Friday, Apr 29

Good morning from upstate NY on this Arbor Day.  Just listening to the promos for Rock N’ Derby happening the same weekend as Rock On The Range is pretty exciting for this part of the state!  The Albany region hasn’t seen anything like this festival EVER!  Since Lou Brutus and Paulie Walnuts are going to Columbus, I guess it has to be my mission to hit The Derby!  Will you be there?

The Pulse Of Radio reports Deftones singer Chino Moreno has just launched a new band — his fifth — with members of the legendary punk rock acts Bad Brains and Cro-Mags. Called Saudade, the ethereal outfit consists of Moreno, Bad Brains guitarist Dr. Know, Bad Brains/Cro-Mags drummer Mackie Jayson, jazz keyboardist John Medeski and bassist Chuck Doom, who also plays with Moreno in CrossesThe band has already released a song and video, also called “Saudade,” that is available on BitTorrent.  In addition to Deftones, Crosses and now Saudade, Moreno’s other projects include Team Sleep and Palms.

More details about Saudade, including plans for an album or live performances, remain unknown for now.  Meanwhile, The Deftones will begin a new round of touring behind Gore on May 8th at the Carolina Rebellion in Concord, NC.

Bad Brains guitarist Dr. Know was hospitalized last November in serious condition, with what was initially cardiac arrest turning into multiple organ failure as the guitarist was placed on life support for nearly two weeks. After a three-month hospital stay, Dr. Know pulled through and entered rehabilitation, leaving him with a stack of medical bills. According to Loudwire, a crowdfunding campaign was launched to aid the guitarist and donations can still be made here

My friend Full Metal Jackie talked to Corey Taylor of Slipknot and Stone Sour.  Here’s what he had to say about what else he’s working on these days besides touring Europe and the summer tour with Marilyn Manson and Of Mice & Men:

I’m doing rehearsals with Stone Sour. We’re working on new material for another album. I’ve actually just started working on my fourth book called ‘America 51′, which my publisher is gagging for right now, just because of the state of nation. It’s almost too appropriate. I’ve got a handful of acting gigs that I’m gonna do. I can’t tell you yet, because it’s kind of a surprise. It was a surprise for me when I got offered it, so let’s put it that way. Yeah, I’ve got a bunch of stuff on the horizon that I’m looking to do, especially on the times off between tours. So, my year is packed with a bunch of good stuff.”  Read more here.  As a matter of fact, I did see Corey Taylor drive by me while I was in LA earlier this month!  Small world.  

Blabbermouth reporting ”X”, a brand new song from Hellyeah, can be streamed here. The track is taken from the band’s fifth album, Unden!able, which will be released on Jun 3 via Eleven Seven Music.

The band gave fans the first taste of  Unden!able with lead single ”Human,” which was welcomed by fans who are embracing the band’s return to form with more than three hundred thousand views on YouTube after two months.

Unden!able marks the first time Hellyeah’s current lineup — vocalist Chad Gray, guitarists Tom Maxwell and Christian Brady, drummer Vinnie Paul and bassist Kyle Sanders — has recorded together as a unit, promising a very special return to their true metal roots.

Thank you, Consequence Of Sound. They posted a boatload of memes on Tool‘s lack of presence.  Yes, it is true, people are getting tired of waiting and hoping for a new Tool album.  Yesterday, Apr 28th, marked the 10th anniversary of the release of their last album, 10,000 Days.  I wonder if it will be 10,000 days til we finally see the album.  We only have about another 6,350 days to wait…..

Thursday, Apr 28

Good morning everyone.   I had the best time last night hanging out with Halestorm, who, along with Dorothy and Lita Ford, KILLED it at the jam-packed Webster Hall in NYC.  I had never seen Dorothy before, and I gotta tell ya, she’s gone from opening for Miguel to Halestorm in a very short time, and has made a ton of fans along the way. After seeing the band perform, I understand why they are getting slots on festivals all over the place.  Time for hardDrive to give them  a little love…….

Then Lita Ford, a pioneer of women in rock from the early 80′s when she was the guitarist for the punk rock band The Runaways.   She has had a solo career now for decades and has a really tight band. (Her drummer, Bobby Rock, is a monster!) Anyhow,  I loved it when she invited Dorothy and Lzzy Hale out for The Runaways’ classic  ”Cherry Bomb” and then, with Lzzy, did “Close My Eyes.”  For not being known as a lead singer, I think Lita did a great job, and she has a swagger all her own. Would’ve been so awesome if Joan Jett made an appearance, but it was not to be.

