Friday, Feb 05

                                          Backstage at Irving Plaza with David Draiman and Ben Burnley.  Photo by Rhiannon Burnley

Wow!  Last night, I had THE best time hanging out with Disturbed’s David Draiman, who just HAPPENED to be at the Breaking Benjamin show at Irving Plaza here in NYC. Can’t tell you EXACTLY why he was there yet, but if you were there, you saw he joined Ben Burnley and the band for an acoustic version of David Bowie‘s “Under Pressure.” Ron DeChant from Starset joined them.  (Thanks Loudwire)  (It was fun in the dressing room as they rehearsed the song. We all got to sing along!)  Ben was singing the Freddie Mercury parts while David handled the Bowie side of the vocals.  It was a treat hanging out with them all.  Nicer folks you will never meet, believe me!  Also got to hang out with Starset’s Dustin Bates and Ron DeChant.  And met their cello player Mica.  Was the first time I got to see them live, although it was not a normal set, since they were acoustic, it was great.  They did their Bowie cover of “Space Oddity,” which you can also find on the hardDriveRadio YouTube Channel!!! Lovely that both bands wanted to do tributes to David Bowie.  Wonder what the plan is at the Grammys this year.    Anyhow, on Monday, we will have a big announcement, so stay tuned!

Blabbermouth reporting today  Slipknot is featured in the latest episode of the British art magazine show “Artsnight,” airing tonight (Friday, February 5) at 11 p.m. on BBC2.

The program, which explores why artists wear masks, includes new interviews with frontman Corey Taylor and percussionist Shawn “Clown” Crahan. They discuss the origins of their masks and why they wear them as part of their art. Taylor talked about how seeing Slipknot perform two years before he joined the band made such a lasting impression on him. He said: “I was there for the very first Slipknot show. I was in the audience. This was before I’d joined the band. It was so many different things all at once. It was visual, it was visceral, it was antagonistic, it was dangerous, it was powerful. I’d never seen a band like that before. It was taking everything that had been done creatively, artistically, visually and, to me, taking it to such a different realm. And I loved the fact that every mask was different, because it represented a different person. It wasn’t all linear and just kind of thrown together. It really felt like everyone had put a lot of time and thought into what they were doing. So when I did join, after some trial and error, I came to emboss that theory on to the mask that I was wearing.

He added: “The mask, for me, has always been that physical representation of the person inside me who just never had a voice. It allows me to be me. I mean, that’s what it’s all about. You talk about that representation of the person on the inside. I’m showing you more than I’ve ever revealed.  Everyone who wears a mask, embrace it, because you’re not being somebody else; you’re being yourself. And the closer you can get to that middle, to getting to know that honesty, is better for everybody, because then you can actually be yourself.”

Crahan, who is also the art director for Slipknot and directed their DVDs, explained how his iconic clown mask was the one that started the whole idea. He said: “I had gotten a version of this mask when I was 14. And I was just drawn to it, and it was awesome. And I just never knew why it was in my world, but it was always around me. And then one day, it just so happened, it was that moment of clarity [that helped me] decide what I wanted to project. I’m being taught something, more and more and more, and I haven’t even figured it out yet. This thing has no fucking limits.”

Celebrating life this weekend!   Today:  Duff McKagan from Guns N’ Roses is 52.  Saturday, Axl Rose of Guns N’ Roses is 54, Sunday Sully Erna of Godsmack is 48, Wes Borland of Limp Bizkit is 41 and comedian Chris Rock is 51.


Thursday, Feb 04

Love starting my day out talking about this guy! The Pulse Of Radio says Dave Grohl recently was the guest on photographer-director Sam Jones’ interview series Off Camera, where he discussed Nirvana’s quick rise to fame, the pitfalls involved and his transition from drummer to frontman for Foo Fighters. Grohl said, “Unfortunately, Nirvana became too big too quick. Bands are like families that go through uncomfortable growing pains, and if it happens all at once, it’s just too much to handle.”

