weekEnd Aug 27-28, 2016

Rock Is Very Bad at Being Dead!

Hour 1

hardDrive Double Dose:  VOLBEAT
“Seal The Deal” & “The Devil’s Bleeding Crown”
Plugged In:  ISLANDER “Bad Guy”
PROPHETS OF RAGE “The Prophets of Rage”
CITIZEN ZERO “Go (Let Me Save You)”
OF MICE & MEN “Real”
Guest:  RED SUN RISING “Amnesia”
HELLYEAH “I Don’t Care Anymore”
SKILLET “Feel Invincible”

Hour 2

CHEVELLE “Joyride”
KING CITY “Neurotic”
Guest:  A DAY TO REMEMBER “Bullfight”
POP EVIL “Take It All”
DEFTONES “Phantom Bride”
Guest:  KORN “Rotting In Vain”
ALTER BRIDGE “Show Me A Leader”
AVATAR “The Eagle Has Landed”
Guest:  GREEN DAY “Bang Bang”
What’s In Lou’s MP3 Player?  ONE LESS REASON “Break Me”

Week of Aug 29-Sep 02, 2016

3 DOORS DOWN “Still Alive”
DEFTONES “Phantom Bride”
DISTURBED  “Open Your Eyes”
KORN “Rotting In Vain”
POP EVIL “Take It All”
PROPHETS OF RAGE “The Prophets of Rage”

AVATAR “The Eagle Has Landed”
HELLYEAH  “I Don’t Care Anymore”
SKILLET  “Feel Invincible”
VOLBEAT “Seal The Deal”


ALTER BRIDGE “Show Me A Leader”
CITIZEN ZERO “Go (Let Me Save You)”
FROM ASHES TO NEW “Lost And Alone”
OF MICE & MEN “Real”
THRICE “Black Honey”

Monday, Aug 29

Big day today!  I start it out with my annual physical. Always fun!

Fieldy, JD, Head, Ray and Munky

But I end it with an in-studio appearance from Jonathan Davis and Fieldy from KoЯn! My favs! Oh yeah!  Spent part of the weekend listening to their new album, The Serenity of Suffering, and man, KoЯn fans are going to be so freaking happy with this Nick Raskulinecz produced 12th record. More on that tomorrow!

Meanwhile, according to The Pulse Of Radio,  guitarists Head and Munky spoke with Alternative Press, saying they are interested in touring with some of the younger, up-and-coming bands on the heavy rock scene. Welch said, “I would love like to do something next year . . . in the next couple years, doing tours just that we haven’t done. Maybe with some of these other younger bands, like A Day To Remember or something like that, you know? Of Mice & Men . . . I would love to just bring the generations together.

Shaffer added, “I love almost every record from Bring Me The Horizon and to see their evolution and how they — their early stuff is so heavy but where they’re headed is just so fresh and new, I’m a big fan of that band.”

Welch agreed with Shaffer, saying, “When we get all gray-haired and stuff and we just kind of play less or whatever or hang it up one day, when I think of a band or bands that can take that slot and headline, Bring Me The Horizon is Number One for me.”

We asked Welch a while back to tell us the most important thing he would advise young musicians about being in a rock band:  You’ve got to get it in your head and your heart right now that you being this musician, it’s not for you. It’s for the fans. If you want to go out there and play onstage for a living, you are giving your life for your fans. And it’s not about them worshiping you, it’s about you giving a gift to them that they can appreciate. And once you make it about you, you’re gonna start to shake and you’re gonna break down and fall.

Korn’s new album, The Serenity Of Suffering, is set to arrive on Oct 21st. The first single, “Rotting In Vain,” has just cracked the Top 10 at rock radio.  The follow-up to 2013′s The Paradigm Shift features a guest appearance by Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor on the song “A Different World.”  Korn’s current co-headlining tour with Rob Zombie winds down on Sep 3rd in Bristow, VA. Korn will then hit the road with Breaking Benjamin, starting Sep 24th in Fargo, ND.


News from The Pulse Of Radio!  Well, last week we told you about this idea from Corey Taylor about the band performing ONE of it’s albums in its entirety in the near future and now it’s revealed! Slipknot will perform its 2001 album Iowa in its entirety at Ozzfest Meets Knotfest on Sunday, Sep 25th at San Manuel Amphitheater in San Bernardino, CA. The band said in a statement, ”15 years ago, something quite extraordinary happened. Nine men from Iowa went in to a studio in California and created one of the most chaotic and destructive albums ever made. It was, and still is, a shockingly physical and ferocious recording. To this day, it has never been performed in its entirety. That is about to change.”

The statement added that on Sep 25th, “30,000 people will experience an event that has NEVER been done before. It will be a dense and serious spectacle, both visually and sonically. But you’ll be able to say ‘you were there.’ So… Will you be there?