And sadly, for me, while all this was happening, I had left my cell phone in my coat pocket which I had left in Halestorm’s dressing room, so no pictures of any of this! Boo me!

Then Halestorm came out and blew everyone away.   What can I say.  The band is so tight, so awesome live.  We are so blessed to be in their company, I tell ya!   If you’ve never seen Halestorm, do yourselves a favor and go!  The set of lungs on Lzzy is unlike anything I have ever seen in my lifetime.  All Hail Halestorm!

Whenever I see stories that deal with legal issues that bands have, I am loathe to post anything.  Not really our business, but when the bands respond to allegations that are false and unfounded, I will definitely be happy to spread the word in their defense.

Five Finger Death Punch
 has issued a statement in response to the lawsuit filed against the band last week by its label, Prospect Park. As reported on Wednesday (April 27th), Prospect Park claimed it was suing the band for breach of contract, alleging that the group wanted to rush the recording of a new album without proper creative input from the label and in order to “cash in” before the anticipated “downfall” of singer Ivan Moody, who was revealed to be in rehab.

Five Finger Death Punch’s statement read:

“Desperate people do desperate things.

“We are saddened, but not surprised by the recent lawsuit filed by Prospect Park, LLC against the members of Five Finger Death Punch. It is the latest in a long line of exploitative and abusive bullying tactics used by our former manager and current label CEO Jeff Kwatinetz to extract money from and wield power against the band.

“Jeff Kwatinetz is well-known as a former music industry powerhouse whose erratic behavior and affiliated corporate bankruptcies have caused most of his companies’ clients, including Backstreet BoysKornSmashing Pumpkins, Jane’s Addiction and Azalea Banks to flee in droves. In fact, we also fired Prospect Park management four years ago in an effort to escape an arrangement that more resembled indentured servitude. Five Finger Death Punch’s recordings are now one of Prospect Park’s last remaining and most valuable assets still under contract.

“Five Finger Death Punch is prepared to record and deliver the final album this year under its recording agreement, but instead of allowing us to record, Prospect Park has chosen to sue us, hold us for ransom and squeeze extra money out of its contract rights by attempting to sell an interest in future recordings. What’s worse is that Prospect Park very deliberately filed their meritless lawsuit the same week we are trying to put our fall co-headlining arena tour on sale.

“In its lawsuit, Prospect Park states that Five Finger Death Punch has plateaued and that its sound is stale, yet on multiple occasions and in writing Mr. Kwatinetz referred to the most recent album, Got Your Six, as the band’s ‘best album yet.’ Five Finger Death Punch is the best-selling Active Rock band of the last 24 months and one of the top-selling Active Rock bands of this decade. Every single first week album sales figure has been higher than the last. In fact, there is not one shred of evidence to suggest that Five Finger Death Punch’s career remains on any trajectory other than an upward one. Any statement or suggestion that Five Finger Death Punch is suffering from some kind of slump is untrue.

“Prospect Park does not want us to record our next album with Kevin Churko, who at this point is part of our family and who has produced the last five of our six albums. As for the creative process, Mr. Kwatinetz has never been to the studio during the making of any of our albums, he has never met Mr. Churko and Prospect Park repeatedly failed to pay Mr. Churko on time.

“As for our singer, Ivan Moody, his issues are no secret and were recently and successfully addressed with the love and support of his family and bandmates in a rehabilitation facility. Never once did Prospect Park Management or Recordings support any efforts to get him sober, preferring the band continue making albums and touring.

“We are confident that the evidence will expose the allegations in Prospect Park’s complaint as completely meritless and that the band will recover substantial damages and be released from any further obligations to Prospect Park based on the cross-complaint that we intend to file.”


I was sorry to hear the news of a severe neck injury that has forced In This Moment to cancel their entire European tour.   Chris Howorth, who is the band’s co-founder and guitarist, has done some serious damange over the years.  If you’ve seen his dreads, you know how long they are.   They also weigh something like 10 pounds. So imagine the strain on your next and shoulders, especially if you headbang or hair toss.

Chris will undergo tests immediately, but doctors have already ordered him not to tour now or risk some serious side effects, including nerve damage.   Poor man.  I feel your pain (dislocating neck discs)!!!

Howorth said in a statement, “I have injured my neck and am unable to move my head more than an inch or two in any direction — and I now have the burden of making some pretty weighty decisions for myself. In order to continue performing live, I am aggressively seeking treatment and must remain at home in Los Angeles.