Grohl also remembered how he felt immediately after Nirvana leader Kurt Cobain died and how that led him to create Foo Fighters. He explained, “When Kurt died, I woke up the next day and thought, ‘I’m lucky to be alive’ . . . It was a profound revelation I had the day after he died and it changed everything. It honestly changed so much of my life that I felt the most important thing was just appreciating being alive, good day or bad day. But after Kurt died, I really felt that way, like, “Okay, I’m gonna try this. What do I have to lose? I’m gonna start this band and then I’m gonna be the singer.

Dave also revealed he didn’t have any formal music training. Watch here. And what happened to rock bands here.   And here’s Dave’s advice to new & up and coming bands.

 Another favorite is this guy.  And Slipknot and Stone Sour vocalist Corey Taylor has taken aim at the annual Grammy Awards, calling the event a “popularity contest” in an interview with Finland’s Radio Rock. Slipknot has been nominated seven times and won once, with Taylor saying, “I know a lot of people who put a lot of stock in it, but I keep telling them, ‘We’ve been nominated now like, God knows how many times. We won once. Cool. It’s a popularity contest — that’s all it is.’”

Slipknot won Best Metal Performance in 2006 for the song “Before I Forget” and is up again for the same prize this year, this time for its track “Custer.” The band will compete against Lamb Of GodGhostSevendust and August Burns Red for the prize.

Taylor remarked, “If it were just about the music, you would see more metal bands — not including us — nominated in other categories, and you just don’t . . . It’s like everybody lives and breathes by whether or not they’re gonna get this tiny statue. Why? So it can sit on a shelf and collect dust?

Taylor told us a while back that other things are more important milestones in the band’s career: Taking the Number One spot and really earning it, and really proving that we’d earned it, that was big. Every plaque that we’ve ever earned, I mean those are like just dug in footholds in the mountain that you climb. And then every show that we’ve sold out, that we never thought we would, just to be global the way we are — it makes you sit back and go, ‘Wow. Really?’

He added to Radio Rock, “The real reflection of where you’re at is walking on that stage and seeing a massive audience lose their minds — that’s what it’s all about. You can take those statuettes all day long. I don’t care. It’s cool to win, but I’m not gonna f**king die if we don’t win a Grammy.”

Slipknot is nominated in both the “Best Rock Album” and “Best Metal Performance” categories at the 58th annual Grammy Awards, which will be held on February 15th in Los Angeles and broadcast on CBS at 8:00 p.m. ET.  Slipknot is currently on tour in Europe and Taylor has indicated that his other act Stone Sour will begin work on a new album when Slipknot comes off the road. (Thanks The Pulse of Radio.)

 Tonight, Breaking Benjamin and Starset are at Irving Plaza in NYC, both on this cool acoustic tour.   I will be sitting down with the boys and possibly a special guest. Stay tuned!  

Was on the hotLine yesterday with Matt Tuck of Bullet For My Valentine! He’s so stoked to be on his British Invasion Tour with Asking Alexandria and While She Sleeps. The whole crew and line up are British and Matt’s very proud of the fact that this is one of only tours like this to ever hit the states!  I’d be proud, too.  There are so many killer bands out there from the U.K.  that are just starting to get recognized over here, including Mallory Knox, who were on the Van’s Warped Tour last year. News fact: Britain declared a formal end to hostilities with its former colonies, the United States Of America, on this date in 1783.


Deftones posted a teaser for their new album, Gore.  The single, “Prayers/Triangles” will be serviced to radio today!  Listen for it this weekend on the world famous hardDrive with Lou Brutus!

 Blabbermouth reporting  New York rock act Rev Theory has inked a worldwide deal with Another Century. In addition, the band has exclusively partnered with WWE and WWE Network to have a brand new track, “We Own The Night,” as the official theme song to NXT‘s hit series “Breaking Ground”. Rev Theory is also hard at work on its much-anticipated new full-length album, to be released later this year.

