Friday, Oct 24

Holy moly!  New York has it’s first EBOLA patient and he rode the same subway as I do! He lives just north of me too!   I am NOT fearful of contracting the disease.  People need to get a grip.  And we are NEW YORKERS!  We ain’t afraid of anything! …..It starts TODAY!  The three-day festival known as KNOTFEST!  The best heavy metal and hard rock festival with the biggest band in the land, SLIPKNOT, making their first appearance in years!  It will be exciting to say the least!  Lou Brutus and Paulie Walnuts head out tonight after the show and will be there for all the amazing bands!  I am bummed I have to stay behind this time (my knee is really giving me problems…hello PT!)  and I know my boys will kill it!  Lou will be presenting several of the bands and getting the ONLY interviews that Corey Taylor, Volbeat and Five Finger Death Punch will be doing on site. So we are very honored!  If you are going, PLEASE PLEASE download the hardDriveRadio APP so you can post pictures and keep an eye on the INTERACT LIVE spot because you never know what you will see there! Speaking of Corey, he posted a four-minute video in conjunction with the You Rock Foundation in which he discusses his struggles with depression, homelessness and suicidal feelings, and how he overcame them with the help of music. Taylor says in the clip, ”When I hit 17, I kind of started wrecking myself, and started lashing out at a lot of people. . . I was homeless, off and on, for about two years. And I didn’t know what I was gonna do, I didn’t know how I was gonna do anything with my life.”  He continues, “It was a really, really dark time for me. I definitely got to the point where I was ready to end it all. I had the razor in my hand and I started cutting myself. But it was a pressure valve kind of situation, where it wasn’t like I was going to end it, I just needed to feel something real to snap me out of it.” Taylor admits  he swallowed a “bunch of pills” and ended up in the hospital, adding, “That was probably the lowest moment of my life, because I’d done it to myself. The only thing that really helped was writing. It felt like when I was writing I could work it out and really be able to get my head around it.” Taylor also tried to commit suicide in 2003 by attempting to jump off a hotel balcony while struggling with alcoholism. He told us a while back about how he finally got sober: “It was really bad, man. I mean, there was a solid block of about two years that I was basically drinking every night, and I didn’t even realize how bad it was until my wife kind of grabbed me and said, ‘Look, you’ve got to figure it out. If you don’t figure it out, we’re not gonna be together.’ And I quit, that day. And I haven’t looked back.”  Watch the clip here…….Live stopped by the hardDriveRadio studios yesterday!  Met their new singer Chris Shinn for the first time. Chris, along with guitarist Chad Taylor and drummer Chad Gracey were in for interview and Chad T  and Chris performed a couple of songs in the hardDrive acoustic studio “I Alone” (love that) and the new one “The Way Around Is Through.”  We’ll be posting the new audio interview and acoustic performances  soon! Love talking to those guys.  Did you know Live was discovered by the dearly departed Hilly Crystal at CBGB‘s?  That’s how they also met their producer Jerry (Talking Heads) Harrison.  Chad told me when they were teens and performed at CB’s, he was so nervous when he saw JOEY RAMONE in the audience!  Wait til  you hear some of the stories on hardDrive and the XL in the coming weeks!