Howorth added, “I am devastated that our European shows are affected by this but in order to keep moving forward with the band, it’s imperative to work on getting better.” Singer Maria Brink chimed in as well, saying, “It’s probably easy for everyone to think, ‘Why don’t you just go without Chris,’ but the truth is, he is my partner, brother and one of my closest friends. I can’t bring myself to do this tour without him. It simply would not be In This Moment.

We wish Chris a speedy recovery.   And shorter dreads!    Won’t be RETURN OF THE DREADS tour without them, that’s for sure! See you this summer!

Do you love Ghost as much as I do?    A fan at their Houston show on Tuesday night posted a boatload of songs over on Blabbermouth.  The band is currently on their U.S. tour, which wraps up at Q103‘s Rock N’ Derby outside of Albany, NY at the Schaghticoke fairgrounds.  I hope to be there to witness their majesty!   Check out the other songs here.

Pierce The Veil

Pierce The Veil has released ”Circles,” a brand new song from the San Diego quartet’s next album, ”Misadventures,” due out May 13 on Fearless Records. Just yesterday, ”Circles” was named the “Hottest Record In The World” on BBC Radio 1′s Annie Mac show, and in less than 24 hours, the track has soared past 100,000 YouTube hits. In addition, it’s trending worldwide on their Facebook. They’ve got new tour dates you can find for June in Road Rage.  Find them on a leg of the Warped Tour this summer where they will perform the new album in its entirety!

Have a great day!

Wednesday, Apr 27

Good morning all.  Up early as there is so much going on in the world of rock, so let me start by saying you are going to see stories all over the place today about Five Finger Death Punch.  Here at hardDriveRadio, we don’t address legal crap and innuendo. So there ya go.  You can go read that somewhere else in case you were looking for it here.

Meanwhile, I can tell you there will be some kind of announcement on Monday about Ozzfest. I have NO IDEA what it is, but it would be cool to see a large hard rock festival make a triumphant return, raising the flag to the world that once again, ROCK IS NOT DEAD!

According to The PRP,  Stone Temple Pilots are confirmed to play a May 13th charity show at the Warner Grand Theater in San Pedro, CA. It has yet to be revealed who will be fronting the band during the performance. Proceeds will go towards the South Shores Magnet School. Stone Temple Pilots recently began private auditions for a new vocalist, following an open call across the web.

The Pulse Of Radio reports an angry letter written by Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain in 1992 to the head of his then record label, David Geffen, is set to be auctioned by Julien’s Auctions of America and is expected to fetch somewhere in the $30,000 range. In the letter, Cobain expresses his outrage over a Vanity Fair article in which the author suggested that Cobain and his wife, Courtney Love, were doing heroin while Love was pregnant with their daughter. Cobain asks Geffen in the letter if anything can be done and even threatens to break up Nirvana over the situation, which actually led to the Cobains being visited by social services. I mean, geez, who wants to own something like this and is the estate of Kurt Cobain that money starved they need to do this?  I find it very strange.  via Dan Edward‘s Twitter page posted this tribute to Prince from his home team, the Minnesota Twins.  The team promises to have a ceremony in Prince’s honor in teh near future.  But  when the Twins began their three-game homestand against the Cleveland Indians Tuesday night, they did so by releasing seven white doves before the first pitch, and then went #PurpleForPrince, with each player choosing one of his songs as their walkup music for the night (props to Oswaldo Arcia for going with “I Would Die 4 U”). The Twins also wore purple sweatbands in honor of Prince, and played his music throughout the game, courtesy of his friend DJ Dudley D.

Celebrating life today:   Ace Frehley, original Kiss guitarist, is 65! Travis Meeks of Days Of The New is 37.  What ever happened to poor Travis? Sadly, I heard he’d sunk to the lowest levels from issues he suffers from.  Such a talented fellow, such a shame.


with CHEVELLE as noted

05:  Huntington, NY @ Paramount Theater
06:  Virginia Beach, VA @ Farm Bureau Live
07:  N. Myrtle Beach, SC @ HOB
03:  Sioux Falls, SD @ W.H. Lyons Fairgds
04:  Madison, WI @ The Orpheum
05:  Louisville, KY @ The Palace
21:  Walker, MN @ Moondance Jam Festival  w/ Chevelle
23:  Cincinnati, OH 
@ PNC Pavilion at Riverbend Music Ctr  w/Chevelle
24:  Sterling Heights, MI 
@ Freedom Hill Amp w/Chevelle
26:  Indianapolis, IN 
@ Farm Bureau Insurance Lawn  w/Chevelle
27:  Columbus, OH @ 
Express Live!  w/Chevelle
29:  Pittsburgh, PA @
 Stage AE in w/Chevelle
31:  Grand Rapids, MI @ O
rbit Room
02:  Niagara Falls, NY @ R
apids Theatre
03:  Boston, MA @ 
Blue Hills Bank Pavilion  w/Chevelle
05:  Asbury Park, NJ @ St
one Pony Summerstage w/Chevelle
07:  Philadelphia, PA @ The Fillmore
09:  Charlotte, NC  @
 Metro Credit Union Amphi w/Chevelle
10:  Richmond, VA @ The National
11:  Bethlehem, PA @ Musikfest w/ Chevelle
13:  Portland, ME @ 
Maine State Pier  w/Chevelle
14:  Baltimore, MD @ 
Pier Six Concert Pavilion  w/Chevelle