On behalf of the entire band, it’s awesome to know that our careers have come full circle,” says vocalist Rich Luzzi. “We actually released our first album with Robert Kampf and the Century Media team. We are excited and we feel at home again with our family at Another Century, a family that truly understands and is passionate about rock music and Rev Theory. Bring on 2016!”

And lastly, but not leastly, Blabbermouth also reporting Metallica frontman James Hetfield recently did voiceover work for the hit animated series “American Dad.” The show, which originated on Fox but now airs on TBS, featured Hetfield an as a water polo coach also named “James Hetfield.” The running gag is that the coach claims he is not James Hetfield from Metallica, even though he looks and sounds exactly like him, and makes constant references to the band. Some of Metallica‘s music — including the songs “Master Of Puppets” and “All Nightmare Long” — is used in the episode which aired, unbeknownst to us, on Sunday!

Hetfield told Collider in a 2013 interview he loved “American Dad.” He said: “I don’t watch a lot of TV. Our kids just discovered that there is such a thing as TV. They thought they were watching it the whole time, but we were putting DVDs in. [Laughs] I like the cartoon shows. I love ‘Family Guy’, I love ‘American Dad’, I love stuff like that. It’s another level. It’s hilarious. It makes me laugh.”

Meanwhile, Metallica has been working on a new album, but there is no word if any new music will be aired at the performance on Saturday at their show in San Francisco at AT&T Park for the NFL’s “The Night Before.”  Don’t forget you can stream it live at at 8:30 PM PT/11:30 PM ET.


Wednesday, Feb 03

Whoops.  Groundhog didn’t see his shadow.  THAT’S why it’s gonna be 58 today in NYC!

Ghost have made a comment about their first Grammy nomination.  Watch the reaction here from a Nameless Ghoul.  Don’t forget the show airs on CBS 2/15 at 8 PM ET.  Another of the Nameless Ghouls told hardDriveRadio how the group felt about the achievement:  It’s an honor — well, especially considering that normally, I guess the Grammys is — especially for such a sort of limited genre that hard rock and heavy metal is, where you get basically there’s just one category — it’s usually British or American bands on there. So it’s quite unusual with a Swedish band in the running, which feels extra exciting.”  The band plans to attend, even though they are aware the metal category is never announced live on the show. (Must be because we are dirty, filthy animals, yes?)

The Pulse Of Radio says Disturbed will kick off its first North American tour in more than four years next Wednesday (February 10th) in Fargo, ND, and singer David Draiman told a radio station in the area what fans can expect to see at the first gig. He explained, “They are going to be able to bear witness to the very first unleashing of the leviathan in every real sense of the word. We have production elements that not only have never been seen before at a Disturbed performance, but several that have never been attempted before in a live scenario by anyone.”

Draiman added, “They get to be the very, very first test crowd of our entire full-production run. So they should prepare themselves for quite the spectacle, because it is going to be unlike any Disturbed show that anyone has ever seen.”

The vocalist also promised a “long set” during which the band will delve “deep into our catalog.”  Disturbed is touring behind its sixth studio album, Immortalized, which was released in August.  The album debuted at the top of the Billboard 200 chart, making it Disturbed’s fifth effort in a row to enter the chart at Number One, a feat shared only with Metallica and Dave Matthews Band.

Following its first headlining run, Disturbed will also share a stretch of shows with Rob Zombie and will hit several major U.S. rock festivals as well. Keep an eye here for some news about Disturbed’s future tour plans, too!

Oh man, I have a sinking feeling no good is coming in the wake of all of this.  Or should we say, is this guy is off his meds? The Pulse Of Radio reporting Puddle Of Mudd‘s Jan 30th concert at the Adelphia Music Hall in Marietta, OH came to an abrupt end after frontman Wes Scantlin berated an audience member for “stealing” Scantlin’s house and then stormed off the stage. According to radio station & hardDriveRadio affiliate WQLZ, Scantlin stopped the show in the middle of a song and began screaming, “This motherf**ker right here stole my motherf**king house and now he’s standing right f**king in front of me laughing at me. And he f**king figures I’m a f**king joke. This motherf**ker right here . . . This guy stole my f**king house.”

