes, “The line ‘Done with all your hypocrisy’ sounds like a prophecy, a verdict, and as the motto of a new era.”

According to The Moscow Times, Surkov linked the 2016 presidential election that led to U.S. president Donald Trump‘s victory and an ongoing sexual harassment scandal in the U.S. with a widespread desire among Americans to “wash it all away.” He quoted the song a second time, writing that a “strong hand” will lead the confused crowds from “all of the chaos and all of the lies.”

Five Finger Death Punch guitarist Zoltan Bathory responded to news reports of his group’s lyrics being used in Surkov’s editorial by first noting that the band happens to be touring Russia at the moment, then speaking fondly of the group’s Russian fans. He added, “I can tell you, between the people there is NO hate, there is NO cold war here. So let’s NOT make one.”  He continued, “I grew up on this side of the Iron Curtain in communism . . . so I have ACTUAL memories of the cold war. Even back then, though we were told by the communist media that America was the ‘enemy,’ nobody, and I mean nobody sane, actually believed that.

Bathory, who came to the U.S. from Hungary, told us not long ago that he’s a strong proponent of the capitalist system: “I came to this country without speaking English and I didn’t have anything, and here I’m sitting with you, doing this interview today. So I have the right to say, like, hey, you know, doesn’t matter what circumstance you were born in, you have a shot in this system. The capitalist system will give you a fair shot.”

Five Finger Death Punch has confirmed a Dec 1st release date for its greatest hits collection, A Decade Of Destruction, and has released one of two new tracks included on the album, a song called “Trouble.”  The hits collection and an already completed new studio album are part of a deal to settle a legal dispute and close out the band’s contract with its label, Prospect Park. The new studio LP will be released in spring 2018.

Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich has said in a new interview that he is not opposed to one day touring the world as a hologram. Speaking at the 92Y cultural center in Manhattan on Nov 5th, Ulrich defended the idea of using technology to put any artist who ever lived back onstage years or decades from now. Ulrich explained, “If the primary objective of a concert is to bring people together and share an experience, why do you need Lars Ulrich or James Hetfield there? Or Kirk Hammett or Robert Trujillo? If you’ve got the music, you’ve got the equipment, you’ve got the lights, you’ve got the video, there’s gotta be some version . . . where artificial intelligence plays into all this.“  Asked point blank if he would like a hologram of himself to still be touring a century from now, Ulrich replied, “If it can be done in some way where it’s cool and it’s not just some f**king weird cash-in or whatever, but if it there was a way to do it in a meaningful way . . . I believe the basic human need is to connect to other human beings — that’s what we all strive for in any way possible. So if there’s a way that that could be, 100 years from now, 50 years from now, and I’m a hologram, fine with me. It’s fine with me.

Ulrich has told us before that,  Metallica’s main objective is doing the best it can to entertain its fans: “The main thing really is just the fans. How do you communicate with your fans, how do you get the music to the fans, how do you offer your fans the best Metallica experience that you can?”
Ulrich lives in the San Francisco Bay Area, the technology heart of the United States, where he said the conversation is “primarily about, when people look into the future, it’s about artificial intelligence, and it’s about how you adapt AI into everything that we know on a daily basis.”

Tupac Shakur hologram performed with Snoop Dogg at Coachella in 2012, while Cirque Du Soleil brought a holographic version of Michael Jackson to the stage. More recently, it was announced that a hologram of late heavy metal singer Ronnie James Dio would embark on a world tour in December, backed by members of his old band.

Metallica just completed a run of European dates last week and will pick up again after a break next Feb 1st in Lisbon, Portugal. And check out the video above of Metallica last week as part of the Band Together For The Bay Area!    (Thanks Blabbermouth and The Pulse Of Radio.)

Aw bummer.  Original Faith No More frontman Chuck Mosley has died at the age of 57, according to multiple media reports. A statement issued by his family said, “After a long period of sobriety, Charles Henry Mosley III lost his life, on November 9th, 2017, due to the disease of addiction. We’re sharing the manner in which he passed, in the hopes that it might serve as a warning or wake up call or beacon to anyone else struggling to fight for sobriety. He is survived by long-term partner Pip Logan, two daughters, Erica and Sophie and his grandson Wolfgang Logan Mosley. The family will be accepting donations for funeral expenses. Details to follow when arranged.

Mosley sang on Faith No More’s first two albums, 1985’s We Care a Lot and 1987’s Introduce Yourself. He was fired from the band and replaced by Mike Patton, who remains the group’s singer to this day.

Mosley subsequently sued his former bandmates over ownership rights and they eventually settled out of court. Years later, he reconciled with Faith No More, reuniting with them onstage in 2010 and making further live appearances with the group in 2015 and 2016.  Following his initial departure from Faith No More, Mosley briefly fronted  Bad Brains and launched a series of solo projects, including the funk metal band Cement.

Faith No More issued a statement on Mosley in which the band members said the following:

“It’s with a heavy, heavy heart we acknowledge the passing of our friend and bandmate, Chuck Mosley. He was a reckless and caterwauling force of energy who delivered with conviction and helped set us on a track of uniqueness and originality that would not have developed the way it had had he not been a part.

“How fortunate we are to have been able to perform with him last year in a reunion style when we re-released our very first record. His enthusiasm, his sense of humor, his style and his bravado will be missed by so many. We were a family, an odd and dysfunctional family, and we’ll be forever grateful for the time we shared with Chuck.”  (Thanks The Pulse Of Radio and Consequence Of Sound.)

Pearl Jam is contributing a new song called “Obey The Law Of The Heart” to the soundtrack of an upcoming film called Basmati Blues. Written by guitarist Stone Gossard, and performed by Pearl Jam with Sain Zahoor and Priya Darshini, it’s the band’s first new song since the release of its 2013 LP Lightning BoltBasmati Bluesis an independent musical romantic comedy film starring Academy Award winner Brie LarsonScott Bakula and Donald Sutherland.

The band has posted a preview of the track online. The film just opened in Sweden but currently does not have a North American release date.  Although there have been rumors that the band is working on a new album, Pearl Jam has not indicated when or if it will return to the studio.