18: Little Rock, AR @ Verizon Ctr
22:  Wichita, NE @ Intrust Arena
23:  Denver, CO @ Pepsi Ctr
25:  West Valley City, UT @ Maverik Ctr
27:  Phoenix, AZ @ Talking Stick Arena
28: Las Vegas, NV @ T-Mobile Arena
29:  Anaheim, CA @ Honda Ctr
31:  San Jose, CA @ SAP Ctr
02:  Portland, OR @ Moda Ctr
03:  Spokane, WA @ Spokane Arena
05:  Tacoma, WA @ TacomaDome
07:  Boise, ID @ Taco Bell Arena
09:  Billings, MT @ Metra Park
11:  Bismarck, ND @ Civic Ctr
17:  Cincinnati, OH @ US Bank Arena
18:  Louisville, KY @ KFY Yum Ctr
more TBA 

Tuesday, Apr 26

Man, when can we stop hearing about all these tragedies? The Pulse Of Radio reporting this morning Kid Rock discovered the body of his personal assistant on the grounds of Rock’s estate in the Nashville area yesterday morning (Apr 25th), according to the Tennessean. The 30-year-old man, identified as Michael Sacha, was killed in an apparent ATV accident, police said.

 Michael Sacha/Facebook

Sacha is believed to have died after driving guests who were attending a barbecue on the estate to an Uber car waiting for them at the property’s driveway around midnight. He apparently lost control of the vehicle and crashed on his way back to the residence, police said.

Rock and a friend found Sacha on an embankment late Monday morning and called for help, according to police.  Rock said in a statement that he was “beyond devastated,” adding, “(Sacha) was a member of our family and one of the greatest young men I have ever had the pleasure to not only work with, but also to become friends with. I know I speak for us all in sharing my deepest condolences to his family. I cannot imagine how they must feel.”

The singer, whose real name is Robert Ritchie, was supposed to return to his main home in Michigan but decided to stay in Tennessee until he could accompany the body back himself.  Apparently responding to rumors that it was Rock himself who was killed in the accident, Rock said, “We’ve already been contacted by the press asking if it was me who was in the accident, so I want to stop any rumors before they spread. I’m asking everyone to please respect our and his families’ privacy in this difficult time. RIP Mike. We will never forget you, my friend.

I love this because you know how much all of us here at hardDrive love this woman! Halestorm‘s latest tour, which kicked off on April 1st, has featured the legendary Lita Ford as direct support and it was only a matter of time before Ford and Halestorm frontperson Lzzy Hale got together onstage. That happened last Wednesday (April 20th) in Spartanburg, South Carolina, when Hale joined Ford on the latter’s classic hit, “Close My Eyes Forever.”

Ford originally recorded the song in 1988 for her album Lita with Ozzy Osbourne on guest vocals, while Hale recorded a cover of it in 2013 with Disturbed singer David Draiman‘s side project Device.

Also on the bill for this tour is the female-fronted band Dorothy, with whom Hale also recently shared the stage in Tulsa, Oklahoma for a run through Foghat‘s “I Just Want To Make Love To You.

Following its headlining run, a couple of shows with Rob Zombie and a slew of festival dates, Halestorm will team up with Shinedown later this summer for the Carnival Of Madness tour, which kicks off on Jul 20th in Southhaven, MS and winds down on Aug 18th in Detroit.  Looking forward to see Halestorm tomorrow night here in NYC!

If you were of a certain age, then you probably LOVED Twin Peaks when it was a regular series on TV.  First episode was Apr 08, 1990.  Directed by cult director David Lynch, it was the freakiest show on TV.  Sort of the great-grandfather of shows like American Horror Story (for it’s surrealism) and Bates Motel,  although way more cerebral  than gory.  The show represented an earnest moral inquiry distinguished by offbeat humor and surrealism It was a mystery to try to find out who killed a local high school student, Laura Palmer.