Scantlin then walked off stage, ending the show. A message posted online later by the venue read, “Thank you everyone who attended tonight’s show! We apologize for the actions of the lead singer. Unfortunately, it was beyond our control! Please send us a PM and we will issue you a ticket to the next show of your choice!”

Scantlin was arrested in January for the second time in less than a month, this time for trespassing in and vandalizing a house that used to belong to him.  According to TMZ, Scantlin returned to the house — which he lost to foreclosure last year — and was using a hatchet to destroy parts of it before police arrived. TMZ captured footage of Scantlin being led out of the home in handcuffs, telling police, “Come on, this is my house, man.”   Scantlin was also arrested in late December on charges of possession of a controlled substance after being pulled over by police in Beverly Hills, California for having an expired registration on his vehicle. He was booked on misdemeanor drug charges for that incident and was released on $51,000 bail.  Sadly, I fear for this guy. His family and friends and band have all tried to get him help, but he refuses. Seems he is just spiraling out of control now.  Sad sad sad.

Guns N’ Roses has announced its first international show since original members Axl RoseSlash and Duff McKagan reunited. It will take place on April 19th at Foro Sol Stadium in Mexico City, right between the band’s two headlining gigs at the two Coachella Festival weekends in Indio, CA. The band will also play at Las Vegas’ new T-Mobile Arena on April 8th and 9th. Plans for a full North American tour are still rumored to be in the works.

 Metallica announced they will webcast their pre-Super Bowl concert in San Francisco for free live from AT&T Park on Saturday (Feb 6th). The live stream will be available on mobile and desktop devices at  Cage The Elephant will open the performance, with Metallica set to take the stage at approximately 8:30 p.m. PT.

Asking Alexandria has released a music video for “The Black,” the title track from the band’s forthcoming studio album. The clip is the band’s first with new frontman Denis Stoff and is primarily a performance showcase that features Stoff sharing lead vocals with guitarist Ben BruceThe Black arrives in stores on March 25th.

Speaking of Asking Alexandria, Bullet For My Valentine‘s  Matt Tuck joins us on the hardDriveRadio hotline today.  Will check in on the  ”British Invasion” tour with Asking Alexandria and all things Bullet For My Valentine.  Be listening for that on hardDriveRadio soon!

And speaking of listening, we’ve got new podcasts in the ole hardDrive DL podcast stash for you to check out including Anthrax and Filter!  Find them on iTunes and Soundcloud!

And let’s leave you with this! A sneak peak at the Skittles Super Bowl spot airing during this weekend’s game starring Steven Tyler of Aerosmith.  Dream on, indeed!

Tuesday, Feb 02

Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow.   Who ever came up with this myth is like, ok, I’m going to say it, ridiculous!  I mean, if groundhogs are so smart they can predict the future, then why do so many end up as roadkill?

 Gonna start today off with news about my pal Lzzy Hale!   Halestorm has just announced a new tour with Lita Ford and Dorothy in tow.   (See it in the Road Rage section.)  It kicks off on April 1st in Reading, PA and extends through late May, with the last confirmed date so far on May 21st in Schaghticoke, NY. Halestorm’s itinerary will also include stops at a number of festivals and summer radio concerts as well as two dates with Rob Zombie on May 18th and 19th.

Halestorm singer Lzzy Hale said, “This is a tour I’ve wanted to put together for a long time. Not just a package with every band featuring a girl — that’s been done a million times. This tour is a different breed, showcasing loud, powerful female voices. Every frontwoman here holds her own both on and off the stage, and has fought more than her share of the good fight. This isn’t your sister’s woman music fest!”  Hale added that she was “honored to have the legendary Lita Ford on this run.”