….Oh this is cool. Foo Fighters have announced additional details about the concert the band is playing at Chicago’s Wrigley Field on Aug 29th, 2015. The day-long event will celebrate the musical history of the Windy City and feature performances by local legends Cheap TrickUrge Overkill and Naked Raygun. Cheap Trick guitarist Rick Nielsen appears on the song “Something From Nothing,” the first single from the upcoming Foos album Sonic Highways. Meanwhile, the Foos perform tonight in DC at the Black Cat at 11:59 PM. ET.  Watch Sonic Highways tonight on HBO at 11 PM/10 Central….Pulse Of Radio  reports Volbeat has been talking in interviews lately about getting to work on its next studio album, but don’t expect a new disc to surface that quickly, Speaking with, drummer Jon Larsen said the group will take an extended break before hitting the “record” button. Larsen said  after the band wraps its current U.S. tour, “We’re gonna go to the U.K. for ten days. And after that we have six months off for the first time in two years. So we’re gonna start focusing on writing new stuff.”   He  added while no full new songs were written, “Michael (Poulsen, guitar/vocals) is already starting and planning, and having small bits and pieces. And once he’s put some flesh on those bones, he and I will go to the rehearsal room and try and get [the songs] into shape and then the two other guys will come in.”   Volbeat’s latest effort, 2013′s Outlaw Gentlemen & Shady Ladies, has sold 252,000 copies in the U.S. The set features the Number One singles “The Hangman’s Body Count” and “Lola Montez,” as well as the Top Five track “Dead But Rising” and new single “Doc Holliday.” Volbeat performs this Sunday (Octr 26th) at Knotfest in San Bernardino….This is encouraging, Black Sabbath fans!  There may be hope  to see the band reunite with original drummer Bill Ward when they head out on their final tour in 2015. In a new interview with Esquire, singer Ozzy Osbourne said, “What I’m really happy about is, if this is Black Sabbath’s last hurrah, then we’ll have ended it on an up note rather than when I left in 1979 and everybody was f***ed up on one thing or another . . . The only thing sad about it is I hope [drummer] Bill Ward can get his stuff together to do this.”   Ward was announced as part of the band’s reunion in late 2011, but dropped out early the following year due to what was assumed to be a dispute over his contract.   Since that time, however, the other three original Sabbath members — Ozzy, guitarist Tony Iommi and bassist Geezer Butler – have hinted that Ward was not physically up to the task of recording a new album and embarking on a lengthy world tour.  Ozzy said as much when we asked about Ward’s absence a while back: “Bill Ward has got the most physically demanding job of the lot of us, ’cause he’s the timekeeper. I don’t think personally he had the chops to pull it off, you know. The saddest thing is that he needed to own up to that, and we could have worked around it, whether we had a drummer on the side with him or something. But I suppose it was something to do with finances as well.”  (Thanks Pulse Of Radio)…..Celebrating life: Today:  former Rolling Stones’ bassist Bill Wyman is 78!  F. Murray Abraham of Homeland is 75.  Saturday:  Chad Smith of the Red Hot Chili Peppers-53.  Austin WInkler (ex-Hinder) is 33 and Judas Priet’s Glenn Tiptpn is 67!  Sunday:  Hillary Clinton and Pat Sajak are 68  and Seth McFarlane is 41.  Have a great weekend!  See ya Monday!


