Friday, Dec 29, 2017

My bud Jerry Cantrell, guitarist for Alice In Chains, as part of  this year’s edition of the Museum of Pop Culture’s Founders Award honoring the late-60′s rock band The Doors, joined the iconic rock band’s surviving guitarist Robby Krieger for a performance of “Love Her Madly.” The Dec 7 event also saw Nirvana bassist Krist Novoselic bring out his accordion to perform “Light My Fire” with Robby and drummer John Densmore.

The Founders Award celebration is the signature event for MoPOP, formerly Seattle’s Experience Music Project, started in honor of Seattle native, the late Jimi Hendrix. It honors the life’s work of living legends while raising money for the institution’s education programs.

The Doors recently released a 50th-anniversary edition of their second album, Strange Days. (I remember buying that album!) Like the 50th-anniversary reissue of the band’s debut album that came out earlier this year, the Strange Days  re-release contains both the original mono and stereo mixes of the set on two CDs, while the original mono mix was made available on vinyl. There are no bonus tracks or unreleased material, but the package includes new liner notes and additional photos.

Meanwhile, Alice In Chains recently announced a headlining North American tour that will begin on Apr 28th in Boston and wrap up a dozen dates later on May 19th in Philadelphia. The quartet also recently started recording their sixth LP with Nick Raskulinecz at Studio X in Seattle — the first time the band has recorded in its hometown in years — and first since 2013′s The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here.

Speaking Of Alice In Chains, some rockers are coming together to help raise money for the fight against Multiple Sclerosis. Some of the items up for sale include a Signature Superhawk Guitar signed by all members of Alice In Chains. Estimated at a value of $5,000, it was played at the NFC Championship halftime show in 2015.

Another item is from ex-Van Halen bassist Michael Anthony who donated a Jack Daniels guitar, a laminate and a poster from Sammy Hagar’s Inner Circle tour signed by both he and Hagar. The package has an estimated value of $9,500.

One of the most unique items was offered by Marky Ramone of the Ramones, he’ll create a drum-head art piece and incorporate the winner’s name into the artwork.

The Rock Against MS Foundation online auction is in progress through Jan 4th. (Thanks The Pulse Of Radio.)

GIBSON Sues FUNKO Over Unauthorized Use Of Guitar Designs In METALLICA, KISS, GUNS N' ROSES Figures

Oh man, ya gotta be kidding me!  Gibson Guitars has filed suit against Funko over its use of Gibson-like guitar designs with their vinyl figures for various rock and metal icons. The guitar company filed suit against the toy manufacturer in a California federal court earlier this month, reportedly after Gibson says it unsuccessfully attempted to initiate a retroactive licensing deal for the inclusion of the designs with the figures.

Gibson stated in its complaint, “The misuse of the Gibson trademarks by Funko was intended to cause, has caused, and is likely to continue to cause consumer confusion, mistake or deception including the misleading of consumers into mistakenly believing that the defendant’s unauthorized products are made directly by Gibson . . . or Gibson has authorized or licensed the use by Funko of the Gibson trademarks for those products.

The suit alleges “repeated” unauthorized use of its company’s guitar designs in Funko figures, including those based on the likenesses of Guns N’ Roses guitarist SlashAce Frehley and Paul Stanley of Kiss, and Metallica‘s Kirk Hammett and James Hetfield – all former or current Gibson guitar clients.

Gibson, which has trademarked the shapes of a number of guitars, claims to have contacted Funko in October with an offer of entering into a retroactive licensing agreement, but those discussions were unsuccessful.  Headquartered in Everett, Washington, Funko designs, sources and distributes licensed pop culture products across multiple categories, including vinyl figures, action toys, plush, apparel, housewares and accessories.

Gibson is seeking injunctive and monetary relief and demands a jury trial on all issues. According to the company, trademarks for the guitars were all registered in the U.S. and that applications were pending for its own toy figures and toy model guitars. (Thanks The Pulse Of Radio.)

Stone Sour and some old lady

Poor Corey Taylor.  It’s in the news, so I will share it.  And I know this has been a personal rough time for the Stone Sour and Slipknot frontman, and now the word is out about his 10 month separation from his wife, Stephanie.  He told me back in May they had separated, and at the time, they were trying to work it out, but alas, it didn’t go that way.  Corey is so awesome, and I just hope he finds personal happiness sometime in the near future.   I am pretty sure he will.    All the best, my friend, all the best.

It’s a slow news day, so I wanted to make sure you didn’t miss this!

The videos above were found on the site. Is this a find or what?!?!

This is an extravagant light show set to AC/DC’s “Thunderstruck” coordinated and built by a fellow with way too much time on his hands named Chris Callahan. What’s more, in addition to the usual head-on house shot, Callahan recorded a video of the side of his home as well, which is done up with a guitar-playing snowman. Maybe hit play on both at the same and turn the volume off on one? I dunno, it’s a free internet, you do what you want with it. Enjoy!

Celebrating life today, The Offspring’s Dexter Holland is 52.

And lastly today,  this is my final Dirt column.  I’ve tended to Dirt for as long as we’ve had it on the website.  It always gave me a chance to share not only the daily rock news, but personal experiences with so many of these bands we’ve played over the years on hardDriveRadio.  As the producer for hardDrive and hardDrive XL since their respective inceptions (1996 and 2007, to be exact), I’ve had the ability to program the music and bring you the artists for these shows,  and have taken pride in every one that we helped to make a success.  I could name many, but I won’t.   It has been a pleasure doing my job and presenting these most excellent radio shows to you, and I do hope you’ve enjoyed listening to them.  Although in my heart, I don’t feel ready to retire, I do believe that old adage, “Go out on top” applies here.   I’m happy to say I’ve won several awards over the years as the programmer of hardDrive and hardDrive XL, as well as being named in the Rock Radio Hall Of Fame. I have no regrets except to say I always wished my shows would’ve been played in LA and NYC, but alas, we never had a rock station there with the good sense to try us out.

My appreciation goes out to my awesome associates, Zak Tranese, Paul Spagna aka Paulie Walnuts, Bill Powell, and to the guy I chose to be the host of hardDrive way back in 1996 when I had discovered his air check in a box filled with contenders for the job, Lou Brutus.  I also wanted to say thank you to those that were involved with hardDrive in the early days, Chris Gibbons (who now produces all the in-studio performances for Howard Stern), Mike LoBasso and Chris Caulfield.  We sure had some fun times! And more recently, thank you to Randy Hawke from WJJO in Madison for your programming savvy and funny one-liners!  I’m leaving the music programming in very capable hands!

I also want to say thanks to our many affiliates, including our international ones in Germany and Canada, for believing that a syndicated show could be a part of their daily/weekly programming.  I was always thrilled to hear we won in the time slots when ratings would be released.  It was heart-warming that my vision was being accepted by our listeners!

Funny, how a woman, of all people, and one of an age that clearly one wouldn’t think would be into hard rock, was producing shows like this.  I’d often get a kick out of fans scratching their heads when they’d see me at shows.   I was usually approached with questions like “What are you doing at this show? Do you like this band??” or “Are you (one of the band member’s) Mom?”   To which I would reply, “No, I’m their lawyer!”  That always shocked them!