Hale spoke with us a while back about the challenges of being a female musician in a genre that until recently was largely dominated by men: My view of it really is to make sure that you’re good at what you do, and so that when people actually want to look beyond the centerfold (laughs), that you’re actually good and you have something to back it up. I think that most of us are really trying to push the envelope and, you know, make sure that we’re musicians first and that the sex is just kind of the icing on the cake.”

Meanwhile, Halestorm just posted this music video for their new single, “Mayhem,” coming later this month!

Bullet For My Valentine posted a statement regarding a temporary drummer for their current run with Asking Alexandria.   Seems Michael “Moose” Thomas is going to be a first time daddy and he has decided to take a few months off.   Filling in for him on Bullet’s current tour, which kicks off tonight in San Diego, will be Jason Bowold from Pitchshifter & Axewound.

The Smashing Pumpkins will reteam again with founding drummer Jimmy Chamberlin for a 2016 edition of the band’s “In Plainsong” tour, which made a brief debut in spring 2015 and featured the band playing a set of Pumpkins classic in a half-acoustic, half-electric interpretation. Joining Chamberlin and frontman William Corgan on the tour will be longtime guitarist Jeff Schroeder.

Chamberlin rejoined the lineup last summer for a co-headlining run with Marilyn Manson, although he said at the time that he no further plans to stay with the group beyond that. The only original member of the group invited back for its 2007 reunion after breaking up seven years earlier, he quit again in 2009 before coming back last year.

The 2016 “In Plainsong” jaunt will kick off on March 22nd in Portland, OR, ending a little under a month later on April 20th in Houston. Tickets go on sale this Friday (Feb 5th).  Following the end of the tour, the Smashing Pumpkins will head back to the studio to record the follow-up to 2014’s Monuments To An Elegy, with Chamberlin possibly participating in that as well.   We’ll have the tour dates posted in Road Rage.

Blabbermouth has reported Avatar performed a new song, “For The Swarm,” during their show in Dallas on Saturday night.  It is the first thing they’ve revealed from their new Sylvia Massy produced album that will be out later this year.  The album was recorded in three studios throughout Europe with all of the music being made in the aptly named Castle Studios in Röhrsdorf, Germany. Finnvox Studios in Helsinki, Finland and Spinroad Studios in Lindome, Sweden.  I personally am very happy for the band since I had a bit of a hand in putting them together with Ms Massy.  Can’t wait to hear the first single, which we should be hearing very soon!

                                     RADIO  GONG   97.1

Speaking of Europe, our Nuremberg, Germany hardDrive station, Gong 97.1 is embarking on an awesome promotion.  Their quest is the make the “Longest Rock Song Of All Time“!  Bands!  Check this link out for more info.  (Scroll down for English.)

Happy 5-0 today to Robert Deleo of Stone Temple Pilots!


with SHINEDOWN as noted  
30:  Fort Myers, FL @ Fort Rock
01:  Jacksonville, FL @ Welcome To Rockville
03:  Evansville, IN @ Ford Center (co-headlining w/ Shinedown)
04:  Grand Rapids, MI @ Van Andel Arena (co-headlining w/ Shinedown)
06:  Virginia Beach, VA @ WNOR Lunatic Luau
07:  Charlotte, NC @ Carolina Rebellion
09:  Pittsburgh, PA @ Consol Energy Arena (co-headlining w/ Shinedown)
20-22:  Columbus, OH @ Rock On The Range
20-22:  Schaghticoke, NY @ Rock ‘N Derby
27-29:  Pryor, OK @ Rocklahoma

weekEnd Jan 30-31, 2016


Hour 1

hardDrive Double Dose:  PAPA ROACH
“Falling Apart” & “Gravity”
“In Our Dreams”
LACEY STURM ”Impossible”
Guest: SAINT ASONIA ”Let Me Live My Life”
FROM ASHES TO NEW “Through It All”
ADELITAS WAY “Bad Reputation”