Solo Acoustic Tour/Tix on sale 10/24

03:  Verona, NY @ Turning Stone Casino
04:   North Tonawanda, NY @ Riviera Theatre
06:   Chester, NY @ Sugar Loaf Performing Arts Ctr
10:   Glenside, PA @ Keswick Theatre
11:  Westbury, NY @ The Space at Westbury
12:  Bangor, ME @ Gracie Theatre
14:  Boston, MA @  Wilbur Theatre

Thursday, Oct 23

24 hours!  Just 24 hours til the start of one amazing three day festival in San Bernardino, CA!  I’m talkin’ about KNOTFEST people!  It is going to be AH-mazing!  Lou Brutus and Paulie Walnuts will be amid some incredible bands and in an atmosphere (sans camel dung burning smell) of sheer HARD ROCK and HEAVY METAL!    And once again, to all those freakin’ idiots who say “ROCK IS DEAD,”  I say, “Oh Really?!!”  Hopefully the internet connection will be good and we’ll see a ton of pix  and things happeneing on the new hardDriveRadio APP!  Be listening in a couple of weeks for the Backstage @ Knotfest special editon of hardDrive!…..Congrat to my Canadian friends!  Nickelback‘s “Edge Of A Revolution” has notched its second straight week at Number One on the rock radio chart, giving the band its eighth chart-topper and its first from the new album, No Fixed Address. Frontman Chad Kroeger told us why the tune is a little more politically charged than usual for Nickelback:  “It really was about the state of the world and what was going on, you know, with global news. And it’s a little bit depressing, but I’ll tell you what, it makes for great lyrics when it comes to a pissed-off rock song. But it was fun to take on that challenge, ’cause we’ve never really stepped into that arena when it came to songwriting before.” Look for their No Fixed Address cd Nov 18th. A 2015 tour is in the works and should be announced very very soon! Meanwhile, Chad was in Las Vegas and was partying with Sammy Hagar.  Check out THIS jam session with Jason Bonham on drums, Joe Satriani on guitar, Michael Anthony on bass and Sammy! WOW! Chad, didn’t know ya had that one down!….Speaking of 2015 concert tours, Foo Fighters should be announcing those very soon, and congrats to You Me At Six.  Josh Francheshi told me yesterday the band is going to be doing HUGE arena shows, including London’s O2 Arena, in February!  Look for them to return to the U.S. in December for radio shows in KC, St Louis and more! Be looking for my video interview with Josh soon!…..Today, Live’s Chad Taylor and Chris Shinn drop by for interview and acoustic performance.  Looks like I’ve had one of the busiest weeks of my career!  LOL! Who’s complaining???!!!!…..And what can I say about Slipknot!   The album is great.  And it is projected to sell between 100,000-110,000 copies in it’s first week!  And in this day and age, those are pretty good numbers.  We love you Slipknot!   Even if you like the smell of burning camel dung.  Pulse of Radio reports  guitarist Jim Root has defended the band in an interview against accusations they did not do everything they could to stop bassist Paul Gray from dying as a result of a drug overdose. Gray’s widow, Brenna Gray, testified in the involuntary manslaughter trial of the doctor who treated Paul shortly before his May 2010 death she tried reaching out to some of Paul’s bandmates just days prior to the bassist’s demise but none of them wanted to get involved. She revealed, “One was playing golf two minutes away from our house but couldn’t come. Nobody else cared, nobody was involved.”   Asked about Brenna’s remarks, Root told Sweden Rock​, “I think she’s probably gonna say whatever it is she thinks she needs to say for the lawyers to hear. You know, I mean, Paul was our brother; Paul was very close to us. We tried putting Paul into treatment numerous times, we took him off of tours and we had interventions with him . . . At the end of the day, Paul was sick and Paul had a problem and we were there for Paul. Paul wasn’t always available.” Root added, “Brenna’s always got brothers that she can count on, and (Paul and Brenna’s daughter) October will always have eight uncles that give a s***.” October was born three months after her father’s death, and Slipknot singer Corey Taylor told us a while back  she was being well taken care of by the inner Slipknot circle:  “She’s surrounded by love right now, you know. I mean, she’s got me, she’s got my wife, she’s got her mother, who we’ve basically taken and made our own, basically, you know. And you know, she’s got all of our friends who dote on her. It’s gonna be hard when she gets older, but at the same time there’ll never be a lack of love around that little girl as long as I’m living.”   I know this weekend will also be a fitting tribute to Paul, as he is surely smiling on the Knotfest festivities and I am sure he will be there in spirit….Congrats to Jeremy Spencer of Five Finger Death Punch!  His autobiography, Death Punch’d:  Surving Five Finger Death Punch’s Metall Mayhem, made the Top 10 on the NY Times Celebrities Best Seller List!   That’s FREAKIN’ H U G E!  Congrats Jeremy! If you haven’t, check out the video interview with Jeremy on the hardDriveRadio app and the hardDriveRadio YouTube channel!….Blabbermouth reports Sully Erna of Godsmack is doing a series of solo acoustic performances in December.     Public on-sales for all the dates start this Friday (October 24th). Fans will have the opportunity to buy an additional limited-edition VIP package upgrade through Erna’s official web site. The package will include early entry, access to a meet-and-greet with Erna, an exclusive lithograph signed by Erna and a VIP laminate, all for $99 in addition to the actual concert ticket.  Erna said in a recent interview that he intends to continue with his solo career when not recording or touring with Godsmack.   The singer released his debut solo album, Avalon, in 2010. The disc featured a very different style than what Erna does with Godsmack, incorporating world music, female vocals, keyboards, cello, hand percussion and other diverse sounds. He toured behind the album with a large ensemble that incorporated many of the instruments heard on the record. See Road Rage for all the info!…..Happy BIG 5-0 to Metallica’s bassist Robert Trujillo!  And Happy 55th to Weird Al Yankovic!