Iowa came out in August 2001 and followed up Slipknot’s double-platinum 1999 major label debut.

Still considered their heaviest and darkest effort to date, the disc was made during a difficult period in the band’s career. Percussionist Shawn “Clown” Crahan told us the chaos surrounding Iowa is what made it so intense: The whole thing, from the beginning — it wasn’t a disaster, it was exactly what we wanted to do. It’s where we all wanted to be. We all made a conscious decision to dive headfirst into this thought process known as Iowa, and it was a very painful, disgusting, evil, angry, hateful, self-indulgent monster.

Iowa has sold more than one million copies and featured the songs “Left Behind,” “The Heretic Anthem,” “My Plague,” “Disasterpiece” and others.  Singer Corey Taylor  told Metal Hammer about the album, “Our whole goal was to go in and make this dense, destructive album. We had no idea how destructive it was going to be. You can hear the bile in it, you can hear the frenetic passion for what we were trying to do.

Ozzfest Meets Knotfest is a combination of the two heavy rock events that will take place on Saturday, Sep 24th and Sunday, Sep 25th. Black Sabbath will top the Ozzfest bill on the 24th, while Slipknot will lead the Knotfest lineup the next day. Other bands appearing over the weekend include DisturbedTriviumSlayer,  AnthraxSuicide Silence and many more.

Other things to know about this album:

Iowa was named after Slipknot’s home state.  Two songs from Iowa, “Left Behind” and “My Plague,” were nominated for Grammy Awards.  The album was the first to extensively feature guitarist Jim Root, who joined very late in the recording of the band’s 1999 debut. Corey Taylor told FHM in Dec 2001 that while recording the vocals for the title track, he was naked, vomiting on himself and cutting himself with broken glass. (Yeck! Those were the dark times of his life. Thankfully, he is well over those days!)

Kirk, Lars, Robert, James    Sharped Dressed Men

The Pulse Of Radio  reporting Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich said in a new interview with StarTribune.com the songs on the band’s upcoming album, Hardwired…To Self-Destruct, are “a little leaner and shorter than the last go-round.” Ulrich explained, “I don’t know if I have enough distance from it yet to really describe or explain it . .. I’m pretty f**king sure it sounds like Metallica. The songs are probably a little leaner and shorter than the last go-around, and slightly less progressive. They’re more one-dimensional, meaning each song really just has one individual mood instead of having many moods within one song. And I can tell you, it feels pretty damn good to have this new music and to be getting it out there.”

Frontman James Hetfield told us the band strives to have a mix of material on every album, including this one: Making any record, you’re trying to get a broad paintstroke of everything that the band is capable of and loves to do. So between the ballady stuff, the extremely fast and extreme stuff, and super-heavy…there’s a bit of everything on this record.

Hardwired…To Self-Destruct will be released on Nov 18th. The first single from Hardwired…, simply titled “Hardwired,” is out now. The album will be issued on double CD, vinyl and digital download. A deluxe version will feature a bonus disc containing the riffs that formed the origins of the album along with “The Lords Of Summer,” which the band debuted on tour a couple of years ago.

Metallica has one upcoming show on its calendar: the band will perform at Neil Young‘s 30th anniversary Bridge School Benefit concert, set to take place on Oct 22nd and 23rd at at the Shoreline Amphitheater in Mountain View, CA, but will make an appearance at the Global Citizen festival here in NYC’s Central Park on Sep 24th.

OK, gotta go.   Much more tomorrow!


Friday, Aug 26

Good morning.   Man, we came home to a dead mouse in a trap in our basement.  BF put it in a shopping bag and threw it outside, planning to dispose of it properly in the trash barrel.  We get up this morning, the mouse and trap are gone.  The bag is still there.  Wonder what came in the night to take it away, so neatly?

OK, on to the news at hand…..



Lemmy immortalized in bronze at the ‘Bow (photo credit: Blabbermouth)

So meanwhile, out in LA, Blabbermouth reports a statute of Ian “Lemmy” Kilmister was unveiled Wednesday night, Aug 24 in front of the late MOTÖRHEAD frontman’s favorite haunt, the legendary Rainbow Bar & Grill on Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood, CA.

Los Angeles-based artist Travis Moore was selected to create a realistic depiction of Lemmy for the life-size cast bronze statue, which stands at just over six feet tall and will be permanently housed in a special shrine that was constructed in the patio bar area at the Rainbow.

A native of Texas, Travis did his part for free, but there were considerable costs associated with the actual process that ultimately made the statute a reality. A funding campaign was launched by Katon De Pena from classic underground thrash-metal band Hirax, who raised about $23,000 to support the building of the statue.