Interestingly, hardDrive  is now the longest running syndicated rock radio show (that record is held by RockLine, which was on the air for a massive 33 years!)  hardDrive was a part of three different radio networks, starting with SW Networks, back in 1996 when the show was morphed from a more metal show we created back in 1994 called Pure Concrete.  My associate producer then was a guy named Don Kaye, who now is our rock/alternative editor at The Pulse Of Radio, so Don and I have worked together the longest over the years and I share his stories every day on the site.  Thanks Don! (And thanks  I’ll miss being in touch so frequently!)

I also want to say thank you to my associate and boss, Andy Denemark.   He came to the rescue when a previous syndicator was going to cancel the show back in 2001.  It was amazing that, without hesitation, he said yes!

I hope to be able to contribute to hardDriveRadio in the future.  God only knows in what capacity, but I hope I can give a hand when needed.  If you missed any of my interviews, you can watch or hear them on the hardDriveRadio YouTube Channel or the hardDrive DL podcasts.  If my column helped to bring the “rock” to your daily routine, that’s cool. I’m passing the baton over to Paulie Walnuts!    Meanwhile, I’ll be on the beach.  Thanks for reading.

HAPPY 2018!

Thursday, Dec 28, 2017

Slash has purchased a new home in Encino, CA for $6.25 million, according to Ultimate Classic Rock. The 9,400-square-foot residence is located in a suburban enclave where many celebrities have houses. The house is completely walled and gated, with two driveways, a wraparound motorcourt and three-car garage. The home contains 10 bathrooms and six bedrooms, including a master suite with an outdoor balcony, a living room with high ceilings and fireplace, a family room, a screening room, a game room, a home office and library, and a covered area for outdoor lounging. Check it out here. Slash picked up the place shortly after selling his old home, in which he lived with ex-wife Perla Hudson, to rapper Big Sean for $8.7 million. The Guns N’ Roses guitarist had originally put the Beverly Hills estate on the market for $11 million in 2015, cutting the price to $9.5 million in 2016 and again this year. He bought it for $7.3 million in 2009.  Perla Hudson, meanwhile, has moved into her own $3.5 million, 6,113-square-foot mansion, also in Encino. Slash reportedly purchased that one as well, perhaps to make sure his two sons with Perla were nearby. Guns N’ Roses just finished an 18-month world tour that begin in April 2016 and ended last month, earning the reunited band more than $400 million.  The group will return to Europe next summer, although the rest of its future plans are shrouded in secrecy for now. (Thanks The Pulse Of Radio.)

Speaking of Guns, Blabbermouth reports they and Metallica have made Pollstar‘s top 20 worldwide tours of 2017. GNR’s “Not In This Lifetime” trek finished at No. 2 with 2.68 million tickets sold, behind U2′s ”Joshua Tree” tour, which topped the list with 2.71 million tickets sold. Metallica’s ”WorldWired” trek was the fifth-highest grossing tour, with 1.5 million tickets sold. For all of the Americas in 2017, which included a leg in North American stadiums earlier this year as well as a few big outdoor plays in South America with THE WHO in support, GN’R sold 993,765 tickets and grossed a total of more than $109 million, as submitted to Pollstar.

Five Finger Death Punch bassist Chris Kael has defended A Perfect Circle‘s strict no-phone and no-camera policy at all concerts, telling Finland’s Radio Rock, “If it says on the wall that the artist doesn’t want you to use the cell phone on there . . . A lot of the reason that (APC singer Maynard James Keenan)’s able to do what he does is he comes out and will play brand new songs that have not been released yet.” Kael added, “You also don’t want the fans’ first experience of a brand new song to be on an iPhone with crap, garbage sound.” Kael said that Five Finger Death Punch never plays new material live before its released, so as a result his band is more relaxed about fans recording the show with their phones. Kael himself admitted to recording concerts on his phone in the past, saying, “There’ll be times when a friend or whatever, if I’m at a show and I know their favorite song, I’ll film that song for ‘em . . . Does anybody ever go home and watch the full thing? No way! Absolutely not.” Guitarist Zoltan Bathory told us a while back that Five Finger Death Punch works hard to create a live show that fans will want to see: “You have to come up with something different. You have to come up with something more. You have to push the envelope in order to (get) people to actually really react. Everybody did everything already, there is no new things under the sun, so to speak, you know. So I think you really have to go out of your way. You have to think creatively and you have to think from the perspective of the fans. I’m a fan of music, I’m a fan of these events, you know, so if I’m in the audience, what would I want to see? And that’s what I want to create.” It was reported in early November that more than 60 concertgoers were ejected from an APC show for taking photos in violation of the band’s stated policy. A Perfect Circle guitarist Billy Howerdel later said that it’s “rude” for anyone to be “sticking your phone up in front of the face of the person behind you.”  Maynard James Keenan has also enacted a strict ban on photos with his other groups, Tool and Puscifer. Acts such as DisturbedStone Sour and Red Hot Chili Peppers have also spoken out against fans using phones to record their shows. (Thanks The Pulse Of Radio.)

Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl reached out on Tuesday (Dec 26th) to the Sweet Charity Choir U.K. to acknowledge their performance of the Foos song “Come Alive.” The tune, originally an album track on the 2007 Foo Fighters album Echoes, Silence, Patience and Grace, was chosen as a fitting theme for the choir’s message of suicide prevention. After seeing the video of the choir singing the song, Grohl wrote on Facebook, “Thank you Sweet Charity Choir & Music Support for such a beautiful rendition of ‘Come Alive’…and for making this song of hope even more hopeful. Perfect way to ring in the new year.” The choir said in a statement, “We were moved by the beauty of ‘Come Alive’ by Foo Fighters and wanted to promote the physical and mental health benefits of singing as well as encouraging those in need to reach out. You have a voice; we are all here to listen.” The choir explained in an additional statement, “Every year we lose incredible artists in the music industry to suicide. Over 50% of roadies or other music industry professionals have attempted or considered suicide, and most of them have not sought help . . . We want to raise awareness of Music Support: a charity in the U.K. run by volunteers within the music industry who provide a confidential help line for anyone in the music profession who needs help.” The clip ends with links to the Music Support and Samaritans USA organizations as well as a Wikipedia link to Suicide Crisis Lines in a number of countries. Foo Fighters will play in Las Vegas on New Year’s Eve (Dec 31st) and will launch a spring 2018 North American tour next April. I knew it was a matter of time.  In This Moment vocalist Maria Brink has told Metal Hammer she is mulling the possibility of doing her first solo album. Asked about her musical plans for 2018, Brink told the magazine, “I’m actually thinking, for the first time, of doing a solo album. I’m starting to slowly write, no hard plans. I’m not exactly sure when I’m gonna do it, but it’ll be more of the obscure, intimate, quiet side of me. Brink added, “Probably the only drums in it would be tribal drums and probably no distorted guitars. Just the softer side of me. That’s who I am. Chris (Howorth, In This Moment guitarist) would not want to do an obscure, artistic, dreamscaping album. That’s not who he is.” Maria Brink was asked by Metal Hammer whether she’s a spiritual person and what spirituality means to her, with Brink replying, “I am really spiritual. I pray and meditate a lot, and I believe in love and God and the universe and energy. I’m a total hippie.” Brink added, “I’m not one specific religion. As long as it’s about good vibrations and love, and I feel like it’s elevating my psyche more and my heart, then I love it.” In This Moment recently released a music video for the song “Roots,” the latest track taken from the band’s recently issued sixth studio album Ritual.  In addition to the singles “Roots” and “Oh Lord,” Ritual includes a cover of Phil Collins‘ “In The Air Tonight” and a duet with Judas Priest frontman Rob Halford called “Black Wedding.” In This Moment will headline the Witching Hour Tour early next year with P.O.D.New Years Day and Ded appearing on select dates. The trek kicks off on Jan 16th in Charleston, SC and closes on Feb 18th in St. Paul, MN. (Thanks The Pulse Of Radio.)