Hour 2

FOO FIGHTERS “Saint Cecilia”
HIGHLY SUSPECT “Bloodfeather”
Guest:  PARKWAY DRIVE “Vice Grip”
TURBOWOLF “Rabbit’s Foot”
NOTHING MORE “Here’s To The Heartache”
Guest:  POP EVIL “Ways To Get High”
MEGADETH “Dystopia”
TRIVIUM “Until The World Goes Cold”
Guest:  SLASH “Welcome To The Jungle” Guns N’ Roses
What’s In Lou’s MP3 Player?  DAVID BRAZIL “Steal My Thunder” 

Week of Feb 01-05, 2016

FOO FIGHTERS “Saint Cecilia”
NOTHING MORE “Here’s To The Heartache”
POP EVIL “Ways To Get High”
SEETHER “Save Today”
SHINEDOWN “State Of My Head”
THREE DAYS GRACE  “Fallen Angel”

ARANDA  “We Are The Enemy”
HIGHLY SUSPECT “Bloodfeather”
TRIVIUM  “Until The World Goes Cold”

FROM ASHES TO NEW “Through It All”-re-ADD
MUSE “Reapers”
PAPA ROACH “Falling Apart”
RED SUN RISING “Emotionless”
SAINT ASONIA “Let Me Live My Life”
SLIPKNOT “Goodbye”

Monday, Feb 01

Hey!  Forty Eight degrees and no snow on Feb 1st?  And there’s no such thing as climate change, right?

This is an interesting story that hardDrive has had a hand in reporting on.  The Pulse Of Radio says Disturbed frontman David Draiman told a Philadelphia radio station the band has been “blown away” by the response to the band’s cover of Simon & Garfunkel‘s “The Sound Of Silence.” Draiman explained, “We’re pretty blown away — and surprised, to be honest — by the amount of positivity that has surrounded the cover. Because it was definitely a left turn, and it was something that, to be perfectly honest, I wouldn’t have intended to go to, stylistically, on my own.”     Draiman said it took him three hours to record the vocal for the song — the longest vocal session of his career — and recalled hearing it three days later. He explained, “(I) was kind of tearing up listening to it, because it had been so long since I have allowed myself to go to that place vocally, and hearing it, and hearing it come out as well as I thought it did was not just gratifying, but like having a weight lifted off me.” 

Draiman told us performing the song live should be an interesting experience: “From a vocal standpoint, it’s not as challenging as you might imagine, but from a production standpoint, that will be challenging. We’ve talked about bringing out either a string quartet or maybe trying to get local orchestras to maybe be a part of it or whatever the case may be. We’ve talked all kinds of things and it’s a very significant production nightmare, but I think it’s definitely one we’re heading down the road for.”

Check out “The Sound Of Silence” here.  Meanwhile, the band is starting rehearsals and gets back out on the road next week, Feb 10th to be exact, in Fargo with Saint Asonia.  They will officially start their U.S. tour on Mar 12 in Seattle.  Can’t wait to see the guys in all their glory LIVE again!

BTW:  ”The Sound Of Silence” is in Smash or Crash vs the new single from Killswitch Engage “Hate By Design” this week!  See the home page to vote!

                                                                   photo credit: Jamie Weiland

Man, it’s even worse now that we know THIS!  (see it here) has posted a story about Scott Weiland‘s many problems, which probably lead to his passing. The former Stone Temple Pilots frontman was dealing with hepatitis C, mental illness and the knowledge that both his parents had cancer in the final months of his life, according to the story. The article features new interviews with Scott’s widow Jamie, his mother Sharon, his Wildabouts bandmates Tommy Black and Nick Maybury, tour manager Aaron Mohler and others.

Weiland was found dead on his tour bus on Dec 3rd at the age of 48 from a toxic mix of drugs and alcohol. The vocalist was also dealing with self-medication, estrangement from his children, financial difficulties and a steadily increasing drinking problem. Mohler said, “If I had known he was going to die, I would have taken every bottle away from him and thrown it. Just broke it right there.”