Wednesday, Oct 22

Young Guns dropped by yesterday for a studio visit to talk about their upcoming album and their current tour with You Me At Six (who happen to be dropping by today!)  Always so cool seeing them, as I feel like they are my adoptive British sons!  LOL  Last night, they did an acoustic performance at Moscot eyewear’s NYC offices and it was really cool to see them doing the stripped down version of “I Want Out,” “Bones” and they threw in a new song called “Gravity”  from their forthcoming album (set for Feb.)  Young Guns will return to the states in January.  Be looking out for the video interview with singer Gus Wood and drummer Ben Jolliffe soon!…Oh, look!  More Foo Fighters info!  A teaser for the next HBO Sonic Highways show set for Friday night at 11 PM/10 PM CT.  This week, it’s set in Washington, DC!  And Friday night, the band will perform at the Black Cat in DC. Tickets are only available at the Black Cat box office, but you can rest assured it’s already sold out!  The band will be doing secret shows in every city spotlighted in the Sonic Highways series. The remaining cities are Nashville, Austin, Seattle, New York, LA and New Orleans.  So keep your eyes and ears peeled.   In my interview last week with drummer Taylor Hawkins, he said  part of the message of the Sonic Highways series is that a music scene can spring up anywhere: You can have a scene anywhere you want, period. Des Moines, Iowa, maybe they have a bitchin’ punk rock scene that we don’t even know about because there’s a couple of kids there who are turning all their friends onto something, and next thing you know, they’re taking over the rec center every Saturday. And that’s how it started with Nate (Mendel, Foo Fighters bassist) and how it started with all the other guys in the band.” Meanwhile, the band has set August 29th for a concert at Wrigley Field in Chicago. Tix on sale Monday at 11 AM CT. Perfect,  since they played the Cubby Bear across the street on Friday night after eastern time zone broadcast of the first Sonic Highways aired.  I watched some of the concert online (it will stream I guess on HBO’s Facebook each time I THINK.)  But after about 30 minutes, I lost connection and could never get back on. Damn!  Poor Dave Grohl, he sounded like he was losing his voice.  No wonder.  He only did about 9000 interviews last week and  performed on the Letterman show every night. Anyhow, the series is great and if you haven’t had a chance to watch it, I encourage it…..Pulse Of Radio reports Linkin Park have posted a new song they wrote for the soundtrack to the Joe Hahn-directed film “Mall.”  The tune is called “White Noise.”  Check it out…..Pulse also said  Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist Flea told Rolling Stone the band has nearly completed writing the songs for their next effort and will be ready to hit the studio soon. Flea explained, “We’ve been writing and rehearsing, rolling up our sleeves, getting in the studio and doing it. We’re nearly finished writing. We’ll go in the studio sometime in the next couple of months.” The group has come up with more than 30 tracks from which to choose the final selection for the album. Flea said about the sound this time around, “It’s cool. It’s super danceable, funky s*** and some real introspective, pretty stuff. It feels good, man, and it’s fun to play.”…I knew JD’s boys would expect to go on the road every time with their dad like they did over the summer on Korn’s Mayhem run.  Korn is gearing up to hit the road next week with Slipknot on a major North American tour that will kick off on October 29th in El Paso, Texas. But while singer Jonathan Davis told Alternative Press he is looking forward to doing a full tour with Slipknot, he admitted leaving his kids at home is a drawback. Davis explained, “Oh, it’s f***ing horrible. They make me feel like s***! ‘Dad, you’ve got to go? You need to stay here and have a job here.’ They do all kinds of s*** and I say, ‘Boys, I’ve got to go on the road. When you don’t have school, you get to come out during the summer.’ So that’s our special time . . . But yeah, it’s hard when I have to leave.”  Davis added, “I tell everyone that gets into this business: It’s a lot of sacrifice. I tell every musician that wants to be a big rock star to be careful what you wish for. When you’re young, it’s amazing and fun, but once you have kids and a family it’s tough.”  Also: Korn is releasing a limited-edition 300-page hardcover book including photos from the archives paired with brand new notes and commentary from the members. From the stage to the dressing room to the recording studio, you’ll have unlimited access to everything that went into the band’s career so far.   Pre-order it first along with lots more on Pledge Music…..Pearl Jam performed its entire fifth album, 1998′s Yield, in concert on Monday night (Oct 20th) in Milwaukee. According to Rolling Stone, the band began the performance about five songs into their set, following a cover of the Who‘s “Baba O’Riley” that featured a guest appearance from Cheap Trick guitarist Rick Nielsen. As the band ran through Yield, singer Eddie Vedder shared stories related to the songs, including one about stealing his friend’s dad’s Old Milwaukee beer.  During “Baba O’Riley,” bassist Jeff Ament and guitarist Mike McCready played instruments that featured Nielsen’s trademark checkerboard pattern, matching his own guitar…..Blabbermouth posted a killer “audio-biographical” video of  tracing the history of Slipknot in interviews with the band members.  Check it out here. Warning: graphic language….Metallica are performing at a gaming convention BlizzCon on Nov. 8.  You don’t have to be there to see it!  Tickets to the convention are sold out, but viewers at home can join the excitement by ordering the BlizzCon Virtual Ticket ($39.99 USD), which offers comprehensive live online coverage of both days of the event — including the community contests hosted by Chris Hardwick on Friday evening and Metallica‘s performance on Saturday night.  In addition to the BlizzCon Virtual Ticket, DirecTV customers in the United States have the option to watch the show from home by ordering the BlizzCon 2014 Pay Per View event, priced at $39.99 USD (includes access to the Virtual Ticket online stream). Visit for more details….The 2015 Shiprocked line up has been announced. The cruise leaves Miami for Great Stirrup Bay in Bahamas. Feb 02-06, 2015.  Limp Bizkit, Chevelle, Metal Allegiance (Phil Anselmo, Dave Ellefson, Chris Broderick, Frank Bello, Gary Holt, Scott Ian, Charlie Benante), Black Label Society,  Zack Myers of Shinedown, P.O.D., Sevendust, Lacuna Coil, Buckcherry, Tremonti, Andrew WK, Licing Colour, Filter, Nonpoint, Otherwise, Crobot, Thousand Foot Krutch, Wilson, Cilver, Letters From The Fire, DJ Lippy Rage.  Hit the official site…..Happy 52nd today to Breaking Bad/Better Call Saul and Mr Show’s Bob Odenkirk!