Well, flip to 2016 and news comes of a reduxe of the series Showtime will present, with Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam and Nine Inch Nails Trent Reznor being casted in roles!

It is not known what roles they’ll be playing. Neither musician has any noteworthy acting credits: Vedder played a member of Matt Dillon‘s band in the 1992 movie Singles,  while Reznor has appeared as an actor in the movies Light Of Day and Recycled. Both have composed music for films, however, with Reznor winning an Oscar for his score to 2010′s The Social Network.

Reznor’s wife Mariqueen Reznor has also been cast in the show.  The 217-person cast list also features actors Naomi Watts, Laura DernMichael CeraJennifer Jason Leigh and Amanda Seyfried, as well as a number of original cast members such as Kyle MacLachlanSheryl LeeSherilyn FennWendy Robie and David Duchovny.  The revived series, which is being brought back by original creators David Lynch and Mark Frost, will air in early 2017, but an exact date has not yet been announced.

Multi-platinum  BUSH have announced a tour of North America set to kick off this summer on Jul 21 at Walker, MN Moondance Jam festival. The tour includes co-headlining dates with Chevelle, as well as special BUSH VIP packages being offered via On The List Presents. Tickets for the latter go on sale Friday, Apr 29th at 10am local. More information can be found by clicking HERE. We’ll also post the dates in Road Rage.  Tour kicks off May 5th in Huntington, NY.

Yesterday did a couple of phoners.  One with Thrice frontman Dustin Kensrue. They have a new single “Black Honey” from their forthcoming To Be Everything Is To Be Nothing album, which drops on May 27th.  Band kicks off their tour in June, and you can find the dates on the Road Rage page.

Also got a surprise call from Zoltan Bathory of Five Finger Death Punch.   The band is going to head out this fall to do more dates with Shinedown, and the tour will include a new band called As Lions, fronted by the son of Iron Maiden frontman Bruce Dickenson. Sixx AM will also be on the bill.  Tour starts Oct 18 in Little Rock, AR and ends mid Dec. What dates we already know are posted in Road Rage.   Pre-sale is tomorrow and tickets to general public at 10 AM on Friday.  Man, this is a hugely busy touring season.  Can’t wait to see all these great shows coming through.

The Pulse Of Radio also reporting following their second headlining set at the Coachella Festival in Indio, CA this past Saturday (Apr 23rd), Guns N’ Roses has added four more shows to its upcoming summer stadium trek through North America. In addition to one new date on Aug 18th at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles, the Not In This Lifetime tour has also booked second nights at Chicago’s Soldier Field on Jul 3rd, Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, MA on July 20th and MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, NJ on July 24th.

The tour kicks off on June 23rd in Detroit, with dates booked through August 22nd in San Diego.

Guns’ second Coachella set featured the live debut of two classics, “Out Ta Get Me” and “Used To Love Her,” that original members Slash,Duff McKagan and Axl Rose have not performed live together in over two decades.

This past weekend’s Coachella show was the last of seven that Guns have done since officially announcing their reunion, which kicked off with an April 1st gig at the Troubadour in Los Angeles.  Axl Rose will now nurse his broken foot and prep for his upcoming stint as guest vocalist with AC/DC, which starts in Europe on May 7th and end just a week before the Guns tour starts. Axl is also slated to perform 10 North American shows with AC/DC as well, with the dates yet to be determined.

 And finally today,  only in NY, kids, only in NY!  Pulse says Green Day, minus bassist Mike Dirnt, played a surprise show in downtown Manhattan on Saturday night (Apr 23rd) in conjunction with the Tribeca Film Festival. According to Green Day Authority, frontman Billie Joe Armstrong and drummer Tre Cool were joined by guests Joan Jett,Jesse Malin and Jeff Matika for a short, five-song performance that included a cover of Jett’s “Bad Reputation.”

The show took place to celebrate the world premiere at the festival of the new film Geezer, in which Armstrong has the lead role as a middle-aged rock star having a midlife crisis.  The gig also featured live performances of two new songs called “Devil’s Kind” and “Ordinary World,” both written for the movie by Armstrong.

Green Day has reportedly been back in the studio recently, working on what will be its 12th full-length effort which we hear could be released this year. The trio’s last release, a triple set of albums titled Uno!Dos! and Tre!, arrived in late 2012.  The band has kept a low profile since completing the touring cycle for those records, surfacing last year for its induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in April 2015 and playing some scattered club shows.

weekEnd Apr 23-24, 2016

“AXL/DC”  and Spotlight on the hardDrive Live Tour! 