Guitarist Stone Gossard told us a while back that the band never sets out with a predetermined goal for a new LP: “It’s very difficult to set out to do something and achieve it, as opposed to just each song, try to make it as good as you can. We set out more like, we’re gonna make a record and we know we’re gonna — everyone’s gonna write some songs, and we’re gonna try to do the best for each of those songs and then we’re gonna see what we’ve got at the end and figure out how to put ‘em together, you know. It’s much less planned than you would imagine.”

The group took most of 2017 off, getting together only to perform at their induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame last April. A documentary chronicling the group’s two-night August 2016 stand at Chicago’s Wrigley Field, titled Let’s Play Two, came out in late September.  (Alternative Nation and The Pulse Of Radio.)

Guns N’ Roses frontman Axl Rose has paid tribute to legendary string arranger Paul Buckmaster, who died on Nov 7th at age 71. Buckmaster, who worked on orchestral arrangements for G N’R's 2008 studio album Chinese Democracy, was renowned for working with Elton John, the Rolling StoneDavid Bowie and many others. Rose wrote on Twitter, “Very sorry to hear of Mr. Paul Buckmaster’s passing. I feel very fortunate to have met him n’ have his involvement in GNR. My deepest condolences to his friends, fans n’ loved ones.” In other news, Guns N’ Roses welcomed ZZ Top guitarist Billy Gibbons to the stage on Friday (Nov 10th) in Houston for a run through “Patience.” (Blabbermouth)

Friday, Nov 10th, 2017


NOW THEY TELL US!   After we’ve spotlighted the band all week on the air talking about the album release, Avenged Sevenfold has pushed back the release of the deluxe edition of The Stage from Dec 15th to Dec 22nd, with no explanation given for the delay. Vinyl versions of the set will arrive on Jan 12th.The band issued a statement in which it said, “Hey A7X Family. The deluxe edition of The Stage has been pushed back a week due to unforeseen circumstances. However, the good news is that the enhancements make it worth the wait. Put it on your A7Xmas list and stay tuned as 2018 keeps shaping up to be f**king awesome.”

Frontman M. Shadows told us Avenged Sevenfold never wants to release anything to its fans that it doesn’t deem top-notch in quality: “I really want to do better in terms of quality output. I don’t want to have any little areas where you’re just like, ‘Eh.’ When people don’t like a record, I want to come back with the next one and just smash ‘em with something amazing. Everyone’s not gonna love everything but I think for us, I really want to keep the high quality output.”

The new edition of The Stage will feature seven additional studio songs plus four previously unreleased live tracks recorded during recent shows at the O2 Arena in London. In addition to the LP’s 11 original cuts, the deluxe edition contains all the band’s recent covers, including the Mexican folk song “Malagueña Salerosa,” Mr. Bungle‘s “Retrovertigo,” Del Shannon‘s 1961 hit “Runaway,” the Beach Boys‘ 1966 hit “God Only Knows” and Avenged’s take on the Rolling Stones‘ “As Tears Go By.” Also included are the original track “Dose” and live recordings of “The Stage” “Paradigm,” “Sunny Disposition” and “God Damn.”

The deluxe edition is the latest chapter in an album cycle that began last year when Avenged Sevenfold became the first rock band to ever release an album with no advance promotion, surprising their fan base.  The group announced the LP’s arrival with a live-streamed performance on the rooftop of the Capitol Records Tower in Hollywood, California. The band promised an “evolving” body of work with new songs added over the next year.

Avenged Sevenfold recently confirmed the details of an early 2018 North American headlining tour with Breaking Benjamin and Bullet For My Valentine. The trek will begin on Jan 12th in Nashville with shows booked so far through Feb 11th in Fargo, ND.

Speaking of Breaking Benjamin,  new music MAY be coming in about 3-4 weeks!  The new album will be out in the first couple of months in 2018.   Looking forward to hearing!

 Alternative Nation and The Pulse of Radio are reporting Alice In Chains has announced its first concert since October 2016, confirming that the band will appear at the Tons Of Rock festival in Norway in June 2018. Tickets are on sale now. Also set to perform are Ozzy Osbourne and numerous other bands from the underground side of the metal scene. Alice In Chains last performed on Oct 8th, 2016 in Reno, Nevada, and has not performed live in 2017.

Drummer Sean Kinney told us a while back that life on the road is different for Alice In Chains these days: We’re in different places and a lot’s happened, you know, so in the past, the show was part of the day but the day was full of all sorts of potential chaos. Being one of the people that would create a lot of that chaos, once in a while you miss it a little (laughter). I’m not gonna lie!

Alice In Chains reportedly entered Studio X in Seattle back in June to begin recording the follow-up to its 2013 album, The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here, which debuted on the Billboard Album Chart at # 2.  The new disc is tentatively due out in early 2018.​  The new disc will be Alice In Chains’ sixth full-length studio album and will be its third with singer/guitarist William DuVall, who joined the band in 2006 following the death of Layne Staley four years earlier.

Meanwhile,  Alice In Chains guitarist Jerry Cantrell told Fantasy Live in September the band was “taking our time” to make the new LP. Asked about returning the road, Cantrell said, “That’s probably part of the whole package. But, again, one step at a time. We can’t go out and do that until we make a great record, in our opinion, and then hopefully a few other people like it too.


Metallica-Circa 1986-Cliff Burton, Lars Ulrich, Kirk Hammett, James Hetfield (photo: Chris Anthony)

Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich and lead guitarist Kirk Hammett looked back on the band’s final show with bassist Cliff Burton in a new interview with Rolling Stone. The gig, which took place on Sep 26th, 1986 in Stockholm, Sweden, is included on the upcoming deluxe box set reissue of Metallica’s landmark 1986 LP Master Of Puppets, due out today (Nov 10th).