Tuesday, Oct 21

Well, today is the day!   Pulse of Radio reports  Slipknot is fully back, as the Iowa-based band releases .5: The Gray Chapter, its first new album in six years. The disc caps a very turbulent period for the masked rockers in which they dealt with the death of bassist Paul Gray and the firing of drummer Joey Jordison, both longtime members and songwriters. (I love the tune “The One That Kills The Least”…love it!)  Despite it all, singer Corey Taylor told us he’s proud of what the band has accomplished this time out: “The fact that we were able to kind of pull ourselves back up and not only go in and make a really good album, but make an exceptional album, in my opinion, I think it’s a testament to just how talented this band is. It’s a testament to how much passion we have for it. It’s a testament to how much we’re willing to fight to accomplish everything that we want to accomplish. I’m excited for people to hear this, because to me I think it’s one of the best albums we’ve ever made.” Gray died in 2010 from a drug overdose, while Jordison was let go last December, just before Slipknot began recording the new album. Although the identities of their replacements have not been officially revealed, they are believed to be drummer Jay Weinberg and bassist Alessandro “Vman” Venturella.  Meanwhile, Taylor defended himself in a new interview with Britain’s XFM Radio from accusations he orchestrated both Jordison’s dismissal from Slipknot and the firing of the band’s guitarist, Jim Root, from the band Taylor and Root founded together, Stone Sour. Taylor, calling himself “one of the most hated dudes right now,” explained, “That’s the burden of being the frontman. (But) I’m not the boss. Trust me. I’m not the boss in either band. It’s very much a committee. I help make decisions, but I don’t make decisions. But that’s the perception.”   Slipknot will celebrate the arrival of the new disc this weekend with two headlining performances on Saturday (Oct 25th) and Sunday (Oct  26th) at its own Knotfest in San Bernardino, CA, along with Five Finger Death PunchVolbeatHellyeahNothing MoreAtreyuIn This MomentOf Mice & Men and many more.  Lou Brutus will be co-hosting!   Slipknot will head out on a headlining North American tour immediately following Knotfest, with special guests Korn…..BTW:  Lou posted a couple of shots from Q102‘s show in Springfield, MO over the weekend.  Check them out on the new hardDriveRadio app!  Free on iTunes and Google Play!…..Another album out today from  Bush.  The LA-based band releases its sixth studio album,  Man On The Run. The disc is the second by the band since it reformed four years ago, following 2011′s The Sea Of Memories. Frontman Gavin Rossdale told us  the success of that record made him work even harder this time: “It just upped my ante, you know. When I was in the studio, I’m sure I started plenty of songs that I rejected in the studio because I just would come in the next day and be like, ‘You know, that’s just not good enough. Let’s just start that one over.’ And so I was really probably the harshest I’ve ever been with myself on this record, which was a positive thing.”…..I was sorry to hear yesterday  that Shimon Moore has left Sick Puppies to pursue “other endeavors.”  But the band’s bassist Emma Anzai and drummer Mark Goodwin are going to carry on and are looking for a replacement singer/guitarist.  They said in a statement, “We are currently in the studio writing material for our upcoming studio album while auditioning new singers . . . Our passion and determination to create and share our music is stronger than ever. We cannot wait for Sick Puppies’ next chapter to unfold and for you all to be part of it.“   Last few times I had seen Shim, he seemed unhappy.   Dunno why.  But hopefully he will realize his dream and the rest of the band can do the same. We wish them all the best!….OOPS.  Ivan Moody announced he wants to do a solo record. According to Blabbermouth, Moody said on the Jasta Show podcast, “It’s not done yet. I’m taking my time on it. My plate’s full. (Five Finger Death Punch) is my meat and potatoes, and our fan base, and if I take away from that right now, it’d be bad timing. So I’m just taking it stride by stride. And when it comes out, it’ll come out.” Moody added he has recruited former Machine Head guitarist Logan Mader   &   Devildriver  drummer John Boecklin to play on the record.    We also thought there was a chance he would jump up on stage with his former band Motograter, who were added on to the Knotfest line up.  But  we hear that’s probably not happening either. Oh well…Man, I am reading a lot of negative comments on the new Foo Fighters song.  I don’t get why.  I think if  you didn’t get where this song is coming from when you watch the documentary Sonic Highways, then yeah, you might think this is not a typical Foo Fighters tune. But you should appreciate it for art’s sake at least!   Watch the lyric video. And find a friend who has HBO….O M G!  The new In This Moment video will knock your eyeballs out of their sockets!  Maria Brink and company stopped at nothing for this one and she’s never looked so freakin’ AWESOME!  Love love LOVE IT!  Watch “Sick Like Me”here.  They also shot a video for “Big Bad Wolf”  I hear is even HOTTER!  Can’t wait to see them when they come through. Heard there might be some sort of album release party in the city!  I hope so!  Love my homegirl from upstate!  Fun fact!  We both have houses on the same lake!…Papa Roach are streaming a new song on their Facebook page called “Warriors.”  I hope to have Mr Shaddix on the hotLine next week! I am hearing the first single is coming later this week, the title track to F.E.A.R…In the hardDriveRadio  studios today in the heart of NYC,  YOUNG GUNS! Tonight they’re doing an acoustic event for Moscot eyewear’s Mobileyes campaign, helping to raise money for the homeless who can not afford glasses…...Happy 43rd to Nick Oliveri (ex-Queens of the Stone Age)!  