Celebrating life today is Stan Lee (Marvel Comics co-founder; co-creator of Spider-Man, the Hulk, Iron Man, the X-Men and other characters) who turns 95!

Week of Dec 25-29, 2017

10 YEARS “Novacaine”
FOO FIGHTERS “The Sky Is A Neighborhood”
ROYAL BLOOD “I Only Lie When I Love You”
SEETHER “Betray And Degrade”
SKILLET “The Resistance”

METALLICA “Spit Out The Bone”
PAPA ROACH “Born For Greatness”
POP EVIL “Waking Lions”
STONE SOUR “Rose Red Violent Blue”

ALL THAT REMAINS “The Thunder Rolls”
BUSH “This Is War”
I PREVAIL “Lifelines”
RED “Still Alive”
RISE AGAINST “House On Fire”
STONE HORSES “Reckless Ways”
TRIVIUM “The Heart From Your Hate”

weekEnd Dec 23-24, 2017


Hour 1

PLEDGE DRIVE “Christmas Rhapsody”
PAPA ROACH “Won’t Be Home For Christmas”
Guest:  POP EVIL “Waking Lions”
HALESTORM “Mistress For Christmas”
BRENT SMITH “Happy Christmas (War Is Over)”
TOTOM “Rudolph The Paranoid Reindeer”
BOB RIVERS “Have Yourself An Ozzy Little Christmas”
STONE SOUR “Rose Red Violent Blue”
TOADIES “Santacide”
Guest:  ROYAL BLOOD “I Only Lie When I Love You”

Hour 2

BLACK STONE CHERRY “Santa Claus Is Back In Town”
THE VOICE DUDE “Carol Of The Burgers”
Guest:  AVENGED SEVENFOLD “Wish You Were Here”
ROCK SUGAR “Don’t Stop The Santa Man”
Guest:  BUSH  “This Is War”
JIM BREUER “Santa Ain’t Coming To Town”
SPINAL TAP “Christmas With The Devil”
Guest:  GREEN DAY “Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life)”
What’s In Lou’s MP3 Player?  GHOST “Cirice” (Live)

Wednesday, Dec 27, 2017

Happy Belated Christmas!  Hope your’s was awesome!

Papa Roach decided to gift their fans with this music video for the song “Traumatic.”  It’s another track from the band’s latest album, Crooked Teeth. The slightly off-kilter performance video includes images such as frontman Jacoby Shaddix hanging upside-down in a straightjacket and drummer Tony Palermo duct-taped to a wall, along with fire-breathers, farm animals and some more standard concert footage.  Crooked Teeth is Papa Roach’s ninth studio album and was released last May.

Shaddix told us Papa Roach always supports an album for the long haul instead worrying about first-week sales: It’s always about the long game, you know what I mean? It’s like, I’d love to have big, massive record sales the first week and who knows what it would look like, but it’s like, it’s all about the course of the entire record that will speak what this record’s about.”

Shaddix recently told The Rave TV  and our pal Borna Velic of The Hog in Milwaukee (hope it’s not too freezing up there!) Papa Roach will hit the studio in summer 2018 to work on its next studio effort, explaining, “In June and July, we’re gonna step in the studio and continue working on the next record — we’ve already started work on the next record — and pick up where we left of with Crooked Teeth and just keep kicking ass and taking names.”  The band has been playing a new song called “Geronimo” at some of its recent concerts.

Before recording again, Papa Roach will head out on a spring North American tour next year with guests Nothing More and Escape The Fate. The trek kicks off on Apr 5th in Raleigh, NC and will hit 25 cities before wrapping up in Corpus Christi, TX on May 13th. See our Road Rage page for all the dates! (Thanks The Pulse Of Radio.)

 has released a decidedly not-safe-for-work short documentary online called The Devil’s Hands. The film, which has been shown at fan gatherings throughout the past year, focuses on key members of the Swedish band’s road crew at work, including their tour manager, backline techs and wardrobe mistress. The tongue-in-cheek doc also includes a few fleeting glimpses of full frontal male nudity — which is what makes it unsafe for workplace viewing — while the actual members of the band are hardly seen.

The film also points out that the band’s backstage area includes separate dressing rooms for singer Papa Emeritus and the rest of the band, along with a sauna and a “cat petting room.”

A Nameless Ghoul from the band — although it was probably founder and singer Tobias Forge, a.k.a. Papa Emeritus — told us a while back that debuting a new live show can be nerve-wracking: I mean, it’s always a little bit hairy when you’ve not done it like on an every-night-to-night basis. So you never really know during the show if it’s actually going to happen or not. It’s always exciting starting up a new tour with new gadgets and new stuff, but it’s always a little bit more enjoyable when you’re a few dates into it and you’ve done it a couple of times.

Earlier this month, Ghost surprise released the digital edition of a live album called Ceremony And Devotion. The physical version of the LP will be out on Jan 19th.
Ghost has been working on the group’s fourth studio album for a tentative April 2018 release. The new disc will follow up 2015′s Meliora, which featured the Grammy-winning hit “Cirice,” and last year’s Popestar EP, which included the chart-topping “Square Hammer.”

CHECK IT OUT: Watch the Ghost documentary here(Thanks Metal Underground and The Pulse Of Radio.)

Metallica’s Lars Ulrich told Music Week the band could bring back its Orion Music + More festival, which the group staged in Atlantic City, NJ in 2012 and Detroit in June 2013. Ulrich said, “‘Orion’ is our thing. At the right time and right place, we would definitely bring that back.” He added, “We rolled the dice and neither of the set-ups we threw ourselves into was ultimately the right set-up. We gave it two shots in America and neither were right. I think we’ve talked about maybe doing something in Europe.”

Ulrich said in a Canadian interview the band hoped to possibly resurrect Orion Music + More in Europe, Canada or Mexico.

The drummer’s latest comments come two years after Metallica frontman James Hetfield said that the band “lost millions” of dollars by staging Orion, making it unlikely the band would get involved in such a project ever again.  The June 2013 Orion event at Belle Isle in Detroit drew at least 40,000 people over the course of two days to see Metallica, Red Hot Chili PeppersDeftonesSilversun PickupsRise Against and more.

Asked if Metallica would make the festival less diverse and more focused on metal than in the past, Ulrich replied, “The one thing that we talked about doing would maybe be to do something that was a little smaller and do something that was more . . . like a boutique, where it’s more full-on Metallica. Maybe it’s just Metallica and some stuff, like museum stuff, and just maybe making it only Metallica for a whole weekend, but making it smaller.“   (Thanks Music Week and The Pulse Of Radio.)