Asked if listening back to the show was an emotional experience, Ulrich replied, “Obviously, we’re 31 years past this. So you pause, you reflect, you think, you appreciate, you’re humbled. I move so fast through a lot of the stuff that I never slow down long enough to reflect. And occasionally, when you sit with some of the stuff at 2 o’clock in the morning, you go, ‘Wow.’ When you sit there and listen to the last two songs or look at the pictures from the last show with him, it stops you in your tracks as you deal with it.

Pressed about what he recalled from that last show, Ulrich said, “We played the show in Stockholm, and it went incredibly well. I think it may have been a rare case where we actually played an additional song that wasn’t on the set list, because the show was so good. That’s not something we did a lot then or now. So there was a good vibe.” Hammett added, “I distinctly remember that show being good, and the feeling when we got offstage was really great and positive and forward-looking . . . then the accident happened and it literally felt like we were going from a hopeful sort of circumstance to one where we found ourselves in into a deep, black pit.”

Burton was killed on Sep 27th, 1986 when the band’s bus flipped over after the driver lost control of the wheel. He was 24 years old.

The Master Of Puppets reissue has been remastered for the most advanced sound quality and is available as a Standard LP, Standard CD, three-CD Expanded Edition, and Limited Edition Deluxe Box Set, along with digital versions as well. Bonus content in the set ranges from previously unreleased demos, rough mixes, interviews and live tracks to a 108-page hardcover book, DVDs, handwritten lyrics and more.

Meanwhile, Metallica performed last night (Nov 9th) at the Band Together Bay Area benefit concert in San Francisco, along with Dave Matthews and others. All of the show’s proceeds are going to relief efforts following the devastating wildfires that recently ravaged Northern California. The concert was streamed live on Metallica.com, the band’s YouTube channel and the group’s Facebook page. (Thanks The Pulse Of Radio)

GUNS N' ROSES Dodger Stadium 2016

Finally today, Guns N’ Roses have announced their 2018 European tour.  See Road Rage for all the info!

Celebrating life:  Friday:  DJ Ashba, ex-Guns N’ Roses and SIXX A.M. is 45. Tracy Morgan is 49.  Sunday:  Neil Young is 72.  Al Michaels is 73 and Dave Ellefson of Megadeth is 53.  



Thursday, Nov 09, 2017

How do ya like that!   As I was typing in today’s date, I was reminded, one year ago, Maynard James Keenan‘s biography was released and I was getting ready to be the moderator of a few of his book tour stops (one in NYC and two in DC.)  It was exciting!

Just a year later, all this is happening. The PRP and The Pulse Of Radio are reporting  Tool  guitarist Adam Jones has revealed on his Instagram account that the band has recorded a revised version of the title track to its 1992 EP Opiate, while completing a new video for the song as well. Although the group has also performed the new version of the tune live, it is not clear when or if the studio version will surface.

Tool guitarist Adam Jones has revealed on his Instagram account the band has recorded a revised version of the title track to its 1992 EP Opiate, while completing a new video for the song as well. Although the group has also performed the new version of the tune live, it is not clear when or if the studio version will surface.

Jones wrote online, “We recorded a new version of ‘Opiate’ not too long ago. We wrote a different break down that’s about five minutes longer in the middle of the song. I believe there are recent live versions of it online. @dominic_hailstone_ did an (unreleased) Ultimate Video for it. Anyway here’s a clip of me messing with sounds for the distant Synth Melody. *Enjoy #Tool #opiate ~

Jones’ post was accompanied by a brief video of him working on the song. There is speculation that the group has recorded it for a long-rumored vinyl reissue of its back catalog, although there has been no confirmation of that.

A while back, Jones told Yahoo Tool’s creative process is relatively simple: “We write this song, and then we write the next song — we don’t really, like, you know, go, ‘Okay, well, now we’re gonna write the radio song,’ or ‘Now, we’re gonna write this song.’ You know, we just write and then put ‘em in an order that we like after we’ve recorded them and then get a feeling from all the songs in the group and then try to attack the propaganda of selling the record.

Tool continues to work on its first studio album in over 11 years, although there is no official word yet on when it will be released or if the band has even started recording yet.

The instrumental members of the group have reportedly been working steadily on music, with singer Maynard James Keenan also preparing some of his parts.
Keenan, however, is now on the road with A Perfect Circle, which is set to issue its own new studio LP — its first in 14 years — in 2018.

Thirty Seconds To Mars posted their music video for “Walk On Water” yesterday. According to a press release sent on the band’s behalf, the clip, which is also the band’s current single, is also a preview of the group’s forthcoming documentary film, A Day In The Life Of America, for which the band recruited fans in all 50 states, along with Washington D.C. and Puerto Rico, to film and submit homemade videos this past summer from their July 4th celebrations with the aim of creating a “filmed portrait of the country.”

Frontman Jared Leto told us that Thirty Seconds To Mars has always aimed to include their followers in the band’s creative process: “Some of these experiments, these ideas, are just, you know, organic extensions from the idea of 30 Seconds To Mars that’s always been there. And that’s that it’s not about the band, it’s about all of us. It’s about all the people that are part of this community. So for us to turn the microphone or turn the lens on our audience, on the community, is like a really natural thing to do.”

The sweeping clip documents many facets of America, including the country’s physical beauty, its cultural diversity and its social injustice.  Scenes in the clip range from a baseball game in California to a truck crashing in Pennsylvania to Donald Trump  speaking at the White House, while celebrities like LeBron JamesKylie Jenner  and Danny Trejo make guest appearances alongside statistics about the United States and its citizens.  The complete documentary, which has yet to get a release date, ended up utilizing 92 professional film crews, 10,000 fan submissions plus news and social media content.

“Walk on Water” is currently Number Three on the Alternative radio airplay chart. The new Thirty Seconds to Mars LP will follow 2013′s Love, Lust, Faith and Dreams, but the band has yet to announce a title or release date.

Tomorrow night, Friday, Nov 10th, PBS  will air Foo Fighters filmed live at the Acropolis in Athens, Greece. In addition to the concert,  Foo Fighters main man Dave Grohl and Landmarks Live In Concert host — and Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer – Chad Smith discuss the music their families listened to when they were growing up and how it impacted them in a video preview of this Friday’s broadcast of the new PBS series.