Moore told Loudwire he and the team behind the campaign tried to find an image that typified Lemmy to base the statue on. “I know they were searching for that hat-coat combo,” he said. “Photographer Robert John had taken so many good pictures of him and I think that was about the time that they were at the Grammys and ‘Ace Of Spades’ was re-charting. There was really a resurgence for him and you can see that it was a happy time and he looks healthy and good.  We just wanted to stay away from portraying him in a way that wouldn’t be proper, and he needed to be rocking, a tough-looking dude with a full face and that was the idea. There was initially some debate about would he be with a guitar? Would he be sitting at the bar? Would he have a bottle of booze? There were a lot of different options, and coincidentally, even the photo that Robert took, he’s standing there smoking a cigarette. We took that out, more of a liability reason, because someone could break that joker off or get caught on that. We don’t need lawsuits or anyone injured or definitely have the statue damaged on top of anything else. But there was a lot of consideration that went into this thing and everyone involved, their number one focus was honoring Lemmy.”

Moore told Sky News about twenty people worked on the statue and it took around five months to build. “I think it looks a lot like him. It’s a compelling image,” he said. “I think it will offer some closure. I think Lemmy is finally home.”

MOTÖRHEAD manager Todd Singerman told LA Weekly he never interfered in Moore’s design process. “This is for the fans. Nothing corporate,” he said. “Not the label, nothing. This is a fan thing and we tried to stay out of the way.” He added that there are plans to expand the tribute with a “Lemmy Lounge,” which will temporarily live at the Rainbow and possibly become the actual bar inside a separate “Motörhead Bar & Grille,” which Singerman said he’s working on, along with a major Lemmy tribute concert and a MOTÖRHEAD museum that will house some of Lemmy’s musical and military memorabilia.

Lemmy passed away at his home in Los Angeles on Dec 28, 2015, only four days after his 70th birthday. A memorial in his honor was held on Jan 9 at the Rainbow Bar & Grill, and it extended across much of the Sunset Strip.  See more here.


HardWired indeed

Blabbermouth also reports Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich spoke to  StarTribune.com  about the band’s tenth studio album, Hardwired…To Self-Destruct, which will be released on Nov 18 via the band’s Blackened Recordings. Regarding the musical direction of the long-awaited follow-up to 2008′s Death Magnetic, Ulrich said: “I don’t know if I have enough distance from it yet to really describe or explain it. Greg                [Fidelman, producer] is back home mixing it as we speak. We’re mastering it starting on Monday. Here’s what I can tell you: I’m pretty [bleeping] sure it sounds like Metallica. The songs are probably a little leaner and shorter than the last go-around, and slightly less progressive. They’re more one-dimensional, meaning each song really just has one individual mood instead of having many moods within one song. And I can tell you, it feels pretty damn good to have this new music and to be getting it out there.”

Asked about the long wait between albums and tours, Lars said: “There’s just been a lot of other stuff going on. Metallica has always been active. Since we started making ’Death Magnetic’, it’s coming up on ten years of steadily working. The last time we took a break was after San Diego in 2004. We started up songwriting for ’Death Magnetic’ in 2005, then we toured it for three years. We spent about a year on ’Lulu’, about two years on the ’Through The Never’ movie and soundtrack. We’ve been playing all the great festivals around the world and hitting some really amazing places like China, Malaysia and Indonesia. Really, we haven’t sat still in almost 10 years.”

Hardwired…To Self-Destruct was produced by Fidelman with frontman James Hetfield and Ulrich. The band recorded the disc at its own studio. The album will be issued on double CD, vinyl and digital download. A deluxe version will feature a bonus disc containing the riffs that formed the origins of the album along with The Lords Of Summer, which the band debuted on tour a couple of years ago.

How about more Metallica news?  Ok, so also from Blabbermouth:
“Metallica: Back To The Front,” the definitive story of Metallica‘s classic 1986 album Master Of Puppets and the tour that followed its release, hits bookstores and online sellers on September 13. A very special Collector’s Edition of the book will be available two weeks earlier on August 30 through  Metallica.com  and  MoonriseMedia.net.

A new two-minute clip in which the members of METALLICA discuss what the album meant to their careers and to reflect on their original bassist, Cliff Burton, who died while on tour promoting the LP, can be seen below.

“Metallica: Back To The Front” includes an extensive interview with Ray Burton, father of late Metallica bassist Cliff Burton, who tragically died in a September 1986 bus accident during the European leg of the Damage Inc. trek.

A one-minute video clip in which Ray Burton can be seen flipping through his copy of “Metallica: Back To The Front” can be seen below.

Says Metalllica: “Two years in the making, we’re beyond excited to finally share it with you.

“To refresh your memories, we teamed up with acclaimed award-winning author Matt Taylor (‘Jaws: Memories From Martha’s Vineyard’) and you all jumped in to assist us in putting the pieces together by sending your photos, videos, stories and mementos. We hit the storage lockers, attics and basements to fill the book with hundreds of never-before-seen images pulled from our personal archives and have been involved every step of the way to bring you the complete story.