weekEnd OCT 18-19, 2014



hardDrive Double Dose:  BUSH
“The Only Way Out” & “Machine Head”
Plugged In:  FLYEAF “Set Me On Fire”
KORN  “Hater”
LINKIN PARK “Rebellion”
Guest:  CROBOT “Nowhere To Hide”
WEEZER  ”Back To The Shack”
NOTHING MORE “This Is The Time”
FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH “Wrong Side of Heaven”
DEATH FROM ABOVE 1979 “Trainwreck 1979″


SLIPKNOT “The Devil In I”
Guest:  ISLANDER “Coconut Dracula”
ROYAL BLOOD “Figure It Out”
GODSMACK “Something Different”
Guest: SLASH “World On Fire”
SEETHER “Same Damn Life”
OTHERWISE “Darker Side of the Moon”
Guest: NICKELBACK “Edge Of A Revolution”
What’s In Lou’s MP3 Player?  LIVE “The Way Around Is Through”

On the next hardDrive with Lou Brutus:
Spooky Tales of Halloween Pasts  from
and special guest ALICE COOPER!
Don’t miss it!

Week of OCT 20-24, 2014

KORN                                          HATER
NICKELBACK                             EDGE OF A REVOLUTION
ROYAL BLOOD                          FIGURE IT OUT
SLASH                                        WORLD ON FIRE
SLIPKNOT                                  THE DEVIL IN I
YOU ME AT SIX                         ROOM TO  BREATHE

AC/DC                                          PLAY BALL-ADD
GODSMACK                                SOMETHING DIFFERENT
HELLYEAH                                    MOTH

IN THIS MOMENT                      SICK LIKE ME
ISLANDER                                  COCONUT DRACULA

VOLBEAT                                   DOC HOLLIDAY

BUSH                                          THE ONLY WAY OUT
LIVE                                            THE WAY AROUND IS THROUGH
NONPOINT                                  BREAKING SKIN
NOTHING MORE                         MR. MTV

OTHERWISE                               DARKER SIDE OF THE MOON
POP EVIL                                    BEAUTIFUL
SEETHER                                    SAME DAMN LIFE