Blabbermouth and The Pulse Of Radio reporting our pal Alter Bridge singer Myles Kennedy said in an interview with Eddie Trunk that he hopes there are no existing recordings of his 2008 studio sessions with the instrumental members of Led Zeppelin. Guitarist Jimmy Page, bassist John Paul Jones and drummer Jason Bonham were looking to keep working together after Zeppelin’s one-off December 2007 reunion concert and invited Kennedy to write music and rehearse with them over the course of two sessions.

Kennedy told hardDriveRadio a while back what it was like to play with the members of Led Zep: “It was so surreal, it was just unbelievable. I spent the day there in a studio with those guys. playing songs, and next thing you know, I believe in September that year we got together again and spent what I like to consider probably the greatest week of my life playing with those guys. And any time I’m having a bad day, I think about those days and suddenly everything feels a lot better ’cause I got to experience that.”

Although Kennedy confirmed that the sessions were not filmed, he also told Trunk that he hopes no recordings exist either, explaining, “I actually hope (it) didn’t (get recorded), because I was actually pretty sick. I had come off a tour in Australia, and I remember I got there and I had bronchitis or something, and I remember it took a few days for my voice to come back. So I hope there is nothing that exists.”

Kennedy previously revealed he played the Zeppelin classics “No Quarter,” “The Rain Song,” “Kashmir” and others with the three musicians, calling it “a lot of fun.”  The singer, who also fronts the solo touring band of Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash, said on That Metal Show a few years back that the project would never have been called Led Zeppelin if it had gotten off the ground, adding, “They just wanted to play . . . they weren’t sure what it was, but it was never going to be Led Zeppelin with a new singer, I mean, obviously.

Kennedy will release his debut solo album, Year Of The Tiger, on Mar 9th, 2018.

Friday, Dec 22, 2017

“Oh My!”  RIP  Dick Enberg.   To so many, you were the voice of sports.

An endowed fund of more than $1 million to support student scholarships at UCLA School of Law in Los Angeles has been created in the name of late Soundgarden  frontman Chris Cornell, by a coalition led by his widow Vicky Cornell. The Chris Cornell Scholarship honors Cornell’s commitment to justice, human rights and advocacy for those in need. Members of the coalition include several friends and colleagues of Cornell as well as supporters of UCLA Law.

Vicky Cornell said, “My husband and I agreed that given the opportunity of education, people have the power to change the world. UCLA School of Law is an institution known for its academic excellence and we are proud the Chris Cornell Scholarship will provide funding for future students and future leaders of the world.”

UCLA Chancellor Gene Block said in a statement, “This endowment honors an influential musical artist who cared about human rights and enables others the opportunity to make a positive impact in the world.”

The Cornells have become more involved in human rights issues over the years, with Chris writing and recording the title song earlier this year for The Promise, the first feature film to tell the story of the Armenian Genocide.

Chris told us in an interview one month before his death last May why the story was still relevant today: “You know, you can see the warning signs of genocide — they’re pretty much always the same. Not only is it happening now, but there are warning signs that could expose where it’s gonna happen in the future. And my hope would be that as a global community we’re on the lookout for those warning signs, so that we can pre-empt these disasters before they happen.”

All proceeds from the film have gone toward human rights causes, with Chris donating all of his proceeds from the song to the International Rescue Committee. In November, the track was nominated for a Grammy for Best Rock Performance. It may also earn an Oscar nomination when those are announced in early 2018. (Thanks The Pulse Of Radio.)

Blabbermouth reports Metallica frontman James Hetfield visited the Vail, CO fire and police departments on Wednesday (Dec 20th) to spread some holiday cheer among the city’s firefighters and police officers. Hetfield and his daughter stopped by with his daughter to deliver Starbucks gift cards courtesy of the band’s All Within My Hands Foundation.

Hetfield moved his family to Vail last year after being based in the San Francisco area for 34 years. Hetfield’s wife Francesca grew up in the Vail area, which was also an incentive to move. The two have been married for nearly 20 years and have three teenage children.

Hetfield told podcaster Joe Rogan last year he didn’t feel as if he belonged in the Bay Area anymore, explaining, “They talk about how diverse they are, and things like that, and it’s fine if you’re diverse like them. But showing up with a deer on the bumper doesn’t fly in Marin County. My form of eating organic doesn’t vibe with theirs.”

Although Hetfield sensed an “elitist attitude” in the Bay Area, he was also quick to add that he was “glad there is a place” like San Francisco” that prides itself on being progressive, very moving forward . . . But then there’s a part of me that just maybe is like frontier-style.”

Metallica’s All Within My Hands Foundation is “dedicated to creating sustainable communities by supporting workforce education, the fight against hunger, and other critical local services,” acccording to the foundation’s web site.  Metallica played a benefit show last month in San Francisco to raise money for victims of the recent Northern California wildfires. The band will resume its Hardwired… To Self-Destruct world tour in February after the holidays.

In his Facebook Live chat earlier this week (and shout to yours truly on my retirement), Blabbermouth reporting some news items Jonathan Davis (Korn)  (pictured right with Fieldy and some old lady)  revealed.  I already mentioned you should expect JD’s solo album next year, which he described to me as more along the lines of the music and vocal style he did for the Queen Of The Damned soundtrack.  Davis is already scheduled to appear on his own at several European festivals, with more touring in both Europe and North America expected.

Davis said in a Facebook Live session earlier this week, “I’m finishing my record finally . . . I started it in 2008, so I guess it’ll be 10 years of work.” He added, “I’m really excited. I’ve been working on these songs for 10 years, and it’s turned out amazing. So there’ll be a record coming out next year. I just shot videos yesterday for a couple of songs, and the tour will be next year.”

While it may have changed over the years, Davis told hardDriveRadio some time ago his goals for his solo record: I want the record to be the most amazing record I could possibly put out. I want all songs to be amazing and different. I want it to be really a very artistic, crazy album that no one’s ever heard before. ‘Cause it’s very world music-y and dark, heavy, Peter Gabriel-esque type music and I want all the songs to be different, and nothing like Korn.”

Davis confirmed in the Facebook session the project was started years ago with his touring band, Jonathan Davis and the Simply F**king Amazings, but noted, “J.D. S.F.A. is no longer. Unfortunately, since Shane (Gibson, former Korn touring guitarist and a member of Davis’s solo backing band) passed, that band’s done and it can’t be recreated. So this is J.D. right now.

Davis has recorded and toured on his own intermittently over the years. He has composed music for soundtracks, most notably Queen Of The Damned, and has toured and DJed frequently over the years as his alter ego JDevil. He has also done cameos in a couple of independent films, as well as Queen Of The Damned. Korn’s last album, The Serenity Of Suffering, came out in 2016. The group is expected to work on its 13th studio offering sometime later in 2018. (Thanks The Pulse Of Radio & Blabbermouth)

Blabbermouth  reports Papa Roach‘s Jacoby Shaddix told Borna of our Milwaukee affiliate The Hog that P-Roach plans to return to the studio next summer to resume work on its follow-up to this year’s Crooked Teeth album.  Jacoby told TheRave TV earlier this month (see video above): “In June and July [of 2018], we’re gonna step in the studio and continue working on the next record — we’ve already started work on the next record — and pick up where we left of with ‘Crooked Teeth’ and just keep kicking ass and taking names.

Papa Roach has been previewing a new song called ”Geronimo” at some of the band’s recent shows. Drummer Tony Palermo told Germany’s the track’s lyrics “are basically [about] Jacoby growing up and looking for stuff to do in a small town.”