“The deluxe edition comes in a sleek case that includes a hardcover, clothbound, limited edition copy of the 276-page book and a portfolio containing a 1.25″ x 1.25″ piece of an original roadcase used to ship the band’s equipment to Denmark for the recording of the album and on the tour that followed its release.

“Matt sat with us for exclusive, intensive interviews and we dug deep in our memory banks for stories, anecdotes, tidbits and tales from the studio, the road and beyond.

“A huge thanks to the people who were a part of our history at that time who sat with Matt, including record producer Flemming Rasmussen and the man who mixed it, Michael Wagener. Matt also tracked down the entire ‘Master Of Puppets’ road crew, including John Marshall and members of the bands who toured with us, Anthrax and Armored Saint. Our booking agent, tour promoters and managers, Cliff Burnstein and Peter Mensch, all were overly generous with their time and recollections. Faith No More guitarist Jim Martin and drummer Mike Bordin and Diamond Head‘s Brian Tatler spoke with Matt about their memories of those crazy times. Of course, you, the fans who were at those shows gave us an amazing view of your memories and experiences. Finally, we’re honored that Cliff Burton‘s dad Ray sat down for an extensive interview.

As we continue to celebrate 30 years of ’Master Of Puppets’, in honor of the release of the book we’ve teamed up with ESP Guitars to give Fifth Members [members of the Metallica fan club] a chance to win a very limited-edition Master Of Puppets’ guitar. Now you can customize Metallica.com with the new ’Master Of Puppets’ skin.

If you’re in the mood to hear some live music all eleven shows from the 2006 summer tour (those of you counting note that was the 20th anniversary of the release of the album!) featuring live performances of the entire album are now available on CD in the Met Store.

Keep watching [Metallica.com] and on social media for sneak peeks of the book, videos with us chatting about the making of and other fun and games as we’ll be celebrating all throughout August.

Oh, one more thing. We’re pretty sure that some of you will wonder about the remastered versions of ’Master Of Puppets we told you were in the works. They still are! As we keep digging in the vaults, we’re finding more and more music and video so that we can bring you an even bigger, more comprehensive, no stone-unturned version of the album. As always, [Metallica.com] is the place for more info as we have it!

Master Of Puppets was released on February 24, 1986 and was the first album Metallica recorded after signing a major label deal with Elektra Records.

The set only reached No. 29 on the Billboard album chart but has sold over six million copies in the U.S. since.

It is the last record to feature bassist Cliff Burton, who was killed later that year in a tour bus crash.

Several songs from the album are still staples of Metallica‘s live set, including ”Battery,” ”Welcome Home (Sanitarium)” and the title track.

Many fans consider it  the band‘s finest album, a fact they’ve acknowledged by playing it in its entirety on a European tour in 2006. 

New music is raging 

Beats 1 Music has posted a new track, “The Party’s Over,” from Prophets of Rage. The Apple Music service premiered the track yesterday.   The Party’s Over EP is out now and the band has commenced their arena tour.

And then THIS happened! In honor of their 35th anniversary, Anthrax made an appearance on the Late Night with Seth Meyers and the other guest was another NYC icon, Robert DeNiro.

Watch their performance of “Monster At The End” here.  The band will be touring this fall with Slayer.

Have a great weekend!  Back on Monday when we are welcoming Jonathan Davis and Fieldy from Korn to the hardDriveRadio Studios!   Oh yeah!


Thursday, Aug 25

Trivium with the one and only Lou Brutus

Morning friends.  Matt Heafy from Trivium is in today.  Looking forward to speaking with him.  Good man, that Matt!  He’s making an appearance tonight at Sam Ash Music in NYC  for Epiphone.

The Amity Affliction

Paulie Walnutswas on the hotLine yesterday  with Ahren Stringer, bassist/vocals, for The Amity  Affliction.  Their new album, This Could Be Heartbreak, dropped on Aug 12 and the new single is “All Messed Up.”  You’ll hear the new song on hardDrive and hear Ahren in Plugged In the weekend of Sep 10th, so be sure to check it out. And don’t forget, if you don’t get hardDrive in your town, you can always give a listen on the our hardDriveRadio APP.  We stream both the weekend edition of hardDrive, as well as the nightly hardDrive XL with Lou Brutus on the app.  So download away!

Kirk Hammett usually doesn’t make this face

The Pulse Of Radio says Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett told Minneapolis radio station 93X he is staying away from reading comments online about the band’s new single, “Hardwired.” Hammett explained, “As soon as I go on to my computer and turn it on, and think to myself, ‘Should I read what other people are saying?’ or ‘Should I read some comments (on whatever web site)?’ I instantly say to myself, ‘Don’t go there,’ because I’ll just get, first, angry, then frustrated, then confused, and then wanna just write it all off as just f**king useless bulls**t, and why did I even waste my time.