Hour 1

hardDrive Double Dose:  DEFTONES
“Change (In The House of Flies)” & “Prayers/Triangles”
Plugged In: LACUNA COIL “House Of Shame”
FROM ASHES TO NEW “Through It All”
SEVENDUST “Death Dance”
DISTURBED “The Sound Of Silence”
Guest: HUDSON “Cast Out”
Listener 3 Song Seg
ADELITAS WAY “Bad Reputation”
THE WORD ALIVE “Made This Way”

Hour 2

Guest: STITCHED UP HEART “Finally Free”
GHOST “From The Pinnacle To The Pit”
Guest: RED SUN RISING “Emotionless”
VOLBEAT “The Devil’s Bleeding Crown”
Guest: SICK PUPPIES “Stick To Your Guns”
What’s In Lou’s MP3 Player? ESCAPE THE FATE “Remember Every Scar”

Week Apr 25-29, 2016

DEFTONES “Prayers/Triangles”
FROM ASHES TO NEW “Through It All”
MUSE “Reapers”
PAPA ROACH “Falling Apart”
RED SUN RISING “Emotionless”

ADELITAS WAY “Bad Reputation”
GHOST  “From The Pinnacle To The Pit”
VOLBEAT “The Devil’s Bleeding Crown”

AVATAR “The Eagle Has Landed”
DEVOUR THE DAY “Lightning in the Sky”
FILTER “Take Me To Heaven”
SICK PUPPIES “Stick To Your Guns”

Monday, Apr 25

Whew!  That Game of Thrones episode last night was so OFF THE HOOK awesome, I even dreamt about it!  To swipe a line from London’s The Telegraph, “Oh how we’ve missed your cruel, manipulative ways, Game of Thrones.”

Prince from “Purple Rain”

Coming off of a weekend of Prince tributes, specials (thanks SNL for devoting your entire show on His Purpleness) and updates, rock stars contine to pay respect during their shows.

Watch Prince on THE VIEW from 2012 comment on Bruce Springsteen

Here in NYC, Bruce Springsteen performed “Purple Rain” at the intro of his show on Saturday night in Brooklyn at Barclays Ctr. (Find on Periscope.)  Pearl Jam paid tribute to the late 57-year-old artist during their concert in Columbia, South Carolina on Thursday night (April 21st). Eddie Vedder told the crowd, “All of us on this stage can tell you: That guy loved music so damn much. He never stopped playing, never stopped writing, never stopped recording, never stopped creating.”  Vedder added, “All of us up here were incredibly fortunate to see him a number of times over the years. Some of us got to meet him a bit. He was an intense cat. If there was anyone I thought would be playing when he was 80 or 85, it was gonna be Prince. So today was a real shock.”

Pearl Jam pay tribute to Prince 

Vedder also said  Prince was “probably the greatest guitar player we’ve ever seen.” Pearl Jam then played a snippet of “Purple Rain” at the beginning of their first encore and then again during their final number, “Yellow Ledbetter.”

As reported last week, Slipknot and Stone Sour vocalist Corey Taylor paid tribute to Prince on Thursday night by performing a cover of Prince’s “Purple Rain” as the opening song of Taylor’s solo concert at First Avenue in Minneapolis — Prince’s home city. He also played “Little Red Corvette.”

Taylor told the audience: “In a world where so many people treat music like a commodity, it was always refreshing to know that there was always Prince. There was always Prince. And he may be gone, but we have a lifetime of music.”

Even comedian Dave Chappelle performed a stand-up set for four hours in San Francisco on Friday (April 22nd) where he referred to Prince’s death as “Black 9/11.”

He told the crowd, “This is black 9/11. I almost thought about not coming tonight, but my band was like, ‘Yo, Prince would definitely not condone that.’ And now there is no place I’d rather be.” Dave also paid tribute to the late singer throughout the night including revealing how his sister first introduced him to Prince’s music.


 A fan takes a photo at the memorial fence in memory of pop star Prince at Paisley Park Studios Friday, Apr 22, 2016 in Chanhassen, MN. Prince died Thursday at Paisley Park at the age of 57. (AP Photo/Jim Mone)

Prince was discovered unresponsive in an elevator at his Paisley Park estate on Thursday and emergency workers on hand were unable to revive him. Results of an autopsy conducted on Friday (Apr 22nd) are pending.  He was cremated and his funeral was over the weekend.  Rumors are swirling that he was in ill health of late and had been hiding his pain from hip surgery with prescription painkillers.  He lived a healthy lifestyle, was a vegan and followed the Jehovah’s Witness practices.  Profoundly impacted by the Trayvon Martin case, Prince was also a major silent sponsor to the causes of youth, including silently funding We Code, a foundation to help young African-Americans to get into the field of high-tech, in order to find the first “black Mark Zuckerberg.”