Jamie said Scott had been experiencing episodes of paranoia and mania caused by bipolar disorder.  She explained, “At one point, it was so bad I had to move out because he was unstable.” Eventually they found a medication that leveled him out, with Jamie adding “For the last couple of years, he was doing pretty great.

Scott’s last text to Jamie was on the morning of Dec 3rd, when he wrote, “I’m so in love with my beautiful wife.”  Jamie also opens up in the article about the legal battle with Weiland’s ex-wife Mary over his estate, saying, “I don’t know under what mattress she thinks she’s going to find $2 million, because it sure as s**t isn’t here . . . He was broke.”

While the Billboard article states that Scott’s children did not attend his funeral at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery, Alternative Nation reports that his children and their mother Mary had their own private memorial for Scott, which included tributes from his oldest friends.   Also, according to Billboard, public records showed more than $147,000 in state tax liens on Weiland’s property in Los Angeles.   So sad!

News briefs:

  • Black Sabbath canceled two of its Canadian concerts on Saturday night (Jan 30th) in Edmonton, AB and Monday night (Feb 1st) in Calgary, AB. A message posted online by the band read, “Due to extreme sinusitis with Ozzy Osbourne, the shows in both Edmonton and Calgary have been postponed. Details regarding rescheduled dates will be announced as soon as they are available.” Sabbath’s farewell trek kicked off on Jan 20th and is slated to resume on Feb 3rd in Vancouver, BC. (Blabbermouth)
  • The Beastie Boys were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2012, and now they’re gotten their own memorabilia showcase.The collection includes hand-written “Brass Monkey” lyrics, Mike D‘s Volkswagen medallion, Beastie Boy action figures and the outfits from their “Intergalactic” music video. The Beastie Boys’ 2012 induction came just weeks before band member Adam “MCA” Yauch died of cancer. (Billboard)
  • Asking Alexandria has premiered the title track from its upcoming album, The Black, on England’s Radio One Rock Show. A music video is slated for release on today (Feb 1st). The Black is the first Asking Alexandria album to feature frontman Denis Shaforostov, previously of Ukrainian metalcore outfit Make Me Famous. He takes the place of Danny Worsnop, who left the group last year. (
  • Jack White was at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah last Thursday night (January 28th) to preview American Epic, an ambitious six-hour documentary series about the early history of American music that he’s executive produced for PBS with Sundance founder Robert Redford  and  producer/musician T Bone Burnett. The series chronicles how early recording devices captured regional sounds for the first time and helped lay the groundwork for modern popular music. (The Pulse Of Radio)

Friday, Jan 29

Yet another rock legend is gone. Paul Kantner of the Jefferson Airplane and Jefferson Starship has soared upward from this mortal coil.  He was the guitarist for the pioneering pyschedelic rock band out of San Francisco.    Their music meant a lot to me in my early years and the Airplane’s After Bathing At Baxter’s remains one of my favorites.  Rest in peace, Paul.   At least he can be hanging out with some pretty awesome people, including his longtime manager who left before him.

The Pulse of Radio reporting today Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich and the Black Keys have been added as guests at the 2016 induction ceremony for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, which will take place in New York City on Apr 8th. There is no word yet on what either Ulrich or the Keys will be doing at the event, but Ulrich is expected to induct Deep Purple into the Hall during the ceremony at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn.  It is not clear whether the Black Keys will be presenting, performing or both, but at the very least it seems likely that the duo will perform in some capacity.

In addition to Deep Purple, other long-overdue rock artists headed into the Hall this time around include Cheap TrickChicago and Steve Miller, along with rap pioneers N.W.A.   Like previous years,  HBO will film the ceremony and play it back in an abbreviated form in May.