Hammett added the reaction he has gotten has been largely positive so far, saying, “I kind of feel the excitement. I can kind of feel the energy in the air. I mean, we all kind of are picking up on it. I’m getting a tremendous amount of texts from friends, saying, ‘Great song. Wonderful song.’ . . . I know there’s a great buzz out there, and I’m totally, totally thankful that the song is so well received.

Frontman James Hetfield gave his interpretation of what “Hardwired” is about: “Sometimes I feel like no matter how hard I try to be different or to do something right or a better way or something, it just seems like the default is hardwired to just screw it up sometimes (laughs). So man in general sometimes I think, I just feel we’re hardwired to self-destruct.”

“Hardwired” is taken from Metallica’s 10th studio album, Hardwired…To Self-Destruct, which is due out Nov 18th on double CD, vinyl and digital download.

Asked about touring behind the new disc, Hammett said, “For us, going out and playing shows, it’s really, really fun for us, really, really great, but over time, the mileage we have on ourselves, on our personal odometers, they’re way up there. So, having said that, we have to take care of ourselves, and we have to make sure that going into this next little phase that we do it correctly and we do it in a healthy way that ensures much more longevity.”  Metallica will begin touring in support of the record in Jan 2017.

Ya know, I’m glad rock stars aren’t just focused on their shows.  They truly care about what is going on in the audience. And when they see something, they SAY something, which can usually get a person in the wrong ejected.  Case in point: Pearl Jam fans were treated to a wild night on Monday (Aug 22nd) during the band’s show at Wrigley Field in Chicago. In addition to a massive 36-song set, the crowd was treated to the sight of Chicago Bulls legend Dennis Rodman walking onstage during “Black, Red, Yellow” and lifting singer Eddie Vedder into the air.

Later in the set, Vedder ordered his bandmates to stop the song “Lukin” as he shouted into the audience, “Hey, mister, get your finger out of that woman’s face, motherf**ker. Hey, mister, all the fingers are pointing at you. Clear out, mister.” Vedder had the man ejected and made sure the woman was okay before continuing the song. Finally, Vedder paid tribute to late Alice In Chains frontman Layne Staley before performing “Man Of The Hour,” saying, “It’s the birthday of a guy called Layne Staley tonight, and we’re thinking of him tonight too. 49 years old.”  (From Loudwire/Alt Press/The Pulse Of Radio)

Well!   Looks like Dave Grohl must’ve taken his jet to Toronto to catch Prophets of Rage‘s show.  He jumps on stage with the band for the MC5‘s “Kick Out The Jams.” Why couldn’t I have been there?  This link has the entire show and Dave arrives around 2 hours into the set.

That’s a lot of tickets…..

Guns N’ Roses’ North American “Not In This Lifetime” summer stadium tour sold over one million tickets, a staggering amount for a rock band in 2016, with the band awarded a special plaque for the occasion after concluding the trek earlier this week in Los Angeles. The band celebrated the end of the tour by partying with some 200 guests at Hollywood’s Roosevelt Hotel, where it was reported that “Axl Rose and Slash were accompanied by scantily clad models to the rooftop for pizza.”

They’re holding the cards close to their chests

Blabbermouth reporting Avenged Sevenfold singer M. Shadows said in a recent interview with Grand Rapids, MI radio station WGRD the band is not yet finished working on its new album, saying, ”We’re writing, we’ve been throwing stuff around. You know, we’ve been working, and that’s all I can really say about it. I think there’s a lot of speculation online, and we’re just kind of leaving it that way. But when there’s something to be heard, we’ll let the world know. But right now, we’re just still working on stuff.

Hmmmm.   I seem to think he’s playing poker with us.  I bet there is music just ready to show it’s little head in the coming weeks.  I mean, their tour kicks off Sep 12.  Wouldn’t it make sense for a single to be on the radio at that time too? I’d put money on it if I was in Vegas.  Let’s wait ‘n see!

Rolling Stone reporter Jon Wiederhorn did a stellar interview with Austin Carlile and Of Mice & Men.  Please check it out here.  Meanwhile, the band released the music video for their new single, “Real,” this week and it’s great.  The band is getting ready to release their Cold World album, Sep 09th and Austin told me this album was a very daunting task to take on (see the Rolling Stone article just to get an idea of all the things Austin has had to deal with in the past decade.)  I am looking forward to having the band in the studios on Sep 16th.

Gotta dash.   Hope you have a great day!

Wednesday, Aug 24

Amatrice, Italy- Powerful earthquake destroys town  (Photo: Reuters) 

So sad to wake up to the news of the devastating earthquake in Italy. Mother Nature has not been kind to us humans lately.  I think she is pissed off!  And who can blame her?