YOUNG GUNS                           I WANT OUT-ADD 




Monday, Oct 20

Just days away from Knotfest!  Lou Brutus and Paulie Walnuts are packing their gear and getting ready to head to the high desert to rock their freakin’ faces off!  Lou will be recording interviews for a Backstage @ Knotfest special editon of hardDrive and I know you will enjoy every second! And check out Slipknot’s video for “The Devil In I” here in case you’ve been living under a rock…..Meanwhile, did you watch Sonic Highways on HBO over the weekend? I did, like several times.  I just can’t get enough of it.  Can’t wait to see them all!  Next Friday night it’s the one based on Washington, DC.  Last week, the hoopla ensued as Foo Fighters spent the week here in the Big Apple with a residency at Late Night with David Letterman performing songs with many of the iconic artists who will appear in the Sonic Highways documentary 8-part mini-series from each city. Ann and Nancy Wilson, Tony Joe White, Rick Nielsen were just a few of the faces.  Watch the live performance of their new single “Something From Nothing” here featuring Cheap Trick‘s Nielsen. Look for the new Foos album Nov 10th….Theory Of A Deadman  have posted their new music video for “Savages” which features Alice Cooper!  Watch it now…..Papa Roach’s upcoming eighth studio album, F.E.A.R. (Face Everything And Rise), was a bit of a departure from the band’s usual creative method. They recently discussed their process with Blabbermouth and revealed a bit of what fans can expect from the news tracks.   Lead singer Jacoby Shaddix said, “Usually when we begin working, we’ll have a bunch of demos, and I’ll have a bag of lyrics ready to go. We didn’t have those things this time. When we were touring ‘The Connection’, I was really focused on keeping my life together. Every time I would go on the road, I’d start clean and come home a mess. I let the road tear me apart. This time, I focused on keeping my relationships strong, my sober self healthy, and my spiritual life healthy. I didn’t have time to write, to be honest.” Bassist Tobin Esperance added, “We wanted to do things a little bit differently. During the last record, the four of us had reconnected and gotten closer. We were in such a good place, so we all helped each other out on this one. There was no pressure. There were no expectations. We chose to work with somebody we’d never worked with before, go to a place we’d never lived previously, not worry, write songs from scratch, and have fun. We didn’t overthink it. It was simple, and it f***ing worked.”   The band worked with father and son producers Kevin and Kane Churko on the album which features guest appearances by Maria Brink of In This Moment and rapper Royce da 5’9″. (Thanks Pulse Of Radio)….Moline, IL was treated to a very special show the other night!  Pearl Jam gave fans at their Moline, concert on Friday (Oct 17th) a big treat when they played their 1996 album, No Code, from top to bottom in its entirety. After the show, the band tweeted, “No Code. Front to back. #PJMoline #PJFall2014,” along with the set list, which included the name of a brand new song called “Moline.” Pearl Jam debuted that song, which Eddie Vedder dedicated to the city.  According to reports, Vedder told the audience that he wrote “Moline” just minutes before the show and that it’s related to Vitalogy‘s “Better Man.” The band’s No Code performance on Friday is only the second time they have ever performed a studio album in its entirety. The first time was back in 2006 when Pearl Jam played their self-titled album out of sequence during a concert in Torino, Italy….And in case you missed any of Foo Fighters’ antics at the Letterman show, here they are reading the Top 10….Happy Birthday today to  Snoop Dogg (my bud who calls me “O.G. Roxy”!)  He’s 43.  And Tom Petty is 64.

Friday, Oct 17

Ya know, the one thing that bothers me about social media: everyone has an opinion, and that’s fine, but the NEGATIVE HATER stuff out there is getting me crazy!  Point in play: was reading a couple of posts from friends.  OK, you don’t have to love every song that is released, but to poo-poo on the Foo Fighters single “Something From Nothing,” without any regard for what the song is about or what the intention of the song is, pisses me off!   When I see things like “oh, hope there’s better stuff on the album”  or  calling it “turd stew” are reprehensible! Saying it rips off Nirvana  or any other such crap is downright ludicrous!   Just saying.  Keep your opinions in your head and not on my Facebook!  UNFRIEND! Here, watch and enjoy.. And don’t forget to watch HBO tonight at 11 PM and watch the Foo Fighters LIVE from the Cubby Bear, where Dave saw his first punk show, on HBO’s Facebook page…..Was on the hotLine yesterday with M Shadows of Avenged Sevenfold The band has finally released its long-in-development mobile role-playing game, Hail To The King: Deathbat, available on the App Store and Google Play for $4.99, with singer M. Shadows saying in a statement, “The process of developing this game has been a new and challenging experience for us as we’ve worked hard to create a game that we are not only proud of but more importantly, a game that is fun to play. We think we’ve achieved that and hope you enjoy the game.” Shadows told us the fan response to the game after just one day has been the most gratifying part for him: “Putting this thing out was very scary in a way because it’s, you know, a lot of people would want to say, ‘Hey, you’re a band, don’t give me a game, I don’t want it.’ And from the reaction today that we’re getting from when it’s out and just seeing Twitter explode and seeing people playing it online and being excited about it and getting to walk around in our world that we created for them, it’s been amazing and just puts a smile on my face. I’m super, super happy with them.”  (Thanks to Pulse of Radio for transcribing the interview!)…Halestorm performed their new tune, “Mayhem,” at the Shindig Festival in Baltimore.  Watch it here….Wha Whoa: Another danger of the internet!  Apparently the AC/DC official band picture that is rolling around that people think might show that Phil Rudd is out of the band and the photo includes Bob Richards who played drums in place of Phil (who was not there due to “family emergency”) in the new AC/DC music video for “Play Ball,” is not that at all!    But I was on the site:  Here is the BAND page on their website. Clearly Phil is there. Here is a picture of Stevie Young. Here is the picture in question.  See??!!!! It’s actually a picture of Stevie, not BOB RICHARDS!…BIRTHDAYS!   Today:  Eminem (Marshall Mathers) is 42.  Mike Judge (Beavis & Butthead, King of the Hill, Office Space)  is 52;  Saturday:  Chuck Berry is 88!  Mike Ditka is 75;  Sunday:  Trey Parker (South Park) is 45.  Jon Favreau is 48.  Enjoy the weekend!