Regarding the band‘s decision to return to the studio so soon, Palermo said: “We basically finished ‘Crooked Teeth’, and at the beginning of the year, we had a tour cancel on us, so we had to… We couldn’t just go out and book a tour; it takes time. So we thought, ‘What better time to continue the creative process with our producers, Nick [Nicholas 'Ras' Furlong] and Colin ['Doc' Brittain].’ So we went back in the studio right after we finished the last record, ‘Crooked Teeth’, and got about five or six songs down, demoed out.

Palermo also talked about the musical direction of the brand new songs, saying: “They’re definitely more in the bouncy, riffy era of Papa Roach.”

It’s a great start to creating some new music again, even though ['Crooked Teeth'] is still new,” he continued. “So it feels good that we have somewhat half a record already written. But that’s not to say that those are gonna all make the record, because that’s determined at a later time. But we’ve already had fun writing some of the newer stuff — like, new-new.

Five Finger Death Punch has released a video for its surprise cover of The Offspring‘s “Gone Away,” which originally appeared on that act’s 1997 LP Ixnay On The Hombre.

Five Finger Death Punch guitarist Zoltan Bathory stated about the video: “Every song has exactly as many meanings as many people have heard it, but by creating a music video we can crystallize one of the possibilities, our personal interpretation, and share what those words mean to us personally.

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and by taking a snapshot of our own perception of something, we are also sharing the impact it had on us.

Gone Away’ is one of those songs that can hit you in the chest, and our interpretation may surprise some… but this is how we heard it.

The track appears on the band’s newly released greatest hits cd, A Decade Of Destruction. You have been hearing it also on hardDrive!    (I love covers!)

The band has just finished a European arena tour with In Flames and Of Mice & Men.

Earlier this month, Five Finger Death Punch celebrated the RIAA (Recording Industry Association Of America) platinum certifications of its American Capitalist (2011) and The Wrong Side Of Heaven And The Righteous Side Of Hell, Vol. 1 (2013) albums.

War Is The Answer, the band’s 2009 album, and its hit single ”Bad Company” previously went platinum in 2016 and 2013, respectively.  The band will have a new album that could be released later in the new year.  Stay tuned!  (Thanks Blabbermouth)

Whoa!   Not so fast Tom DeLonge and your UFO revelations! Famed astrophysicist  Neil DeGrasse Tyson has dismissed a video released by former Blink-182  guitarist that purports to feature shots of an actual UFO in flight. The newly declassified clip, posted to the YouTube channel of DeLonge’s To The Stars Academy, allegedly includes footage of a glowing, rotating aircraft filmed from Navy F/A-18 Super Hornets in 2004.

Speaking on CNN’s New Day on Wednesday morning (Dec 20th), Tyson was dismissive of the video, saying, “Call me when you have a dinner invite from an alien. The evidence is so paltry for aliens to visit Earth, I have no further interest. Let other people who care go ahead, and then when you finally find some aliens bring them into Times Square.”

He continued, “The universe brims with mysteries. Just because you don’t know what it is you’re looking at doesn’t mean it’s intelligent aliens visiting from another planet. Scientists live in mystery every day of our lives … People are uncomfortable not knowing, not the scientists. I’m fine. We don’t know what it is. Keep checking it out.”

The video was reportedly part of a secret Pentagon program investigating reports of UFOs and other threats, which Tyson said he supports in general: “I’m glad the Pentagon was looking at this, because if it posed a threat, I want them on top of it right away. The program is closed down, which said ‘not a threat.’”

DeLonge’s To The Stars Academy made the pages of The New York Times earlier this week when a member of his advisory board, former Pentagon official Luis Elizondo, confirmed the existence of the UFO-related investigative program at the Pentagon, called the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program.

The program launched in 2007 and was allegedly shut down by the Defense Department in 2012, but reports indicate that the program has continued to operate clandestinely within the Pentagon. Elizondo resigned from his Pentagon post in October due to what he said was “excessive secrecy and internal opposition.” DeLonge found a role for Elizondo with To The Stars after he quit the Pentagon.  DeLonge told the New York Daily News after the report was published, “There’s a lot more s**t coming.” (Thanks The Pulse Of Radio/Loudwire.) 

Celebrating life this weekend!  Today:  Cheap Trick guitarist Rick Nielsen is 71!  Saturday:  Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam is 53 and Harry Shearer is 74!  And Christmas Day, Monday, drummer Josh Freese is 45.

Have a wonderful Christmas!  I’ll be driving up to Atlanta to spend the holidays and will be back here on the 28th for my last two reports of the year!

Thursday, Dec 21, 2017

OMG!  I love this!  David & Lena Draiman shared the photo shoot (click the link) for their Christmas card and it’s amazing!  Even though the Disturbed frontman is Jewish, Lena, who had a friendship with photographer Sanjay N. Patel, wanted to have a “bad ass Christmas card”  with their son Sam Bear,  so she enlisted the photographer’s help.

David is apparently a huge Star Wars fan, along with the rest of his family, so the singer went all out in preparing a Star Wars-themed holiday card this season. The Draiman family hired  Patel to come to their former home in Austin, TX for the photo shoot, releasing the video (see first paragraph) highlighting what went down. The video shows  all the shots it took to composite the final picture, ending with a card that stays fairly accurate to Star Wars poster art, which I tried to do a cut n paste on. (sorry, it’s tiny.)

Disturbed has had a fairly quiet 2017. The group announced plans earlier this year to record and release an acoustic EP before starting its next full-length studio album, but has not provided any updates since.  (Thanks The Pulse Of Radio)

Nothing More is in the news.  The band has released a music video for the next single, “Do You Really Want It,” from the band’s Grammy-nominated new album The Stories We Tell Ourselves. The video is comprised mostly of live performance footage, although it also utilizes a visual effect called “Tiny Planet” that creates a spherical panorama around whatever it’s pointing at.

Guitarist Mark Vollelunga told hardDriveRadio at this point he enjoys playing both small and large shows with Nothing More: “They both have their advantages, really. Festivals are awesome ’cause it’s an endless sea of people and you see ‘em all moving as one. And then the smaller, sweaty rock shows is a thing, you know. It’s punk rock. It feels awesome.”

The Stories We Tell Ourselves came out on Sep 15th and debuted at Number 15 on the Billboard 200 album chart, while also landing at Number Three on both the Rock Album chart and the Alternative Album Chart. The disc contains the Top Five rock radio hit “Go To War.”

The new disc follows up Nothing More’s self-titled 2014 LP, which featured the Number One rock radio track “This Is The Time (Ballast).” Nothing More was nominated last month for three Grammy Awards, including Best Rock Song and Best Rock Performance for “Go To War,” as well as Best Rock Album for The Stories We Tell Ourselves.

The band will participate in the annual ShipRocked music cruise in late January before kicking off a new round of North American dates on Feb 3rd in Little Rock, AR. (THanks The Pulse Of Radio.)

Well, this is a bummer.  System Of A Down frontman Serj Tankian has confirmed to Rolling Stone the band has been stalled in its attempts to record a follow-up to its Mezmerize and Hypnotize albums, which came out in 2005. Tankian explained, “We’ve discussed it and we’ve played each other songs, but we still haven’t come eye to eye on how things should be done for us to be able to move forward with it. And that’s where it’s been.