Also woke up to a bunch of audio files sent to me by the fine folks who work with Metallica. Soundbites from James talking about the new music. Although it’s not exclusive, we will share them soon.  Stay tuned!  And speaking of ‘Tallica…..

The Pulse Of Radio reporting it‘s been an astounding seven years since Metallica last did a full, proper North American arena tour, but drummer Lars Ulrich told Rolling Stone that’s about to change. Ulrich explained, “It’s time to come back, and do some proper penetration of America . . . We’re going to start pretty much full-on touring in January and are looking to figure out what we’re doing in North America, but there will definitely be some pretty extensive touring in America.”

Ulrich told us a while back that rehearsing for a tour is different these days: At our age, it’s not really rehearse as in like, how does ‘Enter Sandman’ go? It’s more just kind of, you know, loosening up and kind of getting the battered bodies somewhat up to speed. It’s a little bit like sort of, you know, kickstarting like a car that’s been sitting out in the snow for a while. You know, you need to let it run and idle for a few minutes before you drive it.
Metallica will be touring in support of its long-awaited new album, Hardwired…To Self-Destruct, which will be released on Nov 18th. Ulrich said he’s looking forward to playing a lot of the new album live, remarking, “Some of the stuff on ‘Death Magnetic’ was pretty cerebral. You had to really think about what the next crazy part is that was coming up. Some of the songs from the new record are a little more physical. It’s gonna be a lot of fun to play this.”

The first single from Hardwired…Set To Destruct, simply titled “Hardwired,” is out now. The album will be issued on double CD, vinyl and digital download. A deluxe version will feature a bonus disc containing the riffs that formed the origins of the album along with “The Lords Of Summer,” which the band debuted on tour a couple of years ago. Metallica is releasing Hardwired… through its own label, Blackened Recordings.

Frontman James Hetfield told the Twin Cities Pioneer Press the group is enjoying being its own boss. He explained, “We’ve been working on this record, realistically, for eight years. But it’s been two years starting to put songs together and, literally, the last two months is when it all started to come together. There’s no rules anymore as far as you’ve got to do what the record company says or what the manager says. It’s got to be cool and fun for us, that’s the number one priority.”

Metallica already has a couple upcoming shows on its calendar: the band perform at The Global Citizen event in NYC’s Central Park on Sep 24th (info here) and at Neil Young‘s 30th anniversary Bridge School Benefit concert, set to take place on Oct 22nd and 23rd at at the Shoreline Amphitheater in Mountain View, CA.  Expect some new dates to be announced soon!

BTW, Blabbermouth reports according to Billboard.com, ”Hardwired” has entered the Billboard + Twitter Top Tracks chart at position No. 2. The cut also landed at No. 18 on the Mainstream Rock Songs airplay chart after less than three days of airplay in the track week ending Aug 21. It’s the 32nd-charting song for the band on Mainstream Rock Songs, stretching back to the debut of ”One” on the Mar 11, 1989-dated list. \m/–\m/   Metallica rules!


Jacoby Shaddix, Tony Palmero, Jerry Horton, Tobin Esperance of Papa Roach at AP Awards last month. interviewed by our affiliate THE BLITZ! 

Pulse also says  Papa Roach frontman Jacoby Shaddix told Los Angeles radio station KLOS (Full Metal Jackie’s Whiplash) the band has gotten a whole different feel on its upcoming album from recording in a North Hollywood studio. He explained, “L.A. brought a whole different kind of gnarly, rugged street vibe out of our band. I think that’s kind of the thing that we lost over the course of our records . . . it’s like, ’Go back and rediscover your struggle, homie. Rediscover what people are going through out on the street.’”  Shaddix also said the new disc, the band’s ninth studio effort, features “a little more of that old-school stuff,’ such as Shaddix rapping, which he hasn’t done on a Papa Roach record in a long time. 

Shaddix added, “I do a lot of work out in the community back home, helping people in need and stuff like that, and I see that the struggle is real. We’re in North Hollywood, so it’s, like, gunshots are going off, and we’re, like, hanging outside the studio. Helicopters are flying over. And I’m, like, ‘This is where I need to be making a record.’”

Shaddix told us not long ago Papa Roach is always itching to prove itself all over again: We’ve always had that hungry, you know, fighter spirit, that hustler spirit, you know, and that’s just something that’s been ingrained in our band since the beginning. We’re still excited about this rock and roll band that we’re in, and we’re still…it doesn’t feel like a job to us. When we get in that room and the four of us start jamming, it’s like there’s something magical that happens there and, you know, we just can’t deny that.”

The new Papa Roach album will be out sometime in early 2017. In the meantime, the band will head out on a Canadian tour with Five Finger Death Punch next month, beginning on Sep 9th in British Columbia, Canada.