Thursday, Oct 16

Hey y’all!   Hope you are enjoying the return of summer here like we are on the east coast. Actually, I am NOT liking it, but my feet are still enjoying wearing sandals (how I HATE shoes.)  Anyhow, yesterday goes down in history as a Gold Star Day!   Didn’t start out that way.  Mercury being in retrograde and all, but once I got to the Ed Sullivan Theater and got to hang with the Foo Fighters, it was much better!  Chatted it up with Chris Shifflett (I know his uncle Larry) standing in the hallway of their dressing rooms waiting for Taylor Hawkins and Nate Mendel to get ready for my interview.  But then there was Dave Grohl!   He was texting someone on his phone.  I said hello and wasn’t sure if he remembered me (altho I did interview him two other times in person and a bunch of times on the phone.)  ”Of course I remember you, Roxy!”  and gave me this BIG HUG!  (I went limp!)  Told him how much I LOVED the first episode of Sonic Highways and hope we get to chat during this album cycle.  He said we will!  So I am HOLDING him to it! (Why didn’t I take a selfie?)  Not to say my interview with Taylor and Nate was slouchy!  It was GREAT! As soon as I can, we’ll post it on the new hardDriveRadio APP so you can hear it for yourself!  Oh and I want to correct my story from yesterday.  Cubby Bear wasn’t the premiere punk club in Chicago, but it happens to be the only one still standing today.  Just watch the HBO special Friday night, you will see all!    Set your DVR for 11 PM!  And this afternoon, the new Foo Fighter’s single “Something From Nothing” will drop.  It’s great. And has some funky clavinet in it, too! We expect the band will perform it tonight on the Late Nite with David Letterman. Last night, Louisianan Tony Joe White and the Foos performed White’s “Polk Salad Annie.” (Check out that rattlesnake guitar strap, yo!) That tune is from 1969!  White is also known for his hit “Rainy Night In Georgia.” … In other news, speaking of Chicago, Rob Zombie‘s Great American Nightmare haunted house attraction has drawn complaints in Chicago for a room portraying real-life serial killer John Wayne Gacy, in which an actor dressed as Gacy sits in his famous clown costume, blowing up balloons, while two ghoulish dolls dressed as Boy Scouts sit on the couch. One prosecutor in the Gacy case said the room was “in terrible taste,” while a second prosecutor added, “It’s a little too close to home and might open some old wounds . . . I don’t argue with Rob Zombie’s right to do what he’s doing. But it’s a shame that what he’s doing is causing the victims’ families pain.” Zombie himself surmised earlier this year that there would be “backlash” to the attraction, while its producer, Steve Kopelman, said, “It’s tasteless and offensive, but it’s art.” Known as the Killer Clown, Gacy was convicted of the sexual assault and murder of 33 teenage boys and young men in Chicago between 1972 and 1978.  Yikes! (Thanks Pulse Of Radio/Blabbermouth)….In other horror story news,  seems the San Bernardino fire officials have put the  kibosh on allowing the Knotfest folks to fill oil cans with camel dung and some sort of oil and burn the concoction during the festival next weekend.  I guess the festival folks weren’t remembering California is in a drought state and the chance of a wild fire could be a horrible thing.  I think concert goers will now be able to breathe a sigh of relief, eh? (And California has enough smog; who needs to smell burning camel dung anyhow?)….. Blabbermouth also reports  Halestorm‘s and Ask Lzzy host Lzzy Hale, her brother Arejay and Josh Smith were interviewed by last month.  Check it out here. …..Happy Birthday today to Flea!  He’s 52! And Happy 43rd to Chad Gray of HellYeah!