Grohl begins, “When I was a kid, 70′s AM radio…” with Smith interjecting, “RULED!” Grohl continues, “I swear to God, that’s got such a big place in my heart. 10CCAndrew Gold and Gerry Rafferty.

Grohl explains that while he listened to hardcore punk growing up, his father was devoted to classical music, his mother loved show tunes, and his older sister liked new wave and classic rock at the time, but Grohl adds, “I would dip into everybody’s albums and listen to them.” Smith says, “I did the same thing,” and recalls going through his own older sister’s collection of soft rock records.

An ongoing documentary series, Landmarks Live In Concert captures performances by global superstar artists at monumental locations and landmarks around the world. Smith interviews the featured artist in each episode and told us that he thinks the fact that he’s a musician as well puts them at ease: What’s cool is I think that they feel, when they’re talking to a so-called journalist, maybe their guard’s up a little bit or they’re not maybe as comfortable as when they can talk to somebody who’s a fellow artist who’s there, who’s doing what they do.

Previous episodes of the show have featured Alicia KeysBrad Paisley and Andrea BocelliThe Foos taped their performance at the historic Acropolis back in July.

Black Sabbath is streaming live footage of its classic 1970 song “N.I.B.” from the band’s upcoming farewell release, The End. Some of you entered our contest and won yourself one of these sets, so congrats!  The DVD was filmed during the band’s final concert in its hometown of Birmingham, England this past February. Bassist Geezer Butler told us what the scene was like backstage that night: “Well, it was chaotic backstage, that’s for sure. I think every friend that we’ve ever met in our lives was there. All our families were there. We didn’t really see each other before we went on, and it really was nerve-wracking, the last ever show, ’cause I was just hoping beyond hope that I wouldn’t break a string, or lights wouldn’t fail, or Ozzy wouldn’t fall over or something or whatever. I was just petrified that something would go wrong, but everything went great on the night.

The End will hit stores on Nov 17th on Blu-ray, DVD and CD. A limited edition deluxe collector’s edition will include a 32-page book, a metal winged demon pin, a replica of the “The End” tour laminate and three guitar picks housed in a mirror board box.
Also featured on the CD will be The Angelic Sessions, an intimate live performance at Angelic Studios recorded in the days after the Birmingham shows. The session features the band playing a selection of their favorite songs not played on tour, including “The Wizard,” “Wicked World,” “Tomorrow’s Dream,” “Sweet Leaf” and “Changes.”
The concert performance features the entire final live show from February 4th, 2017, with the 16-song set including classics such as “War Pigs,” “Fairies Wear Boots,” “Into The Void,” “Iron Man,” “Snowblind” and “Paranoid.”

The band decided to make this tour its last because guitarist Tony Iommi, who was diagnosed with cancer in 2012 and is currently in remission, can no longer travel for extended amounts of time.



18-25:  Australian Tour
with NOTHING MORE and ESCAPE THE FATE (except where noted)
05:  Raleigh, NC @ The Ritz
07:  N. Myrtle Beach, SC @ HOB
08:  Charlotte, NC @ The Fillmore (Charlotte)
10:  Huntington, NY @ The Paramount (Escape The Fate only)
11:   Montclair, NJ @ The Wellmont Theater (Escape The Fate only)
13:  Portland, ME @ State Theater
14:   Montreal @ M-Telus aka Metropolis
17:  Quebec City, QC @ Grand Theater
18:  Rochester, NY @ Main Street Armory
19:  Detroit, MI @ Fillmore
21:  Cleveland, OH @ The Agora
22:  Indianapolis, IN @ Egyptian Room
24:  Louisville, KY @ Mercury Ballroom
26:  Clive, IA @ 7 Flags Event Center
27:  Sioux Falls, SD @ The District
29:  Winnipeg, MB @ The Burton Cummings
01:  Regina, SK @ Conexus Arts Centre
02:  Calgary, AB @ Grey Eagle Showroom
04:  Seattle, WA @ Showbox SoDo
05:  Portland, OR @ Roseland
07:  Fresno, CA @ Woodward Park Amp
09:   Albuquerque, NM @ El Rey Theater
11:  Tulsa, OK @ Brady Theater (Escape The Fate only)
12:  Houston, TX  @ Revention (Escape The Fate only)
13:   Corpus Christi, TX @ Concrete Street Pavilion (Escape The Fate only)

see www.paparoach.com for more

Wednesday, Nov 08, 2017

Love me some Lars Ulrich!  The man is a machine.   And a genius!  Blabbermouth and The Pulse Of Radio reporting the Metallica drummer addressed the wave of sexual assault allegations against Harvey Weinstein, saying the disgraced Hollywood producer’s case is being used as a valuable starting point for vitally important discussions about Hollywood’s “casting couch” culture, wilful silence in the face of sexual harassment and sexual predators in the working environment.

During an interview this past Sunday (Nov 5th) at the 92Y (92nd Street YMCA) cultural center in New York City, Ulrich was asked if he thought the music business will also face a reckoning similar to that which has occurred in the film industry and dragged down studio executives, producers, actors and talent agents. Ulrich answered, “Everywhere is gonna have a reckoning, and I think the great thing is that we’re in the first inning of this, and, obviously, it’s long overdue.”  He added, “I think that it’s a great, great thing that everybody is standing up and that everybody, no matter what gender they are, feels safe in talking about their experiences and that, as a victim in any kind of situation, that you don’t feel that you have to carry it yourself, that you have a platform and that you can feel safe in there.”

But Ulrich also warned, “There will be a point somewhere down the line where somebody’s life is gonna get changed because of a potentially false accusation. And when that happens, I hope that we can find ways to, sort of, navigate as a society, media just through that, and hopefully that we make the best choices.”

Weinstein’s career was brought to a halt after scores of women in the entertainment industry — including Gwyneth Paltrow and Angelina Jolie – accused him of varying degrees of sexual misconduct over the years, ranging from harassment to outright rape.