Tankian added that ironically the band members are getting along better than ever, saying, “That’s the funny thing. When people don’t see a record, they assume the worst about your internal relationship. But the truth is we’re actually better friends — at least I’m better friends with everyone than I’ve ever been.

Tankian continued, “We have a great time together touring. But sometimes putting together a record, and that creative output and how things should be done, is different in four people’s heads and it doesn’t always come together.”

The singer also said that a recent news story in which he was quoted as saying “screw vocals” and that he was only interested in making instrumental music was taken out of context. He remarked, “Everyone’s looking for headlines. I hate that. I hate when they take something and they just go with it . . . At least check with me. Don’t take an interview that was translated from Russian from five months ago on the set of a film without checking.“   Tankian has two new film scores under his belt. The first, for a movie called Intent To Destroy, was released digitally via iTunes and Apple on Nov 17th, while the second, for a movie titled Furious: The Legend Of Kolovrat, arrived digitally on Dec 8th.  (Thanks The Pulse Of Radio.)

Tankian has toured with System Of A Down over the past few years but the band has not released new music in more than a decade.  Drummer John Dolmayan revealed in a 2016 interview the group had written music for more than a dozen new songs, but those remain in limbo.

Blabbermouth reports Matt Tuck says Bullet For My Valentine‘s forthcoming sixth album is “a corker” which will “take a lot of people by surprise” when they first hear it.

Due early next year, the follow-up to 2015′s Venom will mark the band’s full-length recording debut with new drummer Jason Bowld (Pitchshifter, Axewound), who has been touring with Bullet For My Valentine for the past two years, and bassist Jamie Mathias(formerly of Revoker), who joined the group after the last disc was completed.

Tuck told NME he “definitely” took the lead in the songwriting department on Bullet For My Valentine’s new album, explaining that he “had a bit more of a vision” than the other guys on what he wanted the record to be like.

The guitarist/vocalist said that he and his bandmates “tried to make [the upcoming disc] a different-sounding record, we’ve tried to approach songwriting differently, and a bunch of stuff. We don’t wanna regurgitate anything we’ve done in the past,” he said. “That’s the past — we wanna look forward to the future. We tried to make things bigger by calming things down on the technical side. So we’ve still got really big, massive heavy groove songs, but instead of being super-thrashy and technical on the guitar, they are far simpler and far more digestible, but it gives you a far bigger sound.

Noting that “every album,” for him, “has a purpose, and every album has its own moment in time,“ Tuck said: “I don’t think anything we’ve ever done sounds like something we’ve done before already. And as a songwriter and a creative person, that’s what excites me and that’s what motivates me — to make things different and to challenge ourselves and to challenge myself as a songwriter and a musician and a lyricist and everything, to not do things that are boring and are stale and I’ve done before. And that is really challenging… That’s what keeps me motivated — the challenge of recreating the band’s sound and pushing myself creatively.”

Consequently, Tuck believes Bullet For My Valentine’s new album will “initially take a lot of people by surprise by the way it sounds and the instrumentation that we’ve incorporated into it this time. But I think as soon as the dust settles and people get to live with it, it’s a corker — it rocks. We’re very happy with it.”

Asked about the lyrical themes covered on the band’s upcoming disc, Tuck said: “There’s a lot of stuff that will be very self-explanatory when people hear it. I don’t wanna say too much about it yet ’cause it is very early days, but it’s a very personal record for me. It’s got highs and it’s got very dark lows. But it’s very real, and I think people will relate to it.”

Bullet For My Valentine’s next effort will be released through the band’s new label home, Search And Destroy, the imprint launched in 2014 by Spinefarm and international artist management company Raw Power Management.

The group made its split with founding drummer Michael “Moose” Thomas permanent earlier this month. Thomas, who took a leave of absence from the group in November 2015, was replaced by Bowld, who has been behind the kit since Moose‘s exit. Moose has said he will be announcing his net endeavor soon.

Following in the footsteps of last year’s reading of “The Dinosaur That Pooped Christmas”, Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich was invited back to the BBC to spread more holiday cheer by telling the mighty tale of “Stick Man”. Lars’s appearance, which originally aired on the Tuesday, Dec 19 edition of Jo Whiley‘s BBC Radio 2 show, can be streamed using the audio player above.

The beloved children’s classic written by Julia Donaldson and illustrated by Axel Scheffler, “Stick Man” was recently described by The Salt Lake Tribune as “a sweetly funny tale about the importance of perseverance.” Written in verse, the 2008 book follows the adventures of Stick Man as he’s carried ever further away from his family after going for a morning jog and being snatched by a playful dog. Donaldson told The Telegraph the book is “definitely one of our most poignant. All children can relate to the idea of a family member going missing. A lot of children have gone missing themselves and had to find their way home.

The European leg of Metallica’s “WorldWired” tour kicked off in Copenhagen, DK on Sep 2 and ran through Nov 3. After a break, the trek will pick up again on Feb 1, 2018 in Lisbon, PT, and continue through May, finishing up in Helsinki, FI.

The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame band is touring in support of its tenth studio album, “Hardwired… To Self-Destruct”, which came out in November 2016. (Thanks Blabbermouth.)

Happy 46th today to Brett Scallions of Fuel!

Wednesday, Dec 20, 2017

11 days til retirement.   Yikes!

I knew Dave Grohl has always wanted to be in a skit on SNL.  Apparently he got his wish, but it never made the show, sadly!   This video was the skit that they didn’t have time to air on the show.  Look closely to find Dave.    Meanwhile, Dave holds the record for the musician who has had the most appearances on SNL, a total of 13, both with and without his Foo Fighters. He’s also appeared with Nirvana,  the late Tom Petty  and the Heartbreakers and with Mick Jagger.   And now, Foo Fighters!

and The Pulse Of Radio report percussionist, M. Shawn “Clown” Crahan says it will be a while before Slipknot records again. In an interview with NME, he gave an estimated timeline and said, “I’ll be in the studio in November 2018.” He followed up about the changes in the band and stated, “It got a little screwed up after All Hope Is Gone, because Paul Gray passed away, so we took time off. Took time with our kids, and toured for a couple of years until it felt right. Then when it felt right, Joey took off.”

Gray died in 2010 from a drug overdose, and Jordison was let go in December 2013, just before Slipknot began recording the last album.

Shawn also said:  ”I’ve made people so much f*****g money. Pay for the studio, give me this engineer, give me this producer. It’s just jamming, but I’ve never heard music like this, that we’re doing right now. I’ll be 50 by the time it comes out. I’ll be touring when I’m 50; they’ll throw me a birthday party! So where I’m at these days, I’m like, ‘Maybe make it the last one.’

Reverb has partnered with Billie Joe Armstrong to have an online garage sale of Green Day items. The frontman will be selling off a lot of gear today (Wednesday, Dec 20th) from his home and studio collections, with guitars, amps, and even a console used throughout the band’s history.

Armstrong said, “I love the character you can see looking at a fretboard that’s been used – you can see where someone played it in clubs, in barns, in churches. We had a guitar come through our store, and you could just see the smoke from the clubs it was played in. It was beautiful.

One of the items up for sale is the Victoria 35210-T tweed Super amp named Little Vicky. It was used to record the intro to the title track from the band’s American Idiot. Also in Armstrong’s collection is a Brian May guitar that the band picked up during the American Idiot tour to play on its “We Are The Champions” encore.