Hot off their Sterling Spoon Tour (an anniversary tour that took them straight into the 25th anniversary of Lollapalooza), Jane’s Addiction has announced the release of a massive box set, due Oct 21st.

The 6-cd/vinyl set collection includes the 1989 Nothing’s Shocking and 1991 Ritual de lo Habitual albums, along with the vinyl debuts of their 1990 Live From the Palladium concert recording, a selection of rarities and demos and live takes from the 1997 Kettle Whistle compilation.  The set is a snapshot of highlights from the band’s lengthy career, which began in 1985 under the guidance of singer Perry Farrell.

Guitarist Dave Navarro told us a while back how much Jane’s contributed to his own personal development since the band’s formation: “Rarely do I acknowledge how much I’ve grown as a person. It’s like, when I was 17, all I cared about was playing loud rock guitar solos. That was pretty much it. And then, you know, Perry had a lot of experience in music, and he’s an incredible artist. And so he taught me a hell of a lot about music and what it can do and what true creativity’s about.”

The box set is limited to a run of 5,000 copies.and will have a list price of $99.98. The group did have a hand in the creation of the set and selected the artist who did the cover painting.

As mentioned, Jane’s Addiction has been on the road this year on its Sterling Spoon tour, celebrating the 25th anniversary of the first Lollapalooza. A handful of shows remain on their tour schedule.  See them on our Road Rage page
LA Bomb squad at Wes Scantlin’s West Hollywood home. 

Wes Scantlin from Puddle Of Mudd is in the news again!  Pulse reporting the singer has gotten in trouble again for his erratic and possibly dangerous behavior, although for once he was not arrested. According to TMZ, Scantlin’s car at his West Hollywood home has been broken into several times, so as a way to scare off potential future thieves, he set up two vehicles to look like they were wired to explode. One car had wires leading to the motor, while the second one had wires going from a door to a gas tank.

However, some of his  neighbors got one look at this, and were so freaked out that they called the cops. The bomb squad came out and evacuated four surrounding buildings while they ascertained the cars only looked like makeshift bombs and weren’t real ones.

Amazingly, Scantlin wasn’t arrested for once, but the police “laid into” him for the harebrained scheme. Scantlin was arrested this past spring for skipping a court date related to his trespassing and vandalism charges from earlier in the year. In early January, Scantlin was arrested on suspicion of breaking into his former home and vandalizing some of the property. Scantlin lost the house to foreclosure in 2015. He had several previous busts in 2015 for possession of a controlled substance and driving under the influence.

They’re back.  Love ‘em or hate ‘em, Nickelback released a cover of  ”Dirty Laundry.”  The Canadian rockers are currently in the studio recording their ninth studio album, tentatively due in early 2017 possibly on their own label or through Republic (that info is TBC.)

While Nickelback was in the studio laying down tracks for the follow-up to 2014′s No Fixed Address, they decided to have some fun and play one of their favorite songs, Don Henley’s “Dirty Laundry.” Instead of letting the impromptu recording go to waste, they wanted to share it with their fans. Take a listen to their rendition on Spotify.  Released in 1982, the original version of “Dirty Laundry” was written and produced by Henley and Danny Kortchmar.

Frontman Chad Kroeger told us a while back that making each new record different is what keeps things interesting for Nickelback. “When we get in the studio to take on the daunting task of making a Nickelback record, all the band members have such diverse tastes in music that it’s a lot about keeping us happy,” he said. “We don’t want to get onstage and play the same kind of music for two hours. We like to make sure that everybody in the band is happy and that seems to be keeping the fans happy.”

In June 2015, they canceled the majority of their tour dates in support of the band’s eighth album, No Fixed Address,  so that Kroeger could recover from surgery to remove a cyst on his vocal cords.  Sadly, I didn’t get a copy of the song in time for next weekend’s Labor Day Cover It Up special edition of hardDrive, but you can certainly expect it on our Thanksgiving weekend special!  BTW: our Labor Day special will have a bunch of never before heard cover tunes, including some recorded ones in the hardDriveRadio studios and from artists themselves.  So be sure to tell your friends and be listening to your local hardDrive affiliate. You will also be able to stream the show on the hardDriveRadio APP starting the week of Sep 05.


Matt Heafy of Trivium joins us tomorrow in the hardDriveRadio studios for an acoustic performance and podcast interview.  Got questions?  Send ‘em in.  He’ll also appear tomorrow evening at Sam Ash Music in NYC for Epiphone guitars!

 Happy 48th today to Spider One from Powerman 5000! 


Tuesday, Aug 23

Hello friends!  Yesterday, I had a great chat with Neil Sanderson from Three Days Grace on the hotline.  On the other end, he was on his boat on a lake just north of Toronto fishing. Man, I wish I was there!!!!  Anyhow, we discussed a ton of stuff including his new side project, King City, which he and his friend Lukas Rossi have recorded 4 songs he plans to release himself.  You can buy the tune, “Neurotic,” now on iTunes.