Other film industry figures who have been accused of sexual assault or harassment include director James Toback and actor Kevin Spacey. In the world of music, major accusations have emerged so far against former Marilyn Manson bassist Jeordie White and Nashville publicist Kirt Webster (Kid Rock recently fired him), although it seems inevitable that more will come.


Oh you go, Foos!  Foo Fighters resumed the North American leg of their 2017 Concrete And Gold world tour last night (Nov 7th)  in Madison, WI as ticket sales for the trek fast approached 750,000 in North America alone. The tour kicked off on Oct 7th in front of 30,000 fans at the group’s own Cal Jam 17 and has since played to full houses in Washington, D.C., Richmond, Virginia, Greensboro, NC, Cincinnati and more, with upcoming shows in Houston, Dallas, Tampa, Philadelphia, Toronto and New York sold out well in advance.

Frontman Dave Grohl told us a while back that he’s been thrilled with each stage of the band’s growth as a live attraction: The first tour we did, we were playing to maybe, I don’t know, 500 people a night or something like that, you know. And then that turned into doing theatres and so you get to that stage where you’re playing to 1,200 people and you’re like, ‘Man, I could do this for the rest of my life, this is great.’ And then you get to the point where you’re playing to like 5,000 people a night, and then you start selling out arenas and you’re like, ‘God, I can’t believe that we’ve gotten to this point.’ And then you start selling out stadiums, and it just keeps on getting better, you know.

The 2017 leg of the Concrete And Gold tour winds down o New Year’s Eve (Dec 31st) at the Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas.  The tour’s North American run resumes Apr 18th in Austin, TX and will continue through the summer, including a Jul 29th return to Chicago’s Wrigley Field and a two-night stand at Boston’s Fenway Park.

Concrete And Gold is the Foos’ ninth studio album and debuted at Number One on the Billboard 200 album chart the week of Sep 15-21.

Maynard and his fur baby, Miho. They are inseparable on the road!

A Perfect Circle frontman Maynard James Keenan has issued a brief response to fans following reports that more than 60 concertgoers were ejected from an APC show over the weekend for taking photos in violation of the band’s stated policy. After a fan complained about the policy on Instagram, Keenan wrote, “No. Recording. Of. Any. Kind. For. 25. Years. Guided experience. Unplug and enjoy the ride.”

Keenan has also enacted a strict ban on photos with his other groups, Tool  and  Puscifer, but it got renewed scrutiny after the ejections that took place at A Perfect Circle’s show on Saturday night (Nov 4th) in Reading, PA.

As reported yesterday, David Farrar, the General Manager of the Santander Arena & Performing Arts Center where the band performed, said on Instagram after a fan revealed he had snapped some photos, “We tossed over 60 people last night for taking pics.” He later added, “This was 110 percent the band’s policy and has been for Tool, APC, and Puscifer . . . it’s not a new policy.”

Stops on the current APC tour have featured printed warning signs posted around the venue, security guards announcing the policy and a video message displayed on the venue’s video screens.

A Perfect Circle,  with openers Beta Machine, continues its fall tour tonight (Nov 8th) in Lowell, MA, just north of Boston, at the Agganis Arena. The band has been playing several new tracks on the road and recently issued a single called “The Doomed.” A new studio album is expected out in early 2018.

AVENGED SEVENFOLD Got 'Unbelievably Lucky' With Drummer BROOKS WACKERMAN

Blabbermouth  reporting Brooks Wackerman says his current stint as the drummer in Avenged Sevenfold is “very fulfilling,” and  he “couldn’t ask for a better gig to express” himself.

In 2015, Wackerman officially replaced Arin Ilejay, who was the group’s first full-time drummer after the death of founding member Jimmy “The Rev” Sullivan in 2009.

During an Oct 19th event at the Grammy Museum in Los Angeles, Wackerman said A7X‘s musical diversity was one of the things that initially drew him to the band.

Growing up in a musical family where I was exposed to jazz, reggae, rock, metal, I really gravitated toward what these guys were doing,” he said. “I appreciated the musicality and just where they would go. The deeper I went into their catalog, the more appreciative I became, because I was very familiar with the band, but once I started doing my homework, I’m like, ‘Okay, wow, I want to be a part of this.’ As a drummer, you couldn’t ask for a better gig to express yourself. Everything that I studied growing up, I’m now able to apply in this band, which is very fulfilling as a musician.

Asked if he feels like part of the band, Brooks responded: “Yes. Not only they were trying to find a drummer, but also a songwriter as well, which was another attraction. And just how democratic this band is. I mean, I’ve worked with amazing songwriters and musicians in my past, but never have I been part of an alliance like this where everyone has your back, and [is] just very encouraging. We would do take after take on [the band's latest album] The Stage, and Matt [singer M. Shadows] or Brian [guitarist Synyster Gates] would say, You know, let’s think outside the box. Do something better. You can do better.’ I’ve never been pushed that way before, and that was amazing.”

Gates also praised Wackerman’s contributions, saying: “It’s incredible — it’s so multi-dimensional, what involves ‘success’ in a band. It’s not just being able to write a successful song for that point in time, or that place in time; it’s not about just getting along; it’s about making the right decisions; it’s about family, it’s extended family — we love his wife and his twin boys. Everybody gets along; it’s truly a family. We really did get unbelievably lucky.

You can say everything has to be perfect across the board, but it never really works out that way, and it actually did for us, so we really lucked out,” he continued. “There’s proof of concept on the record — I mean, what this fucking guy does, from actual pace to the type of groove he’s going to lay down. It’s not just about playing fast and fucking crazy; it’s about complementing the song; it’s about playing the classic Ringo Starr orchestral approach to playing, as well as well as being able to fucking go off when the energy calls for it, and the man can do that and more.”

M. Shadows concurred, saying: “We were very aware of his past records, and we would watch him every day on Warped Tour when we were on the ‘Kevin Says’ stage and Bad Relgion was playing. We were so excited that Bad Religion had picked up Brooks, because we were big fans of his Infectious Grooves records.