More than 20 pieces of new and vintage pro audio gear from JingleTown Recording (formerly 880 Studios) in Oakland, which closed this year. According to Armstrong, the last few Green Day albums were recorded on the rig.Other items include:

  • - Two Silvertone amps used on Uno… Dos… Tré!
  • - Several Gretsch guitars, including a black Brian Setzer Hot Rod model used on the American Idiot tour and a red Anniversary model used on Foxboro Hot Tubs recordings.
  • - A Trident Console used on Uno… Dos… Tré! and Revolution Radio.

(Thanks The Pulse Of Radio and Loudwire)

My friends from Sweden, Avatarreleased a new video for “The King Wants You.”  The band spend a lot of time this past summer at a studio in Gothenburg, Sweden working on their new album titled, Avatar Country. The 10 new songs, which all have the word “King” in the title, will be released on Jan 12.

Avatar worked with a familiar producer in the studio, Jay Ruston, who also worked with Stone Sour, Anthrax and Steel Panther.


01. Glory To Our King
02. Legend Of The King
03. The King Welcomes You To Avatar Country
04. King’s Harvest
05. The King Wants You
06. The King Speaks
07. A Statue Of The King
08. King After King
09. Silent Songs Of The King Pt. 1 – Winter Comes When The King Dreams Of Snow
10. Silent Songs Of The King Pt. 2 – The King’s Palace

Aw, I won’t be around for this and I’m sad.  Breaking Benjamin is set to release its new single, “Red Cold River next month.  In an interview with hardDriveRadio,  frontman  Ben Burnley said, “I don’t want to reinvent the wheel. I just want to write good music that’s gonna stand the test of time and I try to do that. Whether I accomplished that is another thing, but at least I try to do that.”

Breaking Benjamin will begin a nationwide tour with Avenged Sevenfold and Bullet For My Valentine on Jan 12. And look for the single to be out on Jan 5, with the new album, Ember, to be released sometime next spring.

Blabbermouth reporting Seattle’s Walking Papers, featuring Jefferson Angell (The Missionary Position), Benjamin Anderson (The Missionary Position), Duff McKagan (Guns N’ Roses, Loaded) and Barrett Martin (Screaming Trees, Mad Season), will release its second album, WP2, on Jan 19, 2018 via Loud & Proud Records.

WP2 is the follow-up to the band’s 2013 critically acclaimed debut album that Rolling Stone called “dark, alternately sensual and sinister.” USA Today said, “Sometimes an album sounds nothing like you expect yet still blows you away… It’s powerful yet nuanced, a kind of rock confident enough in itself that it rarely needs force to make its point.” Consequence Of Sound said, “It’s a record that largely eschews typical hard rock fare, opting instead for a blues rock that slinks and wafts as much as it crunches and blusters. This unlikely dynamic makes Walking Papers a pink slip you’ll actually be happy to get.” VH1 described the band’s sound as “weathered, bluesy and broken in by years of experience. This is hard rock as made by grown-ass men with stories to tell and no one to please but themselves.”

Walking Papers have launched a PledgeMusic campaign for pre-orders.  Fans will find exclusive offers for merchandise, unique items and experiences with the band, and the only place to purchase the song ”This Is How It Ends” along with its companion comic book by Angell, graphic novelist Matt Hayward and artist Csaba Master.

Jonathan Davis from Korn hosted a Facebook Live event Monday night.  He announced the launch of SomberOne, #SomberOne  Only 5,000 shirts will be made and each will come with a signed card from Jonathan.  Proceeds will go to charities like Make A  Wish and others TBA.  The shirts are pictured above worn by JD and his wife Deven.

Meanwhile, JD answered fan questions including ones from me and he wished me a happy retirement!    I told him I’d still do interviews with him!  LOL  He will be releasing his solo music next year and will be doing a short tour behind it.  So keep an eye on his Facebook page for info on that.

Tuesday, Dec 19, 2017

Avenged Sevenfold frontman M. Shadows has said in a new interview with Billboard  the band is already looking ahead to making its eighth studio album, although he cautioned that it’s very early in the process: There’s no new songs. We’ll probably talk for a couple months before we even start writing. There’s just so many cool new influences and even just the idea of sparking us to think of different things outside of the box, I just know it’s going to be different and cool. A lot of times it’s just hard to find inspiration, but once you find inspiration, it’s usually a lot easier process.”

The band issued its most recent LP, The Stage, in October 2016, although Shadows admitted that they may not want to “drag (The Stage) out too much longer.”   A deluxe edition of The Stage arrives this Friday (Dec 22nd). It features seven additional studio songs plus four previously unreleased live tracks recorded during recent shows at the O2 Arena in London, recorded unbeknownst to them by their late engineer, “Shirt.”

Avenged Sevenfold recently confirmed the details of an early 2018 North American headlining tour with Breaking Benjamin and Bullet For My Valentine. The trek will begin on Jan 12th in Nashville with shows booked so far through Feb 11th in Fargo, ND.

Shadows also hinted at the group going out on a “really big summer tour” next year, although he did not provide any more details. He suggested that Avenged could enter the studio after that trek concludes.

Avenged Sevenfold became the first rock band to ever release an album with no advance promotion, surprising their fan base with the sudden arrival of The Stage in October 2016. The group announced the LP’s release with a live-streamed performance on the rooftop of the Capitol Records Tower in Hollywood, CA. But the plan more or less backfired, resulting in the lowest-selling LP from the group in years. (Thanks Billboard via The Pulse Of Radio.)

The Offspring will return to the studio next month to resume work on its new album. Asked about the status of the veteran punk act’s next LP, guitarist Kevin “Noodles” Wasserman told Front Row Live this past Friday (Dec 15th), “We’re working on it. We were in the studio all this week. We finished up for the holidays on Tuesday, Wednesday, and then we’re gonna get back in the studio as soon as the new year (rolls around), in January.”

The band’s 10th studio effort will follow up 2012′s Days Go By. Wasserman said about the band’s writing process, “We kind of show up and throw everything at the wall with the microphones running . . . But it’s very relaxed, it’s very fun — it’s just a different way of trying to create songs, but it’s no less creative, for sure.”

Frontman Dexter Holland told us a while back that the Offspring like to branch off from their punk roots: I love that sound, and that’s what inspired me to start a band and that’s what saved my life, but I’ve always just kind of gotten bored, you know, if that’s all we do. So I’ve always tried to stretch it a little bit, even back to our first record, Ignition, which had a song called “Dirty Magic,” which was different for us and stuff. But always tried to mix it up, kinda just to keep it interesting. It’s a great feeling to feel like, creatively, we can kind of go wherever we want.

The Offspring spent 2014 on the road promoting the 20th anniversary of its 1994 breakthrough album Smash, performing the disc in its entirety at a number of shows. Last April, the Offspring played its 1992 album Ignition in full at a benefit show in Berkeley, CA, to celebrate the 30th anniversary of 924 Gilman, a nonprofit music and art community space.

Meanwhile, a little over a year ago,   Dexter Holland completed his dissertation and graduated with a Ph.D. in Molecular Biology from the University of Southern California. Holland began his studies before The Offspring achieved major success, but put his education aside to focus on music. He returned to his studies five years ago and his thesis was on HIV, its causes and possible paths to a cure.  He also flies his own plane and has a line of hot sauces under the name Gringo Bandito.  (Thanks Blabbermouth and The Pulse Of Radio.)