I told him I discovered another artist with the same name, a rapper. So don’t be surprised if a name change is in the works at some point.  But I love the new tune, “Neurotic,” and you can listen to it on hardDrive this coming weekend for the very first time on terrestrial radio!  Neil said he will send me more tunes when they are completed.

The duo recorded the songs in a home studio in Nashville where Lukas was working a few months back.  It was very cool of Neil to think of me and send me the tune since he knew he’d get honest feedback.

Meanwhile, Three Days Grace are in the process of also coming up with riffs and the beginnings of new music they expect to have out in the new year.  Expect to see a much amped up version of the band, now that Matt Walst has secured his spot as frontman and has taken the reigns with ease.  Look for Three Days Grace to do some shows starting Saturday and run thru  Sep 09 in Charlotte, NC,  for the “Rock For Heroes” Benefit Concert.  Find the dates in Road Rage.

More on the new Korn  tune and video that was released yesterday for “Insane.”  (Geez, that is kinda unsettling, that video…..yikes)  The Pulse Of Radio says the video for the new song “Insane” was released just one day after premiering the full track online. The tune appears on the band’s upcoming 12th album, The Serenity Of Suffering, which will be released on Oct 21st. Guitarist Brian “Head” Welch promises fans can expect to hear some heavy new material on the CD: It sounds like today, it sounds modern, but it also has a feel of the energy of the past. And it’s more guitar-heavy than the last record, and it’s really more guitar-heavy than anything Korn’s done in a long time, which me and Munky (guitarist James Shafferplanned on it — just doing a high-energy, really guitar rocking album.”

The follow-up to 2013′s The Paradigm Shift features a guest appearance by Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor on the song “A Different World.” Other songs on The Serenity Of Suffering include the first single and video, “Rotting In Vain,” along with “Black Is The Soul,” “The Hating,” “Take Me,” “Everything Falls Apart,” “Die Yet Another Night,” “When You’re Not There,” “Next In Line” and “Please Come For Me.”

Korn’s current co-headlining tour with Rob Zombie stops on tonight (Aug 23rd) in Toronto. The trek winds down on Sep 03rd in Bristow, VA. Korn will then hit the road with Breaking Benjamin this fall, starting Sep 24th in Fargo, ND.

Evanescence: Jen Majura, Tim McCord, Amy Lee, Troy McLawhorn, Will Hunt        Where’s your eyeliner, Tim? 

Yesterday, Evanescence announced a 16-city tour for this fall.  We posted the dates in Road Rage.  Tickets for the trek go on sale this Friday, Aug 26, with a fan club pre-sale scheduled today at 10 a.m. local time.

Just when you thought I was off the hard stuff!” Evanescence singer Amy Lee told Rolling Stone. “It’s going to feel amazing to step back onstage with the band this fall. We had such a tight gel solidifying onstage the last few shows, and were enjoying it so much, we were all lamenting that it was so short and have been on the lookout for more opportunities to play live.”

According to Blabbermouth, the band re-emerged last Nov after a three-year hiatus with select, intimate shows in Nashville, Dallas and Los Angeles. More dates followed earlier this year. The influential, Grammy-winning band last performed live in Nov of 2012.

Lee told Rolling Stone last year there were no plans for Evanescence to record new material.  In 2015, the band parted ways with guitarist Terry Balsamo and replaced him with Germany’s Jen MajuraThe last Evanescence album, a self-titled effort, came out in 2011.

This album was released Aug 28, 2001    Hmmmmmmmmmm

Team Rock says Slipknot singer Corey Taylor has hinted the band might perform a one-off show to celebrate an album anniversary – but he won’t say what one. Taylor said, “Me and (percussionist) Clown are conspiring to do something insane for one of our albums. I can’t even say if it’s (2001 album) Iowa or not. We’re threatening to do one and really taking it to the nth degree, because we have seen a lot of bands do the celebratory lap and obviously we want to do it with one of the albums — but it’s got to make sense for us.”    So, like  Iowa was released Aug 28, 2001.  That would mark a 15th anniversary.  Iowa.  The band is from Des Moines.    Iowa.   Makes sense to me.   Might have to fish around about this. In case you were wondering, here are the release dates of each Slipknot album:

Slipknot  Jun 29, 1999
Iowa  Aug 28, 2001
Vol. 3-Subliminal Verses  May 25, 2004
All Hope Is Gone  Aug 20, 2008
.5-The Gray Chapter   Oct 17, 2014

Another interesting note:  the band’s last date on their current run is Saturday night (Aug 27) in Austin, TX.   Hmmmm.

Happy 55th today to Dean Deleo of Stone Temple Pilots!