When we made the decision that we needed to move on from Arin, our previous drummer, we had a long talk about it, because we knew it would be hard on the fans, and you know how that kind of stuff goes out into the world: ‘Oh, they can’t keep a drummer; they must be impossible to deal with.’ But we just knew musically it was the right choice. And we’d known him for a long time in passing — through bands, and seeing him at shows — and we knew that the palette he was going to be able to pull from, everything he had grown up doing, we knew we wanted. And we knew that if we brought him in the band, and he wanted to be in the band, that we weren’t going to bring him in and tell him what to do. It was going to be more like, ‘Hey, are we excited about doing something crazy? Let’s do something crazy.’ He was there every day writing with us, and yeah, we were pushing him, because we wanted him to know, like, ‘Do what you do. Be Brooks Wackerman. Be the greatest drummer that we feel [he is] on the planet.’ He’s an amazing drummer; he’s an amazing person; an amazing songwriter. So, we made the right choice. Maybe it was lucky, but it took a long time for us to finally pull the trigger and do it, but [we are] so glad we did.”

Avenged Sevenfold will release a “deluxe edition” of The Stage  on Dec 15. The band’s 2018 North American arena headlining tour will kick off Jan 12 at the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville with special guests Breaking Benjamin and Bullet For My Valentine. The trek will be North America’s introduction to the electrifying “Stage” spectacle that drew rave reviews in Europe.

Happy 32nd to Jack Osbourne!  God, I remember when he was just a 12 year old boy at the 1997 Ozzfest!

Tuesday, Nov 07, 2017

It’s Election Day  for those of you who are conscious Americans who want something better from the government!  Get out and cast a ballot  and stop whining!

He’s baaacccckkkk with a BANG!  MetalSucks and The Pulse Of Radio report Marilyn Manson returned to the stage on Sunday night (Nov 5th) for the first time since a stage prop fell on him during a Sep 30th show in New York City, breaking his leg in two places. The wheelchair-bound shock rocker‘s Sunday performance at Ozzfest Meets Knotfest in San Bernardino, CA immediately created controversy when Manson pointed a fake assault rifle at the crowd, just hours after a lone 26-year-old man went on a shooting rampage at a church in Sutherland Springs, TX, killing 26 people and wounding at least 20 more.

Manson issued a statement on Monday (Nov 6th) defending his actions, writing, “In an era where mass shootings have become a nearly daily occurrence this was an act of theatre in an attempt to make a statement about how easily accessible semi-automatic weapons are and how seeing them has become normalized.”  He continued, “My art has always been a reaction to popular culture and my way to make people think about the horrible things that happen in this world. My performance was not meant to be disrespectful or show any insensitivity. The prop microphone I used on stage was handed to me with the approval of a police officer. My empathy goes out to anyone who has been affected by the irresponsible and reprehensible misuse of REAL guns.”

San Bernardino itself was the site of a terrorist attack in 2015, when a radicalized married couple inspired by foreign terrorist organizations went on a killing spree that left 14 dead.

Manson also introduced his new bassist on Sunday night, with former Mars Volta member Juan Alderete taking over the spot recently vacated by Twiggy Ramirez. The latter, whose real name is Jeordie White, was dismissed by Manson last month after a former girlfriend accused White of raping and abusing her when they were dating.  Manson, who’s touring behind his 10th studio album Heaven Upside Down, begins a European tour next week.  Trying to get Mr Manson on the hotLine with Lou Brutus before he crosses the pond.  Stay tuned!

The boys doing good!

Metallica sent an email yesterday letting us know their performance at this Thursday’s (Nov 9th) Band Together Bay Area benefit concert will be streamed live on Metallica.com, the band’s YouTube  channel and the group’s Facebook page. The show will also be available on Twitter in the U.S. via @tippingpoint and a special Band Together account as well.

The group will perform a 75-minute set to close out a night that will also feature appearances from Dave MatthewsG-EazyRancidDead & Company and Raphael Saadiq. 100 percent of the ticket price will go to relief efforts following the devastating wildfires that wreaked havoc in Northern California last month.

Fans who wish to make contributions can do so by clicking the “donate” button on the livestream or texting “TOGETHER” to 20222.  Metallica said in a statement, “We are so proud to be a part of Band Together Bay Area and we hope you can join us this Thursday in assisting our friends and neighbors who have lost so much. All funds from ticket sales will benefit Tipping Point Community, who have set up an Emergency Relief Fund for low-income, vulnerable communities impacted by the crisis, including vineyard workers, immigrants, displaced young people, and students.”

Metallica will also be making a donation to Tipping Point through its All Within My Hands Foundation. Good on ya, fellas!

Meanwhile, Metallica is streaming rare video footage of the band performing “Master Of Puppets” at the Roskilde Festival in Roskilde, Denmark on Jul 6th, 1986. The clip is taken from the remastered deluxe box set of Master Of Puppets, available everywhere on November 10th via Blackened Recordings. If you are a hardDriveRadio Radical, then you can sign up to win a copy of the remastered set and a grand prize of the deluxe package now!  Get on over to the home page to register if not!   And good luck!  (Thanks to Blackened Recordings and Metallica!)

Watch out! Maynard has his eye on you! (Photo: BrooklynVegan)

Oh boy!  More than 60 people were forcibly removed from A Perfect Circle‘s show on Saturday night (Nov 4th) in Reading, PA, according to David Farrar, the General Manager of the Santander Arena & Performing Arts Center where the band performed. The concertgoers were ejected for taking pictures during the band’s set in violation of A Perfect Circle’s super-strict “no photos” policy.

Farrar revealed the number of ejections on Instagram when he commented on one fan claiming that he successfully snapped a few photos. Farrar remarked, “Your [sic] good. We tossed over 60 people last night for taking pics.” He later added, “This was 110 percent the band’s policy and has been for Tool, APC, and Puscifer . . . it’s not a new policy.”

The policy seems to have originated with singer Maynard James Keenan, who fronts all three bands and usually performs either in disguise or in a shadowy area at the rear of the stage.  MetalSucks reported that every show on A Perfect Circle’s current North American arena tour has enforced a strict “no photos and videos” policy, with ejection from the venue threatened as punishment.