Ozzy Osbourne in a jam band?   Yes indeed!  According to Brave Words, he joined all-star covers act Royal Machines on stage Saturday night (Dec 16th) at the Roxy nightclub in West Hollywood, CA to perform six songs, including his solo hits “I Don’t Know” and “Crazy Train” as well as the Black Sabbath classics “Paranoid” and “Iron Man.”

Royal Machines is the “all-star covers fun-times band” featuring former members of another popular Hollywood covers act, Camp Freddy. The lineup includes Jane’s Addiction guitarist Dave Navarro, ex-Cult bassist Billy Morrison, singer Donovan LeitchSugar Ray frontman Mark McGrath and acclaimed drummer Josh Freese.

Ozzy was invited to jam with the group by his good friend Morrison, who told Yahoo! Music, “I have never asked Ozzy for anything, which is possibly why I’m one of his closest friends.

Black Sabbath played its final shows earlier this year, but Ozzy has continued to do solo shows and plans to head out on his own solo farewell run next year. The trek will begin in May 2018 and is expected to end sometime in 2020, after which Ozzy will end extended touring but may still play select shows from time to time.

Blabbermouth reporting on May 8, 2016, Slipknot and Stone Sour frontman Corey Taylor played a sold-out solo acoustic set at Koko in London, England. The full performance has just been released for the first time to the public at (free e-mail sign-up required).

Taylor states: “London is a city that holds a special place in my heart and I’m so happy this night was captured for you all to see. It was certainly a show I will always remember.”

During his solo performances, Taylor plays a bunch of songs from his catalog, as well as a number of surprising covers, including The Cure‘s ”Lovesong.”

The setlist for the Koko concert was as follows:

01. I’ll Be Your Lover, Too (VAN MORRISON cover)
02. Bother (STONE SOUR song)
03. Friend Of The Devil (GRATEFUL DEAD cover)
04. Snuff (SLIPKNOT song)
05. Taciturn (STONE SOUR song)
06. SpongeBob SquarePants Theme (PAINTY THE PIRATE & KIDS cover)
07. Zzyzx Rd. (STONE SOUR song) (with Christian Martucci)
08. Have You Ever Seen The Rain? (CREEDENCE CLEARWATER REVIVAL cover) (with Christian Martucci)
09. Dying (STONE SOUR song) (with Christian Martucci)
10. Hard Luck Woman (KISS cover) (with Christian Martucci)
11. The Travelers, Pt. 1 (STONE SOUR song) (with Christian Martucci)
12. Tired (STONE SOUR song) (with Christian Martucci)
13. The One I Love (R.E.M. cover) (with Christian Martucci)
14. Ever Fallen In Love (With Someone You Shouldn’t've) (BUZZCOCKS cover) (with Christian Martucci)
15. 30/30-150 (STONE SOUR song) (with Christian Martucci)
16. Lovesong (THE CURE cover) (with Christian Martucci)
17. Farm Song (LIFE SEX & DEATH cover) (with Christian Martucci)
18. Name (GOO GOO DOLLS cover) (with Christian Martucci)
19. Folsom Prison Blues / Mystery Train / American Nightmare (with Christian Martucci)


20. The Conflagration (STONE SOUR song) (with Christian Martucci)
21. Through Glass (STONE SOUR song) (with Christian Martucci)
22. Take It Easy (EAGLES cover) (with Christian Martucci) (preceded by “Free Bird” tease)
23. Spit It Out (SLIPKNOT song) (preceded by “Never Gonna Give You Up” tease)

Guess we’ll have new cover songs for the next Cover It Up special edition of hardDrive!

Blabbermouth reporting the official music video for “Glass Houses,” the debut single from Stereo Satellite — the new band featuring Disturbed bassist John MoyerAdrenaline Mob members Mike Orlando (guitar) and Jordan Cannata (drums), and ex-Rockstar Supernova singer Lukas Rossi — can be seen above.  Stereo Satellite will make its live debut at the ShipRocked cruise on Tuesday, Jan 23, 2018.

Says the group: “After years in the making, we are very proud to be finally sharing our new band with the world… Ladies and gentlemen, we give you Stereo SatelliteBy melding hook-filled melodies within heavy guitar riffs and hard beats, Stereo Satellite shows their ability to compact a vast array of influence and experience into a signature sound with substance, style, and spirit.”

Orlando and Cannata were both involved in a crash last July that resulted in the death of Adrenaline Mob bassist David Zablidowsky.

Orlando states: “Over the past recent months, I have learned a lot about how cathartic music can be, especially after going through such a heinous life-changing tragedy. It’s been a complete uphill battle in even trying to begin to heal physically and mentally. I have a long road ahead, for sure, and will have to undergo many more procedures and ongoing therapy. I don’t think I’ll ever fully heal mentally, but I’ve been moved to write songs again with my brother Lukas, who I feel is an amazing songwriting partner, and start this new band along with my brothers John Moyer and Jordan Cannata. I find it really helps me to cope and I can’t wait to share all the music we’ve written and start touring again full-time.”

Moyer admits to having mixed feelings about the band being dubbed a supergroup. “We hate the supergroup thing because it’s a new band in its own right,” he says. “But I think it’s important for us to say we’ve been around the rock music scene for a long time and in various ways. Stereo Satellite is a new beginning for us all, and I’m looking forward to sharing our new music with the fans very soon.”

Rossi concurs, saying: “I can’t wait to release our new songs and perform them live with these awesome guys. Regarding the supergroup thing, look I don’t care what you call us, just call us!

Back in 2006, Rossi was declared the winner of the second season of “Rock Star” and assumed frontman duties for Rocksar Supernova, a band comprised of MÖTLEY CRÜE drummer Tommy Lee, former Metallica bassist Jason Newsted and former Guns N’ Roses guitarist Gilby Clarke.

Moyer joined Disturbed in 2003 and has appeared on the albums Ten Thousand Fists, Indestructible, Asylum and Immortalized.

And finally today, and this is for Lou Brutus who has a thing about UFOs,

Former Blink 182 guitarist Tom DeLonge‘s paranormal research organization was cited in an article from the New York Times this weekend. Former Pentagon official Luis Elizondo, who is now part of DeLonge’s To The Stars Academy of Arts & Science, confirmed the existence of a UFO-related investigative program at the Pentagon called the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program. The program launched in 2007 and was allegedly shut down by the Defense Department in 2012, but reports indicate that the program has continued to operate clandestinely within the Pentagon.

The obscure name was designed to disguise the fact that the U.S. Department of Defense was spending $22 million on searching for UFOs, according to the Times.  Elizondo resigned from his Pentagon post in October due to what he said was “excessive secrecy and internal opposition.” DeLonge found a role for Elizondo with To The Stars after he quit the Pentagon.

New declassified videos posted to To The Stars‘ YouTube channel show footage of a glowing, rotating aircraft filmed from Navy F/A-18 Super Hornets in 2004. The Times also included the footage in its article.  DeLonge told the New York Daily News after the report was published that “all the things (people have) heard about and seen are the first step of 20. There’s a lot more s**t coming.

DeLonge’s split with Blink in early 2015 was at least partially due to him wanting to spend more time on his other pursuits, including UFO research and the development of films and books related to that topic.

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