 I love this guy!  Slipknot and Stone Sour frontman Corey Taylor said in a new interview it would be “super greedy” of him to launch a solo career — at least for now. Speaking with Rock Sveridge, Taylor explained, “I’ve been getting questions about solo stuff forever. But it’s a good problem to have. But, at the same time, I’m in two fantastic bands. Why would I ever?”    He added, “Unless I wanted to get super greedy, why would I try to split off and do something else. I’m very fulfilled by the music that I get to make with both bands. Is there a solo album in me? Yes. But it’s not gonna be for a few more years.

Taylor told us a while back what he thought a solo album from him might sound like: For me, the stuff that I write is, it would be like a cross between the Foos, Social D. and the Replacements, you know. I mean, real Midwestern rock. Real, just open chords, good time rock, you know. And damn the critics, basically. That’s the stuff I write and that’s the stuff I’ve always tried to write.” Corey also said how N.W.A was one of his favorites as well.  Somehow, I can see him up there in the cap and baggies.

I think it’s find of funny all the people who want to say they helped to put Guns N’ Roses (Axl, Slash and Duff, at least)  back together.  But I say the person most responsible was Duff McKagan.  He remained a good friend to everyone in the band, and Axl invited him to join his newer version in South America a few years back.  THAT is where I believe all of this started.  Just the pure emotion and joy of those two being back on stage together performing the music they made together.  And with Slash never HATING on anyone, but perturbed about the situation, it was like, “take a feather-this could happen.”   And it did.  And we should ALL take credit for the reunion because not one single of those guys has been able to avoid the constant questions from friends, fans and radio folks, “When are Axl and Slash going to bury the hatchet?”  So let’s ALL take the credit and enjoy it, even if we can’t afford to buy a ticket!

Foo Fighter Dave Grohl will appear at the 2016 MusiCares fund raiser on Feb 13th in LA. This year, the event honors Lionel Ritchie.  Dave will be among a huge list of celebs and musicians including  Florence WelchEllie Goulding, Rhianna, Steve Wonder, Lenny Kravitz, The Roots and Pharrell Williams.  MusiCares raises money for industry folk who need assistance in times of financial, medical or personal crisises.   This is their 26th annual event.


Hellyeah has launched a campaign for their new album, which is yet to be titled. You can pre-order the album now along with a number of perks also being offered. Guitarist Tom Maxwell said about the follow-up to 2014′s Blood For Blood, “It’s taken a lot of different turns. We’re doing some new things and we’re thinking outside the box.” The album will be out later this year, although it will be preceded by a new live DVD. (The PRP)

 Bullet For My Valentine frontman Matt Tuck revealed that the band is working on material for a free five-track EP to be released this year. Tuck told Kerrang!, “We would just really like to have something to keep everybody going between albums. The way music has changed and the way people listen to it is king, and you have to adapt and have something to keep people going.” The EP would follow up the band’s 2015 album Venom. (Metal Hammer)    I will be getting Mr Tuck on the hotLine next week to check in on this and their upcoming tour with Asking Alexandria.

Well, it’s getting close!  We will soon be able to announce the 2016 hardDrive Live Tour!  Hard to believe this is our 9th year of doing these tours.  Very proud of our team!  Can’t wait to fill you all in!

Also, we’ve just posted a new hardDrive DL podcast!  This time, it’s my conversation with Richard Patrick of Filter!  Check it out on iTunes.

Celebrating life this weekend:    today Handsome Dick Manitoba from the Dictators is 62! Good Gawd, I met him when he was 21!   And on Sunday, Happy 60th to Johnny Lydon of the Sex Pistols.


02:  Albany, NY @  The Sawyer Theater at The Egg
03:  Millville, NJ @ Levoy Theater
04:  New York, NY @  City Winery
09:  Sellersville, PA @ Sellersville Theater
10   Ridgefield, CT @ Ridgefield Playhouse
11-12:  Londonderry, NH: Tupelo Music Hall
17:  Lima, Peru
19:  Santiago, Chile: Lollapalooza
30: Jacksonville, FL @  Welcome To Rockville, Metropolitan Park
06:  Concord, NC @ Carolina Rebellion, Charlotte Motor Speedway