A show last week in Brooklyn featured printed warning signs posted around the venue, a security guard outside shouting the policy into a megaphone and a video message from the band displayed on all the venue’s video screens.  The policy, while not new, still comes at a time when a number of artists, including members  of DisturbedSlipknot and Red Hot Chili Peppers, have spoken out against fans recording shows with their smartphones.

Keenan told us in the past that he’s not fond of musicians being treated like celebrities: There’s this kind of idol situation that’s been set up. I think it’s out of proportion with what’s real. It’s hyped up by damaged musicians who need some kind of acknowledgement and need to fill that empty hole for attention, for recognition. I would like to see it get to the point where it’s just people enjoying music for music’s sake.

A Perfect Circle continues its fall tour tonight (Nov 7th) in Camden, NJ. The band has been playing several new tracks on the road and recently issued a single called “The Doomed.” A new studio album is expected out in early 2018.  (Thanks The Pulse Of Radio and MetalSucks.)

NICKELBACK Announces Las Vegas Residency

After a nearly seven-year absence from Las Vegas, multi-platinum, chart-topping rock band Nickelback is returning to Sin City in February 2018 for an impressive five-night run at The Joint at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino. Monster Truck will open all five shows. The limited run is made even more special with the announcement that these shows will be Nickelback‘s only North American dates scheduled in 2018.

The Las Vegas shows are scheduled for Feb 23, 24, 27 and March 2 and 3, 2018. Tickets go on sale to the public this Friday, Nov 10 at 10 a.m. PT. (Thanks Blabbermouth.)

And finally today, our pal Corey Taylor will guest on the new album from Tonight AliveThe Slipknot and Stone Sour frontman will appear on “My Underworld,” the final song of the Australian rockers’ fourth album, Underworld, which will be released on January 12 via Hopeless Records. Also guesting on the disc is PVRIS frontwoman Lyn Gunn, who contributes her vocals to the track “I Disappear”. (Blabbermouth)

Dunno about you, but I, for one, am excited about Justice League coming out next Friday!

Happy 49th today to former Mudvayne and HellYeah guitarist Greg Tribbett.  Happy 46th to Robin Finck, NIN and G’NR.

weekEnd Nov 04-05, 2017


Hour 1

hardDrive Double Dose:  AVENGED SEVENFOLD
“Wish You Were Here” & “Bat Country”
Plugged In:  DOROTHY “Down To The Bottom”
HELLYEAH “Love Falls”
SEETHER “Betray And Degrade”
ROYAL BLOOD  “I Only Lie When I Love You”
Guest: 10 YEARS “Novacaine”
FOO FIGHTERS “The Sky Is A Neighborhood”
SKILLET “The Resistance”

Hour 2

STONE SOUR “Rose Red, Violent Blue”
Guest:  NOTHING MORE “Go To War”
POP EVIL “Waking Lions”
Guest:  KORN “Black Is The Soul”
RED “Still Alive”
What’s In Lou’s MP3 Player?  AVATAR “A Statue Of The King”

Week Nov 06-10, 2017

FOO FIGHTERS “The Sky Is A Neighborhood”
FOZZY “Judas”
HELLYEAH “Love Falls”
KORN “Black Is The Soul”
PAPA ROACH “American Dreams”
SEETHER “Betray And Degrade”

10 YEARS “Novacaine”
ROYAL BLOOD “I Only Lie When I Love You”
STARSET “Satellite”
STONE SOUR “Rose Red Violent Blue”

ALL THAT REMAINS “The Thunder Rolls”
DED “Remember The Enemy”
DOROTHY “Down To The Bottom”
I PREVAIL “Lifelines-ADD
POP EVIL “Waking Lions”
SKILLET “The Resistance”
TRIVIUM “The Heart From Your Hate”

Monday, Nov 06, 2017

Did you see that Beaver Moon over the weekend? (That’s what the Nov 4th full moon is called, I didn’t name it.)  It was so awesome, right?  And this shot has a particular significance for all the victims of the Sutherland Springs, TX  shooting yesterday.  These awful events are just starting to make us feel numb.

Speaking of feeling numb,  Linkin Park co-vocalist Mike Shinoda has shared more memories of late lead singer Chester Bennington in an interview with Kerrang!, going as far as to compare Bennington to legendary frontmen like Queen‘s Freddie MercuryMetallica‘s James Hetfield and Depeche Mode‘s Dave Gahan.

Shinoda explained, “He was inspired by a wide range of singers at different points in his life, people like Dave Gahan, James Hetfield and Freddie Mercury. I would occasionally remind him that he was in that category, but he never agreed with me. He never acknowledged that he was, but in the past few months, dozens of artists have reached out publicly and privately to let us know what an inspiration Chester and the band have been. We’re just so very grateful.

Shinoda added Bennington was humble about his own talent, saying, “It was funny, because he was the kind of guy that when you would compliment his voice, especially early on, he would look away. He would deny it, or he would make a self-deprecating comment.

Shinoda also recalled a moment when the band was recording its debut album, 2000′s Hybrid Theory, and a record label exec suggested privately to Bennington he take over the band and fire Shinoda. Bennington informed the rest of the group after the meeting that he told the exec to “go f**k himself.”  Shinoda continued, “A lot of people would have been tempted! We had nothing. We had a record deal that hinged entirely on whether or not our A&R liked the album we were making, and he just told the guy to go f**k himself.”

Linkin Park has not officially announced whether the band will carry on without Bennington, who took his own life on Jul 20th.  (Thanks The Pulse Of Radio and NME.)

In another related story, Linkin Park has released an interview the band filmed roughly two months before Chester Bennington took his own life, in which they discuss their non-profit work with charities. The band issued a statement accompanying the video about the new One More Light Fund, saying, “The One More Light Fund supports Chester‘s favorite Music for Relief program by bringing solar suitcases — solar electricity kits — to hospitals and health clinics without electricity. The fund will also shine a light on mental health; supporting individuals and families coping with mental and emotional struggles.”