His home state of Minnesota is planning to change their state color to purple.  It is still hard to believe he is gone.

Linkin Park in their studio: L to R:  Dave “Phoenix” Farrell, Mike Shinoda, Chester Bennington, Brad Delson.  Not seen: Joe Hahn

Linkin Park sent out this email to their fans on Friday.

Hey!First of all, thanks for letting us send you emails. I don’t think we’ve said that before, and it’s worth saying outright. I hope our notes to you are fun to read, and give you a peek into our process. As things move forward, you might be the first ones to learn about certain parts of the album. Not sure what that means yet—could be a song title, a lyric, who knows.We just started narrowing down to some of our favorite songs, and we’re starting to put our first “final” vocals on them. As I listen through them, I feel like these songs are really personal and revealing. We have really poured our hearts into the words and melodies, and it’s starting to show as we approach recording the “keeper” vocals.

With that said, we’ve got a lot of material to choose from, and decided to get votes from all six of the guys in the band, to see which songs are rising to the top. We clearly have an album in there. We’re looking forward to getting the vocals right, and starting to put sounds on them.  Keyboards/samples and drums are high on the list…but first, we’re going to get some of these vocals nailed down.

More to come…
- Mike (with Brad and Chester looking over my shoulder at this email. They say “hi” by the way)

Volbeat posted a video containing behind the scenes and live footage of their new single “The Devil’s Bleeding Crown.”   (Thanks The PRP via The Pulse of Radio)

On Friday night, Bring Me The Horizon performed with an orchestra at the Royal Albert Hall in London.  The prestigious event was filmed and recorded for a future CD/DVD release.

And finally, as a great perspective on the whole AXL/DC debacle,  Roger Daltrey has lent credence to many AC/DC fans’ opinion that Brian Johnson was fired from the band, rather than selflessly stepping down from his frontman role due to hearing loss. Daltrey spoke candidly about the situation, telling “I mean I really feel badly for Brian. It must be heartbreaking for him after all the service he’s given that band over the years. I thought their farewell statement to the press and to Brian was fairly curt to say the least. I felt for him. That must have hurt. I’ve spoken to Brian. He’s got loads of other things he wants to do in his life. I think AC/DC will miss Brian much more than Brian will miss AC/DC. There you go. What do you expect from Australians? (laughs)  . . . And he’s such a lovely guy, Brian. I’ve known him for 40 odd years, more. . . I mean, go and see karaoke with Axl Rose? Give me a break. (Laughs).”

Daltrey, who along with Pete Townshend, has dealt with hearing issues for decades, was asked about the state of his ears today: “My hearing’s dreadful. We’re all going deaf. We’re all wearing hearing aids. No it’s true. I suggest to everybody over the age of 50 that have been going to loud concerts for years and years and years, go and have your hearing tested. You’d be surprised what you’re missing. It’s unbelievable. Most people over the age of 60 are lip-reading. (Laughs) And it’s all our fault!”  (Thanks Pulse Of Radio.)
Today, we’re on the hardDrive hotLine with Dustin from Thrice and Jason from Five Finger Death Punch!  Stay tuned, y’all!

Say Happy 76th Birthday to my little friend, Al Pacino!

Friday, Apr 22

Credit: Mark Reiter Facebook

Such a sad 24 hours with the news of the passing of an icon, Prince. As I said on my facebook page:

Prince. By the mid-80′s, HE was a rock star. THE rock star. Saw him perform (with Morris Day and The Time) as part of his show at a disco in Boston, 15 Lansdowne Street. I got to hang with the band in their dressing room. As aloof as he was, there was a shyness that I saw in that face. A few years later, at the Universal Amphitheater in LA, his show was the most amazing I’d ever seen. He walked around the venue playing his custom guitar like any of his rock contemporaries. Always a mystery. Always a star. He will be missed. RIP Your Purpleness.

Early yesterday afternoon, First Avenue nightclub, Minneapolis. Credit: Mike Childs Facebook

When I learned that Corey Taylor was performing last night at First Avenue in Minneapolis, the performance location for the movie “Purple Rain,” I knew he would have to come out to pay homage to Prince, and he NAILED it.  Watch it here.