In a related story, Korn frontman Jonathan Davis has also paid tribute to Chester Bennington, saying in a new interview with Kerrang! he “loved” the late Linkin Park singer. Davis explained, “I understand depression and everything (Bennington) was going through. It’s always the seemingly happy, sweetest ones that are hurting the most. It’s a terrible disease that can make things feel unbearable. When I found out what had happened, I didn’t even have the words.”

Davis added, “I loved his smile. I always looked forward to seeing him. If we were playing at a festival together, he’d make a point to come and find me, which I always appreciated. Chester’s was an amazing journey to watch. I loved that kid.”

As we know, Bennington died on Jul 20th after committing suicide at the age of 41. He had been open with the press and public about his struggles with depression, drugs and alcohol, which landed him in rehab twice around 2006.

Davis has been equally open about his own battles with depression and even said that the title of Korn’s last album, The Serenity Of Suffering, he told hardDriveRadioI feel like sometimes I’m in that place so much, I feel serenity when I’m there. That’s where I feel comfortable, when I’m down. And I think people who have ever battled depression and stuff like that, it’s not enjoyable, but that kind of feeling you can relate to.

Davis was one of a number of artists who joined Linkin Park onstage to pay tribute to Bennington with an emotional three-hour show on Oct 27th at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles.

Rock Feed reporting via The Pulse Of RadioFive Finger Death Punch guitarist   Zoltan Bathory is getting into the management business: he’s started handling the career of a new group called Bad Wolves who have just signed to Eleven Seven Music, home of acts like Papa Roach and Hellyeah. Bathory said about the band, “I knew these guys for many years from their previous bands so I knew they were all exceptional musicians, but when they formed Bad Wolves and played me the first few songs I thought . . . there is fire here, this one has the magical combination. Hard work and persistence always outstrip talent, and these guys have both.

Bad Wolves’ lead vocalist is Tommy Vext, who filled in for Five Finger Death Punch frontman Ivan Moody at several shows in the past year while Moody was dealing with alcohol and substance abuse issues.

Five Finger Death Punch has confirmed a Dec1st release date for its greatest hits collection, A Decade Of Destruction, and has released one of two new tracks included on the album, a song called “Trouble.” The hits collection and an already completed new studio album are part of a deal to settle a legal dispute and close out the band’s contract with its label, Prospect Park. The new studio LP will be released in spring 2018. The band is currently on a European arena tour with In Flames and Of Mice & Men.

The Pulse Of Radio says Deftones bassist Sergio Vega has gotten involved in the efforts to bring more aid to Puerto Rico following the devastation left behind there by Hurricane Maria. Six weeks after the storm hit on Sep 20th, there is still no adequate drinking water or electricity on the island, and thousands have fled, perhaps never to return.

In a video shared by Revolver, Vega says, “I’m personally impacted by this because I have family there, I have a place there, I have friends there, and even if I wasn’t, it’s a humanitarian crisis that needs to be addressed.” He continues, “There’s been minimal coverage of the actual extent of the devastation there, there’s been minimal aid from the federal government and that’s something that needs to change as soon as possible.”

Vega adds, “There’s a real lack of fresh water — people don’t have anything to drink. People don’t have electricity. There are elderly people in buildings that are trapped in their apartments because the elevators don’t work. There are hospitals operating in the dark. And people like us can do something.”

Only 30 percent of the island’s 3.4 million residents have had their power restored, and rebuilding efforts are still woefully far behind.  Deftones are starting to plan the writing sessions for their ninth studio album, which will follow up 2016′s Gore.

Ozzy Osbourne has announced his final world tour via  a press release sent out this morning after five decades.  18,262 days.   More than 2,500 shows. That’s a lot of shows!  

On his upcoming farewell world tour, the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductee and Grammy® winning singer and songwriter–will celebrate more than five decades as a performer (both as a solo artist and as lead singer of Black Sabbath which formed in 1968).  This tour, expected to take Ozzy around the world with dates into 2020, will mark the end of global touring for the legendary artist, though he will continue to perform select live shows.

People keep asking me when I’m retiring,” Ozzy says.  ”This will be my final world tour, but I can’t say I won’t do some shows here and there.”

The tour will kick off in 2018 with a show in Mexico, before heading to South America for solo shows in three countries.  Next up, a six-week European leg of headlining solo dates and festival performances that’s set to launch Friday, Jun 1, 2018 in Moscow, Russia  The beloved rock icon will subsequently headline a North American concert tour produced by Live Nation, details of which will be revealed in 2018.

For these dates, Ozzy will be joined by longtime collaborators Zakk Wylde (Guitar), Blasko (Bass), Tommy Clufetos (Drums) and Adam Wakeman (Keyboards).  See Road Rage for all the dates announced so far.

Finally today, speaking of Ozzy, WELCOME TO ROCKVILLE  in Jacksonville, FL has been announced for April 27-29.  The line up is sick!

Friday, April 27: Ozzy Osbourne, Godsmack, Five Finger Death Punch, Halestorm, The Used, Parkway Drive, Underoath, Trivium, Atreyu, Power Trip, Texas Hippie Coalition, ‘68, Palisades, While She Sleeps, Bad Wolves, Them Evils

Saturday, April 28: Avenged Sevenfold, Stone Sour, Breaking Benjamin, ??? (to be announced), Hollywood Undead, Killswitch Engage, Black Veil Brides, Asking Alexandria, Sevendust, Pop Evil, Andrew W.K., Avatar, Butcher Babies, Red Sun Rising, Joyous Wolf, Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown, Stick To Your Guns, Palaye Royale, The Wild!

Sunday, April 29: Foo Fighters, Queens of the Stone Age, Billy Idol, Clutch, Bullet For My Valentine, Thrice, Greta Van Fleet, Baroness, Quicksand, Red Fang, The Sword, The Bronx, Turnstile, The Fever, Black Foxxes, Fireball Ministry, Spirit Animal

Monster Energy Welcome To Rockville tickets, VIP packages, as well as hotel and camping options are on sale now at www.WelcomeToRockvilleFestival.com.

Happy 53 to Corey Glover of Living Colour!  Check out their latest album, Shade, out now!