Reports of Prince’s death began surfacing Thursday morning and were soon confirmed by his publicist. At press time the death was being investigated and a cause of death had not yet been announced. The singer was said to be ill with the flu in recent weeks. He was found unresponsive at his Paisley Park compound in Chanhassen, MN. He was only 57.  

Prince’s death comes only days after he said he wasn’t feeling well, causing the cancelation at least one concert in Atlanta. He eventually played the city, after which his plane made an emergency landing. At the time, his publicist said that he was “fine and at home.” Prince has won seven Grammy Awards, and he won an Oscar for the original song score to the classic film Purple Rain, in which he also starred.  He recorded some 39 studio albums, recording and touring prolifically even after a very public battle to get out of his major label contract threatened to derail his career.


Corey Taylor (Slipknot): “And today started out so well…#god#F**king#DAMNIT”

Chris Cornell (Soundgarden) wrote: “I’m in shock and deeply saddened- just found out Prince died. RIP to one of the MOST talented and unique artists of our generation.”

Lzzy Hale (Halestorm) wrote: “RIP Prince. Rock n Roll Heaven sure is putting together an amazing supergroup.”

Dave Navarro (Jane’s Addiction) wrote: “From one 6/7 to another 6/7… Rest in peace, Prince!”

Rob Zombie wrote: “This is what it sounds like when doves cry.”

Krist Novoselić (Nirvana) wrote: “Prince — A giant talent that gave me many hours of musical pleasure.”

Travis Barker (Blink-182) wrote: “Rest in peace to one of my favorite artists of all time. Haven’t loved an artist as long or as consistently as I have Prince. My dream was to one day collaborate with him or play drums for him. To me he was truly a musical genius, a true original. Rest in Peace.”

Duff McKagan (Guns N’ Roses) wrote: “What do we do now? PRINCE. No. I hope you weren’t in much pain…your music saved me time and again.”

Tom Morello (Rage Against The Machine) wrote: “One of the greatest, most gifted and unique musicians, performers and producers ever.”

Josh Todd (Buckcherry) wrote: “As a kid I listened to nothing but punk rock until I went into my sisters room and saw the love sexy album cover, he changed me. I love him.”

Brent Smith (Shinedown) wrote: “I don’t care if you’re religious or not… All I know is that there is gonna be a party in heaven tonight… And it’s gonna rain purple.”

Paul Stanley (Kiss) wrote: “THIS is a profound, profound loss… RIP PRINCE.”

Mike Portnoy (ex-Avenged Sevenfold) wrote: “Now Prince…..?? This year has been absolutely BRUTAL! Prince, Bowie, Frey, Emerson, Kantner, Bain, Martin, Shandling….Carpe Diem everyone!”

I just got an email from Soundgarden with this message and video:

Prince’s music is the soundtrack to the soulful and beautiful universe he created, and we have all been privileged to be part of that amazing world.

I performed his song “Nothing Compares 2 U” for the first time a couple months ago. It has a timeless relevance for me and practically everyone I know.

Sadly, now his own lyrics in this song could not be more relevant than at this moment, and I sing them now in reverence as I pay tribute to this unequaled artist who has given all of our lives so much inspiration and made the world so much more interesting.

We will miss you Prince!!!

– Chris Cornell

And let’s not forget his famous 2007 Super Bowl Halftime Show.

It’s hard to focus on much other news, but here ya go:

A bright spot is tonight is the official start to the hardDrive Live Tour in Houston, TX with Sick Puppies and Red Sun Rising. The tour wraps up on May 21st in St. Louis and also features Stitched Up HeartHudson and Smashing Satellites.

This will be Sick Puppies’ first full tour with new singer/guitarist Bryan Scott, and drummer Mark Goodwin said the trio has a new sense of freedom: Definitely there’s a fresh beginning, so I think all around, just down to the people we worked with, it’s all new, so it’s kind of a refreshing sort of situation, which we haven’t really had in the past. And you know, obviously with Bryan it’s a new chapter, so all around a good positive thing. But it’s definitely like a new era for us.”

Sick Puppies will also make several festival stops while on the HardDrive Live trek, including Welcome To Rockville on May 1st, Carolina Rebellion on May 6th and Rock On The Range on the weekend of May 20th. Get your tickets and more here.

Sick Puppies will release their fifth studio album, Fury, May 27th. The band parted ways with original frontman Shim Moore in Oct 2014 after 17 years and four studio albums.

Celebrating life this weekend:  Today:  Shavo Odadjian of System of a Down is 42.  Jack Nickolson is 79!  Sunday, Brian Marshall of Alter Bridge & Creed is 43  and Billy Gould of Faith No More is 53.